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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 1 2 1 M o n d a y, M a y 2 3 , 2 0 1 6 Association Restaurant, which recognizes cutting-edge foodservice equipment and technology. The Taylor Crown Grill Series was honored for its innovative design and contribution to improving back-of-the- house efficiency through an intuitive touch screen interface that expands grill function- ality and offers an energy-savings standby mode. Taylor Company is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. "Our cooking platform dramatically improves the ease with which the crew can operate the grill," said Dave Hill, Sales Engineer, Taylor Company, who worked on the software development team. "In addition to the intuitive new touchscreen interface, we built in fea- tures to improve product quality through consistent cooking and to streamline menu management." The touchscreen user interface on the Crown Grill Series seamlessly accommodates menu expansion, even at multiple locations. Easily programmable, the grill gives operators menu flexibility and the ability to customize cooking for each menu item. New software features and benefits include: Four Flat Timer: The Crown Grill Series turns each 12-inch cooking area into four separately timed cooking zones, managed by a built-in timer. This offers improved speed of service, menu flexi- bility and energy savings. Standby Alert: There is an audible reminder to place an idle platen into standby mode. This can save up to 42 percent operating energy in standby mode than in full operation mode. Multi-Function Mode: Up to three manual actions can be performed within Taylo r C o mpany (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) a cook cycle, such as turn, season or cheese melt. This leads to consistently cooked menu items and easily customiz- able cooking cycles. Multi-Cook Cycle: The multi-cook cycle mimics the manual press and release action used by operators on flat grills. This can lead to lowered labor costs, food safe- ty and consistent food quality. Menu Editor Program: The menu editor assists in creating and managing a complete grill menu. This allows for easy system-wide updates, creative menu development and consistent cooking parameters ensure quality control. Fault Log: The fault log improves technician diagnostics by recording date and time stamp, enabling easier trou- bleshooting and recording downtime occurrences. The Crown Grill Series is displayed in the Kitchen Innovations Award pavil- ion and at the Taylor Company booth #3412. Show visitors are invited to stop by and see the grill in action. About Taylor Company Taylor Company manufactures commer- cial foodservice equipment to serve frozen desserts, frozen beverages and grilled specialties. Local sales and serv- ice support is provided by Taylor Company's worldwide network of inde- pendent distributors. Taylor Company, a division of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Inc., is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit www.taylor- company.com or follow @TheTaylorCo on Twitter. Learn more at booth #3412. and European market, the unit is Panafe equipment manufacturing's latest inno- vation in its continuous quest for leader- ship and innovation in the Italian espres- so and cappuccino industry. Today aimed in size and smartphone automated man- ageable features to both the consumer and the OCS segment users, My Space is the first espresso machine to fulfill OCS operators' remote control of their accounts' equipment status and product use, bringing upgraded enhancement to all operations. Panafe manufacturer's product line has been featured since 2013 on the cover of Italian Coffee Industry directory CoffeItalia. Along with the introduction of My Space, Comobar is also announcing the introduction of its new commercial grade automatic espresso/cappuccino machine: The Model Twin. Another industry first by Comobar since its 2008 introduction of the Model Itala, The Twin unit is ded- icated to the use of coffee capsule format portion processing and has been com- pletely internally reengineered, now offering two independent coffee groups, push button, fully automatic, high vol- ume production of milk frothing, cappuc- cino/espresso and a full line of gourmet beverages. According to Paolo Cometto, Comobar's new Managing Director, Comobar's USA Division, "While the company suffered the past three years from the loss of it's founding Director C o mo bar (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) Michele Cometto, the company has now regrouped and thanks to the continuous aid of it's sister Italian company Panafe, Comobar is keeping it's worldwide lead- ership, and is now ready to fully regain its presence and direction to fulfilling espresso, cappuccino and gourmet bever- age solutions to the fast food and chain accounts in the restaurant, OCS and hos- pitality industry segments." Comobar is now appointing new area and master exclusive distributors. Comobar's USA operation was founded in the early 1980s. Since then, the company has been known for its ded- ication to the development of fully auto- matic espresso, cappuccino and gourmet beverage dispensing systems. With the introduction of My Space, Comobar is ever closer in bringing an Italian tradition to your fingertips. Comobar has a lot of news set aside for the 2016 exhibit at NRA; the compa- ny's excellence in the production of espresso/cappuccino coffee machines carries on defying the Italian, U.S. and foreign markets with new and charming advancements. Comobar will show its "jewels" in its NRA booth #9058. The newborn My Space will give evidence of its high qual- ity and efficiency, proving that innova- tion and new technology could perfectly suit your everyday routine that expects a true espresso. Learn more at booth #9058 or www.comobar.com. with a line of work shoes. How long have you been in this business? HS: Actually, SKECHERS originally started in 1992 as a utility footwear com- pany, so this goes back to our roots from day one. Most people are really surprised to see all the different work shoes we make, but you can see in the booth around us that we provide a lot of options for foodservice employees who want to look good, stay safe from slips and falls and be comfortable throughout their shifts. RDN: Tell us about the SKECHERS Direct Corporate Shoe Program. Who can join? HS: Our corporate shoe program has been out for about four years now, and this year, it's available to companies with a hundred or more employees who are based in the U.S. or Canada (we previously required 250 or more). It's a cost-free program with no minimum purchasing requirements, no set-up fees, no costs whatsoever. Your employees simply buy Direct from SKECHERS and save 30 percent year- round on our ASTM Mark II tested slip-resistant work shoes and corporate casual styles. RDN: Our company has uniform requirements that include shoes. Can you accommodate that? HS: Yes. Purchases can be made online at our SKECHERS ecommerce site that's custom-built to the uniform needs of your company. If you require black slip-resist- SK EC H ER S (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) ant shoes, your employees won't see a brown boot on the website, so they can't buy it thinking that it would be okay to wear to work. That's the beauty of our program compared to a lot of others. RDN: How long does it take to get the shoes ordered through the website? HS: Orders usually ship within 48 hours and online orders receive free shipping and free returns. If you have an employ- ee that you hire to start the next day or would simply like to try on their shoes before purchasing, they can also shop at any of our 450+ SKECHERS retail stores nationwide and in Canada. We have a SKECHERS retail store in every major city and this is a huge benefit that none of our competitors can offer. RDN: Are there any other benefits? HS: Yes. Our slip-resistant shoes come with a $5,000 slip and fall warranty that helps protect your company from the expensive consequences of slips and falls. Plus, your employees will enjoy our quarterly friends and family day events, which allow them to extend their 30 percent discount and All SKECHERS shoes for the entire family, including kids' shoes, sandals, casual shoes and our performance line of run- ning, walking and golf shoes (over 3,000 styles to choose from). This is another employee benefit that our com- petitors can't offer, as they only make work shoes. For more information, visit SKECHERS in booth #1278 in the South Hall. After the show, call Harold Surabian at 310. 318.3100, ext. 1860 or email haroldsu@skechers.com. professional kitchens. Waring is adding new blenders to its already solid lineup, including three bar blenders tough enough to handle bigger jobs and built to withstand the day-to-day grind of any fast-paced environment. From high-volume kitchens to small restaurants to bars and smoothie shops, Waring Commercial blenders have it all covered. "Our new light duty blenders excel at delivering consistent drinks to smaller businesses. Heavy- duty, one-gallon models perform the huge jobs in industrial kitchens, schools and cafeterias, churning out salsas, sauces and smoothies in seconds. And the new BLADE Series fits squarely in between, ensuring any business can meet all its needs with Waring," says Daniel DeBari, Senior Director of Marketing. "Waring has been in the business for over 75 years, and through an ongo- ing commitment to technology and innovation, we're still finding new ways to make your job easier," says DeBari. "The BLADE Series continues that tradition, customizing blenders for individual needs, with the BB300's classic toggle switch design, the W aring (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) BB320 with an electronic keypad and the BB340 with the electronic keypad and a countdown timer for even more control." All of the BB300 Series fea- ture a Soft Start function that gradually incorporates ingredients for consistent- ly even blending, and thermal protec- tion so motors can't overheat and break down. "The power within is what drives the phenomenal performance of these bar blenders. They do what you need them to do," continues DeBari. "Industrial stain- less steel blades are driven by powerful 1-horsepower motors that behave with- out restraint. They blast through anything you put into them to achieve the perfect consistent blend." The 48-oz. jar is avail- able in BPA-free copolyester or stainless steel. Waring makes it easier than ever to choose the perfect blender — no more, no less — just the right fit for your busi- ness. Always up to the challenge of oper- ating in today's hottest kitchens, these blenders can take the heat. "That's because," DeBari reminds us, "they're not just blenders. They're Waring blenders." Learn more at www.waringproducts.com or booth #2616.

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