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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s F r i d a y, M a y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 4 0 MENUVATIVE 3X BY IMENUTECH RAISES THE DIGITAL MENU BAR AGAIN Imenutech President Eric Arsenault dis- cusses what's in store at NRA this year. RDN: You're showing off Menuvative ® 3X at NRA 216. What's different from the platform that first raised eyebrows here in 2012? EA: In a word – everything! 3X is not an upgrade, it's a complete rewrite built upon all of our client feedback over the years. It's faster, more efficient and pro- vides a better guest experience. Most importantly, we now have enterprise class scalability, so restaurant organiza- tions can make menu changes by unit, regionally, nationally or globally in real time or on a schedule. The cost of tablets have dropped about 60 percent over the years, so large organizations are foolish to ignore the millions in cost savings and increased sales that we provide now. RDN: With the technology explosion going on in the industry, what has been Imenutech's biggest challenge? EA: Technology confusion. Restaurateurs struggle to understand the difference between a lot of tablet based technologies. It doesn't help that most companies improperly use the word "menu" when they should be calling their tech a kiosk, mobile POS or an app. If a restaurant using new tech can't eliminate their paper menus, then that technology is not a digi- tal menu. We still find ourselves explain- ing that a menu's job is to inform guests and increase the sales of food and bever- age, not to replace servers. I'm proud to say Menuvative replaces paper, not serv- ice. I don't want to be the guy that killed the hospitality industry's greatest achieve- ment – the world's largest employment sector. If I ever get cred- it for saving a few trees – I'll take that. RDN: If Menuvative doesn't allow a reduction in labor, how does it make a positive financial impact? EA: Few restaurants actually sell any- thing. They take orders, and there's a big difference. Even worse, they take orders from guests with no information or guid- ance. Imagine buying something online with no images, descriptions, specs or product reviews. You wouldn't buy cloth- ing, furniture, a television or anything else from a piece of paper that only listed titles and prices. The restaurant industry is the only industry that sells product this way – the only reason being because that is how it has always been done. Our track record has proven if you change the medi- um, make the menu experience more detailed, informative and suggestive, you arm guests with exactly what they need to spend more! So simply put, we help restaurants sell instead of take orders. RDN: Menuvative displays nutritional content. Has that helped the growth of the platform? EA: I think Menuvative is still the only solution address- ing the issue. The government really dragged its feet with mandated labeling, so it's only now becoming a priority. 3X makes it much easier to integrate nutri- tional labels, potential allergens and dietary restrictions seamlessly so that it doesn't take away from the elegance of the menu and the guest experience. Regulations and consumer demand for dietary information will only increase, so we know our perceived value will contin- ue to grow. RDN: Anything else new and exciting on display at this year's show? EA: Yes, the XL42 display. t's essential- ly a six foot tall, self-standing, interactive tablet menu that functions exactly like our handheld menus. It's basically a dig- ital menu board on steroids! For more information, visit booth #6172 or go to www.imenutech.com. DISTINCTIVE FOOD AND DRINK CONTAINERS FROM VISSTUN Visstun ® is a manufacturer of custom printed Hi-Definition drink cups and containers in both plastic and paper for the foodservice industry. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been in business for more than 30 years with a unique method of cup imprinting that has propelled printed cups to a whole new level. Launching the world's first high-definition convolute cups, Visstun's state-of-the-art technolo- gy has eclipsed traditional cup imprinting methods by first printing high-quality images on flat sheets and then forming them into cups on custom engineered machinery. The result is a visually stun- ning line of custom cups and containers for every occasion that are sure to leave a lasting impression. This year at the NRA Show, Visstun is introducing seven new container sizes and two fry scoop cups to a line that now includes 10 containers in 23 different sizes. These new containers, which range from a cute three-ounce cup to a short 32- ounce cup, in addition to the nine drink cups in the previous line and four FoldTop ® sizes, are great for sampling, deli, soup and even soft-serve ice cream. Each container size is now also available in a new microwave paper material that differs from most other paper materials on the market because the containers will withstand use, not just in the microwave, but in the refrigerator and freezer as well. Visstun's unique capabilities allow you to order custom print- ing in small quantities for start-up volumes. High- definition graphics will give your containers stun- ning visual appeal, and you can have them just one to two weeks after placing your order of less than 50,000 units. No more placing huge orders of your con- tainer supplies far in advance of when you need them so you can get an afford- able price and then warehousing them. "Low minimum quantities and low cost of art charges allow your company to keep a fresh look and update artwork on a regular basis," said Joe Davis, Sales Director. "Multiple art versions can be printed at the same price as one version allowing numerous products and/or serv- ices to be featured." These container solutions are ideal for foodservice vendors looking to take a product into the retail market. High- quality, high-defini- tion full-color printing will make your prod- uct stand out on retail- ers' shelves. Low min- imum orders and short lead times reduce your barriers to entry into the market and Visstun's outstanding customer service will ensure that your orders are completed correctly and delivered to your satisfaction. "Above all, our cus- tomer service is beyond compare with daily follow up on your orders if need- ed," said Joe Davis, Sales Director. "We consistently follow up with customers from the start of the project, through their order, and then follow up after the order is completed to make sure every- thing went well. Our customers are our business." For more information, visit booth #9719. After the show, visit www.visstuncups.com. YOUR CLEANING STAFF WILL THANK YOU FOR INNOVATIVE CLEANING PRODUCTS FROM CPI Dave A. Maurer, President of Creative Products International, Inc., discusses how his company's innovative products speed and simplify commercial cleaning. RDN: Are you introducing new products here at the NRA Show? DM: The i-mop™ is a revolutionary small automatic scrubber that is perfect for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas. It cleans restrooms in minutes, then trans- forms for cleaning the dining area floors while customers are present. It can even handle the toughest jobs with grease and grim in the kitchen. The patented mechanical scrubbing action leaves the floor dry and cleaner than ever before. The floating head design along with 360- degree swivel is what separates the i-mop from everyone else! The e-trowel™ is a quick and easy way to clean and disinfect tables in sec- onds. The patent-pending system elimi- nates the spray bottle and also eliminates the need for that dirty bucket of water for wringing out cloths. A built-in black light checks the work, so you and your cus- tomers know that they're getting a higher level of clean. The pocket pre-treat sys- tem and touch-free operation make the e- trowel unlike any other product on the market. RDN: How do you compare your prod- ucts and their technology against the cur- rent market. DM: CPI prides itself on innovative cleaning systems in the commercial cleaning industry. Our products are more productive and clean better than other competitors. The work- ers will notice that CPI products are easier to use and make their lives easier. RDN: How's your customer serv- ice? DM: We pride ourselves on passionate service. We have direct employees that provide on-site training for all of our cleaning systems, and they're supported with the latest technology to make sure that our customers get the best training experience along with the best products in the industry. The first part of our training is always asking the customer, "How can we help you clean better?" We listen to the needs of the workers and then provide the best cleaning solution for their requirements. RDN: To what do you attribute your company's success? DM: As a mechanical engineer by trade and an industry-respected leader in cleaning system develop- ment, I started CPI in 2003 with the idea that clean should be fun. We've always had high-perform- ing quality products with innova- tive processes for enhancing the customer experience. I'm proud to say today that CPI lives up to that idea I had back in 2003: Clean should be fun. CPI makes it that way. Customers will see the passion that CPI has in both our products and clean- ing education programs that we provide to each facility that we have the privilege of serving. The reputation CPI has gained through the years has spoken for itself. CPI believes that together we can do more, and we thrive on the challenges that our customers bring to us each and every day. For more information, visit CPI in booth #10647. After the show, call 800.211.5260, email info@creative idea.net or visit www.creativeidea.net.

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