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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s F r i d a y, M a y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 9 6 EXCEL DRYER HAS RESTAURATEURS SEEING GREEN By William Gagnon, Vice President of Marketing A new development in restaurant wash- rooms has owners seeing green … in sav- ings, that is. Manufactured by Excel Dryer, the patented high-speed, energy- efficient XLERATOR ® Hand Dryer has restaurateurs throwing in the towels, lit- erally. The XLERATOR dries hands in 10 seconds and uses 80 percent less ener- gy than conventional hand dryers. XLERATOR Hand Dryers represent a 95 percent cost savings verses paper towels. Environmental sustainability and decreasing the carbon footprint, while also providing the best in customer satis- faction, has become increasingly more important to restaurateurs. In fact, due to its ability to conserve energy and signifi- cantly reduce waste, the XLERATOR was the first hand dryer to be GreenSpec listed. "Excel Dryer's analysis proves that high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers not only provide a significant cost sav- ings, but they are better for the environ- ment. XLERATOR is a real win-win solution for small business owners, and we are thrilled to have installed five XLERATOR Hand Dryers at The Pizza Shoppe, one for every restroom," said Tony Giuggio, Owner of the Massachusetts based restaurant, The Pizza Shoppe. As restaurants become more envi- ronmentally sustainable in energy, water, waste, food, chemicals, disposables and building, the XLERATOR is no different; it has also been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) as the best environmental solution in the hand dryer category. Recently, Excel Dryer expanded and enhanced its product line. It now features adjustable speed and sound, HEPA Filtration System, adjustable heat settings, multi-voltage options and more. Combined with the most complete line of options and accessories, the best hand drying solution can be designed for any washroom environment. The ThinAir ® Hand Dryer is a high- efficiency model that is surface-mounted and ADA-compliant. The ThinAir Hand Dryer features adjustable speed and sound control, variable heat settings and a washable pre-filter. The filter for both the XLERATOR and the ThinAir is designed to easily be detached, cleaned and reattached. "We wanted top of the line, cutting edge technology. So when we were look- ing for a hand dryer, we wanted exactly that," said Jay Fisher, Director of Operations/Partner Buffalo Wild Wings. The XLERATOR's speed, effective- ness and proven performance have made it the new industry standard by which conventional hand dryers are judged. The XLERATOR is unique in that while most green products take years to realize savings, the XLERATOR typically produces a positive ROI in year one. "If you look at other hand dryers out there in the market, nothing com- pares. The XLERATOR dries hands com- pletely … they are absolutely the best-in- class and better than anything we looked at, which is why from day one, that is what we put in our facilities," said Sarah Morin, Franchise Owner, Buffalo Wild Wings. Excel Dryer continues to innovate and set new industry standards. Facilities around the world use Excel Hand Dryers to create clean, modern washrooms that set the standard for sustainability and efficiency. Excel Dryer is a family-run company dedicated to innovation and cutting edge technology backed by hand- made quality and personal service. For more information, visit www.exceldryer.com, call 888.998.7704, email sales@exceldryer.com or stop by booth #4860. WITH ITS NEW BLADE BLENDERS, WARING CONTINUES TO DOMINATE THE BLENDER BUSINESS With a complete line of blenders suited for any task, Waring ® Commercial con- tinues to reinforce its dominance and steadiness on the front lines of profes- sional kitchens. Waring is adding new blenders to its already solid lineup, including three bar blenders tough enough to handle bigger jobs and built to withstand the day-to-day grind of any fast-paced environment. From high-volume kitchens to small restaurants to bars and smoothie shops, Waring Commercial blenders have it all covered. "Our new light duty blenders excel at delivering consistent drinks to smaller businesses. Heavy-duty, one-gal- lon models perform the huge jobs in industrial kitchens, schools and cafete- rias, churning out salsas, sauces and smoothies in seconds. And the new BLADE Series fits squarely in between, ensuring any business can meet all its needs with Waring," says Daniel DeBari, Senior Director of Marketing. "Waring has been in the business for over 75 years, and through an ongoing commitment to technology and innova- tion, we're still finding new ways to make your job easier," says DeBari. "The BLADE Series continues that tradition, cus- tomizing blenders for individual needs, with the BB300's classic toggle switch design, the BB320 with an electronic key- pad and the BB340 with the electronic keypad and a count- down timer for even more con- trol." All of the BB300 Series feature a Soft Start function that gradual- ly incorporates ingredients for consis- tently even blending, and thermal pro- tection so motors can't overheat and break down. "The power within is what drives the phenomenal performance of these bar blenders. They do what you need them to do," continues DeBari. "Industrial stain- less steel blades are driven by powerful 1-horsepower motors that behave without restraint. They blast through anything you put into them to achieve the perfect consistent blend." The 48-oz. jar is available in BPA-free copolyester or stainless steel. Waring makes it easier than ever to choose the perfect blender — no more, no less — just the right fit for your busi- ness. Always up to the challenge of oper- ating in today's hottest kitchens, these blenders can take the heat. "That's because," DeBari reminds us, "they're not just blenders. They're Waring blenders." Learn more at www.waringproducts.com or booth #2616. STERNO PRODUCTS INVITES YOU TO REDISCOVER ACCENT LIGHTING An interview with Laura Calder, Product Manager, Sterno Products. RDN: What are the Design Collections? LC: The Design Collections were created to make it easier for restaurateurs to select table lighting that best fits their restau- rant's style and décor. Each collection – Classic Elegance, Industrial Chic, Vintage Charm and Unique Impressions – is inspired by the latest, most popular restau- rant industry design trends. They feature a variety of sizes and styles from votives and hurricanes to shades and candlesticks. RDN: Why is table lighting and ambi- ence important? LC: The effect a flickering candle can have is incredible; it can create an imme- diate sense of occasion. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and taken a seat, only to gasp in awe as you look around and melt into your surroundings? Suddenly you are transformed into a moment that you want to savor and remember, and as you browse the drinks menu you are unexpectedly intrigued into ordering a more adventurous wine or cocktail, and listen more intently to the description of the meal specials. This is a result of deliberate ambience. This is also the moment that many people will snap a photograph and post it to Instagram, which is another topic entirely. RDN: Do you just add a candle to create ambience? LC: Not quite. Ambience is fundamental to a restaurant's personality and origi- nates from more than a flickering flame. It evolves from a clear vision, an eye for detail and a desire for harmony among all design elements. When a restaurateur is able to meticulously select the correct elements and mix them together, it leaves an enduring impression and makes a guest hunger to relive the experi- ence. A restaurant's table lighting needs to complement and rein- force the restaurant's styling to have the desired effect. RDN: Will every restaurant fit perfectly into one Design Collection? LC: No. The most dynamic and personal restaurants are created from embracing aspects of different trends, cultures and philosophies. A restaurateur could find herself connecting with products within the Classic Elegance collection because of the crisp lines and timeless appeal, but also have sections of the restaurant or outdoor space that embrace features more in-line with the Industrial Chic col- lection. It's okay to mix and match col- lections. RDN: You mentioned ambience and social media. Tell our readers more about that. LC: Our society has become suscepti- ble to share, in real-time, our experi- ence with others, indicating loca- tion, people and surrounding objects. Décor statements, light- ing elements and beautifully- styled food is photographed and shared to a host of social media channels as a way to capture the moment. What is astonishing is that restaurants are now getting criticized by their guests via these posts if they feel like the restaurant's lighting choic- es do not help in taking an effective picture. RDN: Anything you'd like to add? LC: It's an honor to be part of a compa- ny with such an admired footprint and heritage within the hospitality industry. As a growing company, it's exciting to extend our expertise to provide table top and ambience insights, and offer a com- prehensive line of table lighting products, as well as liquid wax, traditional and flameless candles. For more information, go to www.sterno products.com, call 951.682.9600 or stop by booth #7225.

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