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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 3 3 F r i d a y, M a y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 FORTESSA PROVIDES TABLEWARE FOR AN EXCELLENT DINING EXPERIENCE Tableware is an integral part of the total dining experience, which is why Fortessa Tableware Solutions offers a full range of products allowing you to tell your story with a unique table setting in your own signature style. Luxury Luxury is defined as "an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satis- faction or ease." Whether it is elegant, rustic, formal, casual, urban or remote, each individual gets to define what is lux- urious to him or her. Its thoughtful approach to providing the right products and services is fashioned to help you deliver the luxury experience (whatever it may be) and to spend less than your guests think you did doing it. Ultimately, luxury means always finding that perfect solution for the guest by exceeding their expectations. Fortessa is focused on solu- tions; let it exceed your expectations. Cocktailing Distil Collection by Fortessa: Inspired by the ancient art of Scotch whisky produc- tion, the Distil Collection of cut crystal glass captures the spirit of the natural wonders and architecture of Scotland. These eye-catching patterns, paired with Schott Zwiesel's 140-year-old glass mak- ing tradition of innovation and artisan- ship, make every pour a timeless experi- ence and every sip a next level moment. Crafthouse by Fortessa Creating craft cocktails will always be on trend. Hence, the most successful bar pro- grams employ mixologists, and the most successful mixologists need professional quality bar tools. Introducing Crafthouse by Fortessa, a comprehensive bar tool and barware collection, designed by World Champion bartender, Charles Joly. Inspired by classic barware and updated with contemporary ergonomic principles, Crafthouse by Fortessa is on trend. Cloud Terre Cloud Terre brings the bespoke approach to the hospitality industry. Creating thoughtful solutions, Cloud Terre melds traditional craft pottery methods with a design-build approach to food presenta- tion. Move beyond the limitations of plating on a pre-fab frame, and conceptu- alize your culinary creations from the table up. Hand designed in consultation with the chef, architect and potter Amber Kendrick crafts the framework to com- plement each specific dish. Buffet Never has presenting food been more important than it is today. Goodbye to the days of large chafing dishes and urns of stew. Hello to portion control and eye catching fresh ingredients. The delivery of thoughtful cuisine can be presented in an equally thoughtful way. Buffet is not a noun, it is movement. Fortessa has moved into the buffet space; follow it as it provides the framework of presentation to deliver appetizing food gracefully. Operational. Attractive. Creative. Get more out of your check – buffet the FTS way. Restaurant Team Sometimes it is about mingling at 5:01 pm. Sometimes it is a business dinner by yourself at the bar reading email. Sometimes it is the family celebration or an intimate anniversary. All the time, Fortessa is there to help you and your guests celebrate those special and seemingly ordinary life events. Its restaurant team takes a focused approach on what the operator needs to be successful – affordable, differentiat- ed, in stock, sturdy – yes, all those things and more. FTS brings you its most recent focus point – it's all about the restaurant experience! For more information, visit www.fts online.com, call 800.296.7508 or stop by booth #6934. KUVINGS INTRODUCES WHOLE SLOW JUICER The current juice boom is a natural exten- sion of America's thirst for wholesome- ness in its eating and drinking habits. Juicing provides an easy way to supercharge your diet with essential vita- mins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes that are present in fruits and vegetables without having to eat all the food itself. The most popular are cold- pressed juices, which are made by crush- ing produce like spinach, apples, kale, lemon and ginger without generating excess friction or heat. Over the past few years, juicing went from being an exclusive trend in the health community to exploding into a national lifestyle. Everyone is talking about juice cleanses, detoxes, green juices, fresh pressed juice and nut milks. The juice trend can be attributed to increasing public awareness of the need to consume more fruits and vegetables, as well as the ease and convenience of consuming fresh produce as delicious, nutrient-dense beverages. To keep up with growing demand in a cold-pressed juice market estimated at $100 million a year, Kuvings has intro- duced the Whole Slow Juicer CHEF, the world's first commercial vertical low- speed masticating juicer. The Whole Slow Juicer CHEF can extract juice con- tinuously for up to 24 hours, for up to 1,000 glasses of fresh juice. The juicer features the industry's largest feeding tube to enable the opera- tor to crush and squeeze whole vegeta- bles and fruits, producing a glass of juice in seconds. It also reduces oxida- tion from cutting that often causes loss in nutritional value. Kuvings' patented system extracts the nutri- ents in fruits and vegetables and separates it from the pulp, enabling the body to obtain four times more nutrition than by eat- ing fruits whole. The Whole Slow Juicer CHEF can extract juice from hard and soft fruits, leafy greens, and nuts. Its large capacity bowl handles many batches of juice and has a convenient smart cap to prevent drips. The smart cap also enables mixed beverages and allows for quick cleaning between different juice recipes. Its large 3.5-inch feeding tube allows the operator to crush and squeeze whole fruits and vegetables with little or no prep. Whole Slow Juicer CHEF can make delicious smoothies and healthy home- made ice creams with the included blank strainer and smoothie strainer. Simply assemble the smoothie strainer for rich, nutritious smoothies made from fresh fruits or vegetables. Use the blank strainer for transform- ing frozen fruits into instant sorbet or soft serve frozen treats. The Whole Slow Juicer CHEF is ideal for juice bars, restaurants, health food stores, retail outlets and juic- ing enthusiasts. Its modern design and chrome finish is a welcome addition in any environment. It features a dual safe- ty system that ensures proper assembly and air ventilation to prevent the juicer from overloading. All parts are remov- able for easy clean up with the included cleaning tools. For more information, visit www .kuvings.com, call 888.682.5559, email sales@kuvings.com or stop by booth #3799.

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