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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 8 9 F r i d a y, M a y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 TAYLOR CROWN GRILL SERIES' 2016 KITCHEN INNOVATIONS AWARD The Taylor ® Crown™ Grill Series was named one of the recipients of the 2016 Kitchen Innovation ® Awards presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, which recognizes cutting- edge foodservice equipment and technol- ogy. The Taylor Crown Grill Series was honored for its innovative design and contribution to improving back-of-the- house efficiency through an intuitive touch screen interface that expands grill functionality and offers an energy-sav- ings standby mode. Taylor Company is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. "Our cooking platform dramatically improves the ease with which the crew can operate the grill," said Dave Hill, Sales Engineer, Taylor Company, who worked on the software development team. "In addition to the intuitive new touchscreen interface, we built in fea- tures to improve product quality through consistent cooking and to streamline menu management." The touchscreen user interface on the Crown Grill Series seamlessly accommodates menu expansion, even at multiple locations. Easily programmable, the grill gives operators menu flexibility and the ability to customize cooking for each menu item. New software features and benefits include: Four Flat Timer: The Crown Grill Series turns each 12-inch cooking area into four separately timed cooking zones, managed by a built-in timer. This offers improved speed of service, menu flexi- bility and energy savings. Standby Alert: There is an audible reminder to place an idle platen into standby mode. This can save up to 42 percent operating energy in standby mode than in full operation mode. Multi-Function Mode: Up to three manual actions can be performed within a cook cycle, such as turn, season or cheese melt. This leads to consistently cooked menu items and easily customizable cooking cycles. Multi-Cook Cycle: The multi-cook cycle mimics the manual press and release action used by operators on flat grills. This can lead to lowered labor costs, food safety and consistent food quality. Menu Editor Program: The menu editor assists in creating and managing a complete grill menu. This allows for easy system-wide updates, creative menu development and consistent cooking parameters ensure quality control. Fault Log: The fault log improves technician diagnostics by recording date and time stamp, enabling easier trou- bleshooting and recording downtime occurrences. The Crown Grill Series is displayed in the Kitchen Innovations Award pavilion and at the Taylor Company booth #3412. Show visitors are invited to stop by and see the grill in action. About Taylor Company Taylor Company manufactures com- mercial foodservice equipment to serve frozen desserts, frozen beverages and grilled specialties. Local sales and service support is provided by Taylor Company's worldwide network of independent distributors. Taylor Company, a division of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Inc., is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aero- space and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit www.taylor- company.com or follow @TheTaylorCo on Twitter. Learn more at booth #3412. DISTINGUISH YOUR MENU WITH ORGANIC & EXOTIC PROTEINS FROM BLACKWING Blackwing Organic Meats is your one- stop shop for the specialty and organic meats you need to satisfy your health-ori- ented customers and to make your food the star of your customers' Instagram feeds. Blackwing Organic Meats, located in Antioch, Illinois, is a nationwide sup- plier of all-organic meats and specialty exotic meats, including buffalo (bison), domestic elk and venison, wild boar, chevon goat and game birds. A vertically integrated company that controls its products from pasture to end users, Blackwing gives you the assurance that the protein choices you're offering your guests will excite their interest in your menu and meet their dietary require- ments as well as satisfying their hunger. "So many foodservice operations are leaning toward healthy, and we can help them with their needs to serve those cus- tomers," says Blackwing President Roger Gerber. "Eating a healthy diet has become a No. 1 priority for many. We offer every healthy protein they could want, and we are one of the very few who can do that. There's nothing that we offer that isn't verifiably healthy." Blackwing is the rare purveyor who can offer organic beef, bison, chicken, turkey and pork from one supplier. Quality organic meats as well as certifi- ably antibiotic- and hormone free-meats have made Blackwing a one-stop suppli- er to successful foodservice operations nationwide. While many customers expect to see organic pork, chicken and bison on the menu, a menu that also features exotic proteins like elk, wild boar and even grass-fed lamb or goat will offer guests a culinary adventure and surprise and delight them into sharing their experi- ence with their social networks. "Let us show you how organic meats ,bison, elk, wild boar or grass fed lamb can increase your business, separate you from compe- tition and increase your profits. Blackwing's specialized offerings have helped launch many start-up burger oper- ations to become multiple unit opera- tions," Gerber said. "Wild boar, bison and elk make the restaurant memorable, and you, as the patron, walk out of there and have conversations. If it ate good and was delicious, you'd have more than one conversation. That's what makes our meats an important marketing tool that grows the restaurant's business." B l a c k w i n g Organic Meats has been in business since 1997 and has just opened a new 25,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that gives the company expanded capability to meet the growing demand for exotic and organic proteins. "We just built the finest state-of the art facility that is vertically integrat- ed, so that we now have the ability to handle any aspect of the business and to service every foodservice operator from the smallest single-unit customer to national chains," Gerber said. "We even have our own retail, organic store now.... A restaurant within 20 miles that needs to pick up two cases of bison patties can come down and pick it up from us, and while they're here, they can pick up organic produce, dairy and cheeses." Visit and sample Blackwing Organic Meats in booth #10633. After the show, call 847.838.4888 or visit www.blackwing.com.

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