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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 1 2 5 S u n d a y, M a y 2 2 , 2 0 1 6 food trucks, concession stands and cafés can create entire menus around them. The key to a good crêpe is a good crêpe maker, and the key to a good crêpe maker is high temperature distributed and maintained evenly on a quality cast iron surface, allowing you to achieve the signature colouration of a great crêpe and be able to make batches quickly without having to adjust the temperature all the time. But how do you build one? Solving this question became the obsession of the Briton Jean-Marie Bosser. Brittany is the northwestern part of France and also widely recognized as the birthplace of crêpe making. In 1949, by combining precision temperature con- trol with a superior cooking surface, this crêpe-loving Briton not only achieved his goal but also created Krampouz, which is now the premier manufacturer of profes- sional crêpe makers in France. Heat dis- tribution, temperature stability, quality of the cooking surface, safety and comfort- able working conditions were the found- ing design criteria of the products then as they are now. The continuous search for perform- ances in cooking equipment has enabled K rampo uz (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) the company to make a name for itself as the leader in crêpe maker production and to diversify its offering to other batter cooking equipment such as waffles and churros makers. The ability of Krampouz equipment to satisfy the expectations of users has led the company to expand throughout the world and is now firmly implanted and recognized as an industry leader in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia. One-hundred percent designed and assembled in France, the Krampouz crêpe and waffle maker range offers you the best possible solutions for your needs. Over 60 years of manufacturing experience and a constant attention to its customers' needs allows Krampouz to provide you the most innovative offer on the market. Patented EZ-Clean systems on waffle makers and professional 110v European cast iron crêpe maker are a few of the time saving and hygiene enhancing solutions you'll find with Krampouz. It is offered in electric or gas, and fully certified. Krampouz's quality crêpe and waffle makers are distributed through Eurodib Inc. For more information, visit www .eurodib.com or stop by booth #3843. was first established in 1957. We started off by being a great source for Japanese- style coupe and rim dinnerware and con- tinued to add new items to our line year after year that helped service the needs of chefs. With products that are born out of a focus on quality, function and value, Harold Import Co.'s Family of Brands feature culinary tools designed to with- stand the rigor of a professional kitchen, including oven-to-table porcelain, bake- ware, flatware, unique gadgets and a deep tabletop assortment. Over the years, restaurant suppliers have said that they consider us the unique smallwares company and the go-to source for items that are hard to find, such as a H I C (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) bone marrow spoon or traditional Japanese style Kinpira Peelers. We pro- vide more than 3,000 products that can fill in many of the gadget or cooking tool needs of any chef working in any size restaurant. Our unique items as well as our traditional tools give suppliers a one- stop shop to support their clients' needs. HIC is a one-stop shop for not only walk-in, cash-and-carry businesses, but also an excellent resource for hard-to- find items for the restaurant kitchen. With low minimums, and membership in AutoQuotes, HIC is working to make its customers' experience as convenient as possible. For more information, call 800.526.2163, visit www.haroldimport.com or stop by booth #5063. die of food borne diseases. Pathogens that develop from temperature and time abuse, placing foods in the "danger zone," are a leading cause. FoodSafety.gov clearly states that the way to prevention is through "Cook-Clean-Chill-Separate." These are basic measurement points in a well designed HACCP program. How do you start to implement these critical guidelines in your restaurant? Start with automating temperature taking where you can. Wireless sensors, not the kind that need to be drilled into refriger- ation walls, can be placed in all hot and cold hold stations. Choose a system that includes flexibility in sensor measure- ment devices, including humidity, IR, door open, food probes, etc. Next, auto- mate your labeling process. An optimal Food Safety Platform will include a HACCP tool that is completely real-time wireless. This platform delivers the ulti- mate in food safety implementation, monitoring and reporting. All these tools should work independently of an in- house PC and should be completely Fo o d Safety (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) cloud/IoT accessible. There are many options on the mar- ket that offer one or two of these features. Integrated Control offers everything you need for a fully integrated solution. The newest product in its suite is the all new Scan'n' Temp. Scan'n' Temp combines temperature and barcode reading capabil- ity in one handheld tool. Wirelessly, the device reports HACCP activity in real time and records all necessary parame- ters required to meet regulatory and health code requirements. The device also wirelessly communicates with the accessory automated label printer to meet the needs of prep, display, inventory and grab'n'go requirements. Consistency in compliance, per- formance and implementation is the key to surviving the food safety jungle. The best approach to tackling this complexi- ty: find one simple platform, and the Scan'n'Temp, Temp Minder family of products is a great all-in-one choice. For more information, visit booth #1268, call 877.ICC.8788 or visit www.goicc.com. shelves, there will also be a new flavor, Madagascar Vanilla. Like the original five varieties (Coffee Latte, Mellow Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel, Tropical Mango and Spring Strawberry), Madagascar Vanilla is made with real ingredients, is certified gluten-free and certified kosher, with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Bringing both flavor and nutrition, Brio opens the eating occasions for ice cream. It stands on its own as a mid- morning or mid-afternoon refreshment, makes a nourishing after school treat for kids, provides a nutrient-rich boost in smoothies, serves as a delicious meal supplement alternative and even acts as an electrolyte-rich post workout replen- ishment for athletes. The National Restaurant Association B rio (C o nt'd. fro m p. 4 ) recently honored Brio with a FABI Award, given to progressive food and beverage products that make a significant impact in the restaurant industry. Winners were selected by an independent panel of foodservice, culinary and con- sumer packaged goods experts who eval- uate products on their exciting benefits to restaurant operators and consumers. "We're honored that Brio has been recognized by the National Restaurant Association's panel of experts," said Arnie Koss. "We're excited to celebrate our win at the show, and to provide an opportunity for more people to experi- ence Brio for themselves." To try Brio, visit the brand at booth #7665 under its parent company, Nutricopia, Inc. For more information, log onto www.briolovesyouback.com or call 802.229.1292. Show. These awards showcase foodser- vice equipment and technologies that increase efficiencies and productivity for back-of-the-house operations and benefit the operator. The Crown Grill Series' newly enhanced software features an intu- itive touchscreen interface that expands functionality and offers an energy-savings standby mode. The advanced software allows for easy menu flexibility and future expansion. The four-flat timer allows the operator to cook four different items within the same zone, each managed with a sepa- rate, built-in timer. This creates ener- Taylo r C o mpany (C o nt'd. fro m p. 4 ) gy savings, improves speed of service and helps prevent over- or under- cooking. View the Taylor two-sided grill with its advanced grill control software in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion. Other Taylor equipment, such as the innovative MagnaBlend ® series and soft serve freezers will be on hand at the Taylor Company booth #3412. For more information about Taylor Crown Grill Series visit www.taylor- company.com/product/two-sided-cooking. For more information about Taylor Company, contact your local distributor or visit www.taylor-company.com. Learn more at booth #3412. itself as your Menu Board Expert. It takes the time to learn about its business partners, what products they are looking for to grow their businesses and design- ing solutions to help them achieve their goals. Whether it's indoor menu boards and signage or drive-thru lane boards and equipment, its first priority is client satis- faction in knowing it will produce the product needed 100 percent correctly, on time and on budget. More than 65 years in the POP and sign industry attests to its ability to design and produce products that help foodservice operators attract and keep restaurant guests, deliver memorable din- ing experiences and sell more product. It is always on the lookout for technologies and new ideas that will make a difference to its broad customer base. It works on solutions so its clients can concentrate on serving their guests and staying ahead of the competition. The Howard Company wants to be your first call when you need advice on creating a quality menu board system, or if you need Point-of-Purchase or marketing products to expand your brand. The H oward C o mpany (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) It offers digital indoor and drive-thru menu board solutions including propri- etary software programs for easy menu listing updating, magnetic menu boards configured in any dimension to suit the application, LED illuminated menu boards, a complete line of drive-thru lane solutions including canopies, directional signs and communications systems, plus an array of custom window and wall graphics to enhance your restaurant inside and out. Read what Jon Stauffer of US Beef Corporation (Arby's franchise owner) says about The Howard: "They exceed expectations and always deliver a quality product. No matter how large or small of a task, The Howard Company develops a strategy and executes their plan without exception." Be sure to include a stop at The Howard Company booth #5401 as you visit the exhibition hall during the 2016 NRA show. Its crew of sales representa- tives will be happy to discuss menu board options to fit your needs. To learn more about The Howard Company, stop by booth #5401 or visit www.howardcompany.com.

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