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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S u n d a y, M a y 2 2 , 2 0 1 6 1 0 2 improve efficiency, serve customers faster and turn more tables using mobile technology. Ready or not, this is a tech- nology trend that is growing and here to stay. Lines backed up at the QSR? Send a server down the line with a Point-of-Sale (POS) application on an iPad, entering orders of the customers waiting. Immediately transmit those orders to the barista or food preparers so by the time the customer gets to the front of the line, all he has to do is pay and pick up his food already in preparation. Friends enjoying some social time at the fast casual restaurant? Send a server with an iPad POS to circulate the groups huddled around tables, offering another glass of wine or maybe dessert, placing the order with the bar or kitchen on the iPad right from tableside. Runners can deliver the food while the server moves on rapidly to upsell the next group of din- ers. Patrons getting antsy waiting for drinks, food, clarification of the menu or the bill at the full service restaurant? A mobile iPad POS helps reduce each of these potential points of delay that can irritate customers. Create an entire- ly new level of exceptional customer experience by taking orders on an iPad tableside. Eliminate the time wasted and delays in service by waiters running back and forth to the kitchen or bar to place orders, or having to ask the chef about menu details, like clarifying if they are gluten-free. Eliminate servers To uchB istro (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) stressing over memorizing all the details of the specials, and instead have those right on the iPad at tableside with scrumptious photos to show interested diners. Eliminate additional time to manually calculate bills or bill splits, sort out wrong bill totals or manually re-enter the totals into a card processing keypad while patrons wait impatiently to pay. Marketing hype and Yelp reviews certainly help get the new customer in the door the first time. But only the customer experience when they are at your restau- rant makes them return and tell their friends they should come too. Everyone in the restaurant business knows it is the great food with great service that keeps patrons coming back. When a mobile POS is intuitively designed specifically for restaurants, servers find it fast to learn and easy to use, so are freed up to provide the atten- tiveness that define great service. Servers can deliver drinks and food faster, and process payments faster so patrons aren't impatiently waiting to pay. It may be more comfortable doing things the way they have always been done, but using the right mobile POS is a lot like using your mobile phone. It is pretty familiar and the transition is a lot easier than it might sound. In case after case, it has been proven that restaurateurs who implement mobile technology increase operational efficiency, provide a better customer experience and improve their bottom line. Learn more at www.touchbistro.com. SPICE SPECIFIC MILLS FROM SWISSMAR Swissmar proudly launches the new Connoisseur Collection of professional quality German made mills. Responsibly crafted from the finest FSC certified European beech wood, with specialized carbon steel pepper mechanism and ceramic mechanism for maximum per- formance and output, these mills are fit for a chef. The Connoisseur Collection features mills in wood and in acrylic, aptly named in honor of its German heritage: Munich Mills (wood, acrylic), Cologne Mills (acrylic) and Berlin Mill (acrylic). As trend setters in this category, its wood mills have a unique technology called HELICOIL ® that deters the adjustment knob from coming loose, ensuring the grind setting does not change during use. Each mill is crafted with precision and care and carries a lifetime warranty on the mechanism. Select & Set Collection offers both a classic and modern design in a variety of exotic woods, ranging from walnut to cherry. Each mill is crafted from a single piece of genuine wood, enhancing the grain and natural beauty of the wood itself. Another unique aspect of this col- lection, adjusting the grind of the ceram- ic mechanism is done at the base of the mill with a simple rotation of the adjust- ment ring. The Classic Collection features an assortment of Mill styles that are sure to suit any décor. The ceramic multi-pur- pose mechanism is easily adjusted with a simple turn of the knob, from coarse to fine with a twist. Wood Mills: An exten- sive collection of multi-func- tion mills in various types of wood, in a variety of finishes – stained natural and choco- late. Acrylic Mills: The acrylic assortment includes crisp, clear acrylic, as well as bold saturated colors in a classic mill design. Mills are available individually and in sets. New Mills: Launched this year, clas- sic acrylic mills with richly veined gran- ite. Bold and beautiful, these mills are available in 4-inch and 6-inch sizes and as a set. The complete range of Swissmar Mills feature a variety collections in var- ious materials (wood, acrylic, granite), sizes (4in-20in) and a variety of mecha- nisms. From 4-inch tabletop mills, to waiters mills up to 20 inches, there is a mill to suit every need. Also appearing at the 2016 NRA show is Patrick McMurray, World Champion oyster shucker and Guinness record holder for most oysters opened in a minute. In collabo- ration with Patrick, it has devel- oped a range of products for those serving seafood and oys- ters. Fresh oyster tasting Saturday and Sunday at the show! Since 1983, Swissmar has been delivering European design and quality. Recognized as the ultimate source for tra- ditional Swiss items like Fondue and Raclette, Swissmar has built a business on delivering an assortment of products for home and professional use. For more information, visit #8360 or www.swissmar.com. FIRST FULLY AUTOMATIC STERILE STRAW DISPENSER LAUNCHES AT SHOW By Patrick Pender, Chief Executive Officer of Steri-Straw There has been little to no innovation in automating the self-service area of fast casual restaurants. The area where cus- tomers are grabbing utensils and condi- ments has remained largely undisrupted – and it's a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. At the NRA Show, Steri-Straw is launching the first automatic straw dis- penser to combat that problem. Steri- Straw completely sterilizes straws, guar- antees sanitation for patrons and saves restaurants money. It works like this: patrons place their hand beneath Steri-Straw's motion sen- sor, triggering the device to use an ultra- violet light for complete sterilization as the straw passes through the system. This sterilization process signifies a step for- ward in the self-service sector of restau- rants, a sector that has seen much stagna- tion in recent years. Steri-Straw is not only the cleanest option restaurants have for straw distri- bution, but it also eliminates the need for straws to be individually wrapped, which saves restaurants money when buying in bulk. Even better for restau- rants: Steri-Straw is designed not to jam and can be placed either inside of a fast casual din- ing area or outside in a drive- thru. This versatility positions Steri-Straw as a necessary device for all fast casual restau- rants. As the highest volume straw dis- penser on the market, each Steri-Straw unit holds up to 600 sterile straws. While it can stay plugged in and charged at all times, Steri-Straw has a battery life of two days when removed from its power source. Steri-Straw is currently available in multiple colors and will also release an updated model later this year with a screen for restaurants to run marketing promotions or branded messages. Part of the Internet of Things ecosystem, the screen can be controlled from restaurant managers' smartphones in order to roll out advertisements or marketing messages across all Steri-Straw devices simulta- neously, or on individual units. Customer Relationship Management capabilities will also be added in the future. With these capabilities, Steri- Straw is leading the charge of the Internet of Things in the restaurant industry. Steri-Straw is part of a mutually- beneficial future for restaurant owners and patrons. Restaurant owners who pur- chase Steri-Straw will see a return on their investment in just under a month, and consumers can rest easy knowing that they are using a germ-free straw. Steri-Straw is demonstrating its device at booth #887. Learn more at www.steri- straw.com. GOURMET GURU CELEBRATES 20 YEARS Gourmet Guru, the first all natural and organic food retail distribution company in New York City, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Launched as a sole- proprietor, one-truck operation in 1996, Gourmet Guru distributed mostly local items and imported cheese exclusively to independent accounts in the New York City market at that time. The organiza- tion has steadily grown to be an award- winning vertically integrated sales, mar- keting and logistics company now cover- ing territory from Washington, D.C. to Maine. Since its inception, Guru has focused on bringing only the most inno- vative and high-quality natural and organic products to market with a proud track record of having launched several emerging (and now major) categories such as: USDA organic, Greek yogurt, natural/organic deli and meats and func- tional beverages for companies that have become the leading CPG brands in those categories. As Guru embarks on the upcoming year, the company launched a number of events that demonstrate its holistic approach to business and the world around us. The themes highlight Guru's passion for innovation and mutualism as well as an appreciation for customers and producer partners. These include 20 new lines or line extensions in natural, organ- ic categories, customer and producer appreciation awards for those maintain- ing 20 years of loyal partnership and 20 community give-back events as well as a twentieth anniversary food show. For more information, visit Gourmet Guru at www.gourmetguru.com.

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