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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 2 3 S u n d a y, M a y 2 2 , 2 0 1 6 BRED WITH A BROOKLYN ACCENT Is it any surprise that one of the hottest baby names is "Brooklyn"? Yes, these days Brooklyn is the name to be, the place to be, and for those with guts, the way to be. Damascus Bakeries is all of the above. Since 1930, this third generation family-owned bakery has planted its roots in Brooklyn and baked award-win- ning Middle Eastern pitas and flatbreads, first for its own community and now for many others. Like many proud parents, Damascus Bakeries has chosen the name "Brooklyn" for its newest baby, Brooklyn Bred ® Bistro Breads – a truly artisanal, naturally fermented line of spe- cialty and innovative flatbreads. "We've been 'Bred in Brooklyn since 1930,' so the name Brooklyn Bred was a natural for us," said David Mafoud, Co-Owner and Third-Generation Baker. First out of the ovens have been award-winning Pizza Crusts, formulated with specialty "00" pizza flour and olive oil, fermented extensively in a control environment for an authentic texture and more pronounced flavor. Says Mafoud, "Pizza is all about the bite, and in Brooklyn, that could be the difference between life and death. Okay, I'm exag- gerating – a bit! But, without exception, in Brooklyn, the success of every great pizza starts and finishes with its crust." In addition to a line of these Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts – which can be customized to your favorite shape, size, thickness and formula, including Khorasan or Sprouted Multigrain – Damascus has recently intro- duced its Bistro Buns, which are "naturally fermented and outspo- ken on the outside, soft and savory inside – just like a real Brooklynite!" Like the crusts, these square shaped Bistro Buns can be customized to your desired formu- la, thickness and size, including the 'Slider' size. Says Mafoud, "The Burger is back, and where we come from people line up for the right one." So what makes it right? Adds Mafoud, "Let's just say that behind – and above – every well-respected burger is an equally respected bun!" What's next? "For sure, something else. Breads are part of everyone's dialog these days, and we are all about the Bred. For almost a century we have been rolling up our sleeves, going back to the basics, and cre- ating fresh, outspoken and edgy breads that will speak out to all – preferably with a Brooklyn accent!" For more information, visit booth #8129, go online to www.brooklyn bred.com or contact David Mafoud at dmafoud@damascusbakery.com. COMING TOGETHER TO STAND APART Aalberts Industries has brought together Schroeder America, Taprite and DSI to achieve sustainable and profitable growth in the beverage dispensing industry. Schroeder America was established in July 2006, as a vertically-integrated manufacturing compa- ny specializing in the creation and produc- tion of new and improved beverage dis- pensers. Taprite has been the brand of choice in the soft drink and beer tap market for over 75 years thanks to quality products, innovative designs and industry leadership. DSI Getränkearmaturen GmbH, with more than 100 years industry experience, pro- duces all types of valves and equipment in the soft drink and beer industries. What they have in common: Quality Driven They all strive to create the best products and produce the highest drink quality for your customers, thus driving volume and profits. Innovation They work diligently to improve their existing product to meet needs in the field and develop new dispense systems and equipment for brands worldwide. Customer Service They work closely with all of their customers and service providers to ensure constructive communica- tion, clear goals and last- ing relationships. How they stand apart in the industry: Expertise Taprite, DSI and Schroeder America are all industry leaders in their specific prod- uct lines. Each one brings the innovation and knowledge that the beverage indus- try desires while coming together to deliver better customer convenience. Customers Due to their vastly different product lines, each company brings a different customer base. Their overlap, howev- er, gives them opportunity to explore new products and services for their customers. Synergistic engineering backed by unparalleled development and manufacturing is what the industry should be on the look out for in the years to come with the Aalberts Dispense Group. For more information, go to www.schroeder america.com, call 210.662.8200 or email ab@schroederamerica.com. PROTECT WINE EFFORTLESSLY & GENERATE MORE REVENUE WITH VINEDGE VinEdge is the newest, leading edge wine preserver on the market. No more pump- ing or dumping wasted wine at the end of the evening. VinEdge is effortless, mess- free and easy to use, preserving opened bottles of wine for a minimum of seven days. VinEdge effectively preserves wine so you can maximize your revenue from each bottle – selling more wine by the glass and satisfying more palates. With VinEdge's automatic oxygen barrier, each glass tastes as good as the first no matter how many hours or days have gone by. Some patrons, especially super tasters, can tell if a bottle of wine has spoiled even just six hours after opening it. Now bar and restaurants own- ers can sell more expensive wine by the glass without sacrificing the whole bottle or worrying about spoilage and dissatis- fied patrons. VinEdge helps establish- ments improve their dining experience by offering more fine wine and ensuring they'll get the most out of each bottle – especially the revenue! Wine disposal losses can eas- ily exceed $5,000-$10,000 or more per year. By preventing oxi- dation of opened bottles of wine, VinEdge maintains the full aroma and flavor of both red and white wine for a minimum of seven days. As a result, greater cus- tomer satisfaction and less dis- carded wine easily translates into more revenue for bar and restau- rant owners. VinEdge is made up of an easy two-step system, including a pour spout and a VinSert tube which gets attached to the pour spout. After opening a bottle of red or white wine, simply assemble and insert VinEdge into the bot- tle. Its unique air intake sys- tem will automatically inflate while wine is being poured, preserving the flavor and aroma until the last drop. Then, simply leave the dispos- able VinSert in the finished bottle and remove the pour spout. It's that simple! Now all you need to worry about is serving good wine and good times – a treat for all wine enthusiasts to enjoy. Visit VinEdge at booth #7172 to see a live demo of the product, and to receive a free sample. For more information, visit www.wholesale.vinedge.com or call 561.371.2654. NEW CDN THERMOMETER COMBINES TWO ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES IN ONE PROFESSIONAL TOOL Expanding its line of professional-grade infrared thermometers, CDN presents a powerhouse: the ProAccurate ® Infrared Gun/Thermocouple Thermometer (INTP662). Its dual functionality ensures food safety and best culinary results, with infrared for non-contact surface temperatures and a thermocou- ple probe for internal temperatures. This versatile tool can quickly scan surface temperatures, using non- contact infrared technology to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, with Minimum, Maximum and Lock modes for easy scanning of multiple targets over time. Integrated HACCP color- coded backlighting instantly shows if temperatures are within HACCP guidelines for safe food temperatures. Supporting your quality control goals, it streamlines the process of ensuring that the food you serve is food-safe and at the ideal temperature for each dish. This multi-faceted model also offers eight-beam target illumination, battery status indication and a flip-down 1.5-mm thin tip thermocouple probe for measur- ing internal tempera- tures. Made of 304 stain- less steel, the probe is 3.75 inches long. Rapid response and a wide tempera- ture range add to its utility. Both the infrared and thermocouple functions measure from -76 to +662 degrees Fahrenheit (-60 to +350 degrees Celsius). The distance to spot ratio is 8:1. It fea- tures easy one-button operation and a data-hold function to facilitate tempera- ture readings. Weighing 5.5 ounces, the ProAccurate Infrared Gun/Thermocouple Thermometer has an easy-to-read display that is 0.875 by 1.125 inches (2.2 by 2.85 cm). It runs on two AAA batteries, which are included. The auto-off function pre- serves battery life by turning off after 15 seconds of non-use. Its ABS plastic housing is treated with BioCote ® , which pro- vides long-lasting pro- tection by creating a surface where microbes cannot survive. It has been shown to reduce microbes by up to 99.99 percent, and it works continuously for the expected lifetime of the product. The NSF-certified CDN ProAccurate Infrared G u n / T h e r m o c o u p l e T h e r m o m e t e r (INTP662) has a list price of $105 and is available for shipping Spring 2016. CDN is a leader in kitchen measure- ment tools, with thermometers, timers and scales for foodservice applications. For more information, visit www.cdn- timeandtemp.com, call 800.338.5594 or visit booth #1152.

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