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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 3 3 S u n d a y, M a y 2 2 , 2 0 1 6 COMARK OFFERS PAPERLESS DATA MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR TODAY'S BUSY KITCHENS Tired of writing down temperatures on checklists and daily log sheets? Can you even find the records a day or two later? Comark introduces an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to collect, record and store daily temperatures for all your crit- ical items in receiving, storage, prep, cooking and holding. The new HT100 Touchscreen HACCP Recorder is a logging ther- mometer that also offers you the ability to enter data for other non-temperature basic checklists. The four color resistive touch screen is easy to view and has a very quick response. Corrective actions are required and logged whenever there is a problem, and demonstrates either internally or to a local health department that you took immediate action whenever there was a failure in a critical area. The software and operating instruc- tions can be downloaded free from the Comark website. The programming is easy and intuitive. You can make the pro- gram as simple or as detailed as you wish – record and set corrective actions for whatever is most important to you. One of the many positives of its greater awareness and attention to food safety and HACCP is that it has spurred innovation in temperature measuring and at the same time has driven down costs. Comark thermometers and temperature monitors are geared to the need for speed and accuracy of measurements, but always at affordable prices. The HT100 is just the latest model from Comark to bring the operator a con- venient, fast responding thermometer that is accurate and reliable and can be used everywhere in the kitchen to ensure that an opera- tion is serving safe food and is adhering to its HACCP plan. The HT100 is paired with either the PK19M penetration probe with a 1.5-mm thin tip or the PK15M probe with an even faster responding 1.1-mm tip. A thin tip probe with the sensor at the end offers speed of response and precise readings with only a tiny pin- prick into the product. The FDA feels a thin tip is so impor- tant that they have written the require- ment into the latest version of the Food Code in paragraph 4-302.12: "…temper- ature measurements in thin foods can be accurately determined using a small- diameter probe 1.5-mm (0.059 inch) or less…" Another increasingly popular solu- tion to innovative and economical tem- perature measuring and monitoring in HACCP programs is the use of RF wire- less monitoring systems in the cold chain, from distribution centers to kitchens. A sys- tem using the Comark RF300 Diligence WiFi wireless loggers offers 24/7 security and peace of mind that night or day critical temperatures are being monitored and recorded. The Cloud option ensures you get a text or phone mes- sage immediately when temperatures go out of range. RF systems are certainly more expensive than simple thermometers or even data loggers, but measured against the costs of throwing away a freezer full of food when you don't know how much the temperature has fluctuated after a power outage, the savings and payback can be substantial. For more information, visit Comark at booth #3348, call 800.555.6658 or go to www.comarkusa.com and watch videos on both the HT100 and the RF300 WiFi loggers. THREE TIPS FOR REFRESHING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN IN 2016 By Cliff Rucker, Vice President, Sales, United States Postal Service If you could start fresh with your busi- ness, what changes would you make? Here are tips on how businesses can start off on the right foot by revisiting their business plan to help drive sales: Stand Out from the Competition Consumers are inundated with informa- tion everywhere they go. It's critical that your business is able to cut through the clutter of the modern media marketplace. If you are looking for new ways to acquire customers in 2016, consider Every Door Direct Mail ® . Every Door Direct Mail is the local- ized marketing option when your busi- ness needs to acquire new customers in key market locations. Reach local con- sumers with the USPS online Every Door Direct Mail tool, which allows you to digitally map a neighborhood to quickly find and target an ideal consumer based on demographics. According to Fortune Magazine, 80 percent of consumer dol- lars are spent within a 20 mile radius of their home. Minimize Costs Take a look at your entire business and look for areas to refocus on in the New Year, such as shipping costs — it is more important than ever to make sure you aren't paying more than you should for your shipping needs. Choose a service like USPS Priority Mail ® , which differentiates itself from its competitors with no fuel, residential or rural surcharges for delivery to all 50 states. The Postal Service offers several outbound and return pricing options that can provide great savings, such as ounce-based, flat- rate or weight and zone pricing. Our Merchandise Return Service offers low rates for variable-volume returns, with a no minimum volume threshold. Innovate Companies you partner with are always making changes. At the U.S. Postal Service, we are constantly looking for new ways to provide more effective solu- tions for our customers: Better online tracking: Through an improved tracking system that offers up to 11 scans, packages can be tracked online or with text alerts — increasing package visibility like never before. My USPS ® : Managing incoming packages has never been so simple. With My USPS, users get automatic, real-time delivery notifications and can set text or email alert preferences, schedule redelivery and add delivery instructions free of charge. USPS Mobile App: Today's con- sumers are on the go, so a trip to the Post Office isn't always possible. The USPS mobile app puts a post office in your hand. Use it to schedule free package pickup, scan shipping labels and QR codes, get tracking information, calculate shipping prices or put your mail delivery on hold. Resolving to make changes to boost your business success in the coming year doesn't have to be time consuming or challenging. Come visit a USPS Solutions Specialist at booth #1040 to find out more. For more information, visit www .usps.com or stop by booth #1040.

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