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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 2 7 M o n d a y, M a y 2 3 , 2 0 1 6 HOW INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY KEEPS THE CONVENIENCE IN CARRY-OUT When customers want take-out, they want it fast. That's the point, right? The problem is, many restaurants haven't come up with a fast, efficient way to manage order carryout that doesn't dis- rupt normal workflows or cause traffic jams near the front entrance. That's why Apex Supply Chain Technologies introduced AnyWhere Secure Self-Serve Solutions. "Apex AnyWhere systems allow restaurants to make it even faster for customers to place an online order, skip the register and pick up their order from a stylish, sleek and secure locker and even pay with virtually no waiting," said Apex Chief Executive Officer Kent Savage. Purpose-Built for Efficient Order Pick-up These automated solutions are ideal for full-serve, quick-serve and fast casual restaurants, purpose built to accommo- date virtually any type of food or drink, both hot and cold. Restaurant staff can load from the rear, while customers pick up from the front, resulting in significant workflow efficiency. The Apex Trajectory Cloud is the brain behind the system, and serves as a single, secure, unified transaction platform, pro- viding real-time service and pick-up performance data. It also integrates easily with existing order man- agement and POS systems to provide or enhance analytics and insights into order- ing trends, dwell time and more. Ideal for Quick-Serve or Full-Serve AnyWhere Self-Serve solutions enable a wide range of scenarios to make take- away orders work across multiple chan- nels. For example, customers may use a smartphone to place a coffee order on their way to work. The drink is prepared and placed into an insu- lated, Apex smart locker system. When customers arrive, they can skip the line, grab the drink from the locker, and be on their way. Or a customer may order several dinner entrees from a full service restau- rant and click to indicate a time to pick up the food. The kitchen staff prepares the food and loads it into the locker. The customer can then pick up the purchase from the insulated Apex smart locker system. You can see a full range of Apex AnyWhere solutions for both order pick- up and back-of-house inventory manage- ment at booth #9122 in Lakeside Center. SUNBITES CORN ON THE COB INTRODUCED TO U.S. Columbia Fresh Produce, located in Walla Walla, Washington, announced that it will be importing and distributing a new sweet corn with a great, fresh taste, for the foodservice industry and retail grocers of all types. The sweet corn on the cob, available currently in portion controlled six-inch long cobs, are pre- cooked and vacuumed packed, offering an amazing long shelf life when kept refrigerated. The sweet corn variety is bi-colored (mixed yellow and white kernels) offer- ing a great visual appeal and a fresh crunchy taste. "You will not believe the taste of this corn as compared to frozen products offered today, " comments Dewight Hall, Owner of Columbia Fresh Produce. The sweet corn, labeled Sunbites ® , was featured at the Atlanta Food Service Expo in October of last year and received rave reviews. "We cannot wait to introduce this great new product to the rest of the food service industry," offered Rick Bella, Director of Business Development at Columbia Fresh. "The taste of this sweet corn and the crispness of the kernel is no comparison to what the industry is using today. I know buy- ers will be very impressed with this great-tasting and easy-to-use produce," he added. The corn is grown in some of the richest vegetable growing regions of North America where cool nights increase the sugar content of the corn. It offers not only a consistent size, but sim- ple and fast warming preparation times, allowing users to prepare what is needed quickly. Warming can be done via microwave, steam tables, boiling or grilling. Since the product is pre-cooked, it only needs to be brought to serving temperature and with individually vacu- um sealed ears, shrink or loss of product is almost non-existent. No shrink, no cleaning, easy, fast preparation are all welcomed features to restaurant opera- tors. Learn more at www.columbiafresh.com.

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