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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 3 7 F r i d a y, M a y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 MAKE GREAT CREPES WITH KRAMPOUZ Delicious, quick, sweet or savory, crêpes are loved universally and offer almost infi- nite menu possibilities. Fast food opera- tions, family restaurants, breakfast joints, food trucks, concession stands and cafés can create entire menus around them. The key to a good crêpe is a good crêpe maker, and the key to a good crêpe maker is high temperature distributed and maintained evenly on a quality cast iron surface, allowing you to achieve the sig- nature colouration of a great crêpe and be able to make batches quickly without hav- ing to adjust the temperature all the time. But how do you build one? Solving this question became the obsession of the Briton Jean-Marie Bosser. Brittany is the northwestern part of France and also widely recognized as the birthplace of crêpe making. In 1949, by combining precision temperature con- trol with a superior cooking surface, this crêpe-loving Briton not only achieved his goal but also created Krampouz, which is now the premier manufacturer of profes- sional crêpe makers in France. Heat dis- tribution, temperature stability, quality of the cooking surface, safety and comfort- able working conditions were the found- ing design criteria of the products then as they are now. The continuous search for performances in cooking equipment has enabled the company to make a name for itself as the leader in crêpe maker production and to diversify its offering to other batter cooking equipment such as waffles and churros makers. The ability of Krampouz equipment to satisfy the expectations of users has led the compa- ny to expand throughout the world and is now firmly implanted and recognized as an industry leader in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia. One-hundred percent designed and assembled in France, the Krampouz crêpe and waffle maker range offers you the best possible solu- tions for your needs. Over 60 years of manu- facturing experience and a constant attention to its customers' needs allows Krampouz to provide you the most innovative offer on the market. Patented EZ-Clean systems on waffle makers and professional 110v European cast iron crêpe maker are a few of the time saving and hygiene enhancing solu- tions you'll find with Krampouz. It is offered in electric or gas, and fully certified. Krampouz's quality crêpe and waffle makers are distributed through Eurodib Inc. For more information, visit www .eurodib.com or stop by booth #3843. ESPIRITU SANTO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Cold pressed in southern Spain, Espiritu Santo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from olives that are picked at their opti- mum ripeness. This olive oil is processed with extreme care to ensure that each drop has the maximum flavor and aroma. Perfect to drizzle on top of all of your favorite dishes, this olive oil brings fla- vor and freshness to everything it touch- es. Packaged in unique, bright, floral packaging, this bottle comes equipped with a non-drip dispenser, insuring that you get to enjoy every last drop. Whether you use olive oil every chance you get, or you drizzle sparingly, this olive oil will be smooth and delicious with every drop. For more information, call 713.660.0577 or visit www.thefrenchfarm.com. COCO AMINOS FROM BIG TREE FARMS After introducing the world's first certified organic coconut sugar to the global market in 2008, Big Tree Farms remains the No. 1 sell- ing brand (SPINS data, October 31, 2015) and processor of this unrefined, high-nutrient sweetener, with its one pound coconut sugar outselling the No. 1 agave SKU (SPINS data, October 31, 2015). Big Tree Farms' coconut nectar is also the fastest growing liquid sweet- ener in the U.S. (SPINS data, October 31, 2015). Bringing the first fair-trade certifi- cation to coconut sweeteners in 2014, Big Tree Farms also tests for Low- Glycemic verification. Its retail line of coconut-blossom nectars and sugars includes items ranging in pack size from five-gram packets (retail 50-pack and foodservice 1,000 qty.) to five-pound pouches and infused flavors in 14-, 16- and 32-ounce packages. Sugars and nec- tars are both available for retail, foodser- vice and industrial use. For more information, call 541.488.5605 or visit www.bigtreefarms.com.

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