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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 2 7 F r i d a y, M a y 2 0 , 2 0 1 6 RESTAURANT TECHNOLOGIES MAKES YOUR KITCHEN SAFER FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES Managing your oil is one of the most dif- ficult and time-consuming tasks for any restaurant. It's dangerous. It's messy. It's labor-intensive. Carrying hot oil across the kitchen can lead to burns, slips, falls and workers' compensation costs. There are over 12,000 burns every year in the foodservice industry and over 60 percent of workers' compensation incidents in restaurants are related to cooking oil. That's where Restaurant Technologies' Total Oil Management solu- tion comes in. It handles the entire process – from ordering to receipt and storage to handling and recycling of used oil. It even automates the process so it is easy, intuitive and ready when you need it. There's no upfront capital cost, no expensive equip- ment to own and maintain and no unex- pected service charges – it stands behind its system and it includes everything. Stop by booth #9133 in the Lakeside Center across the bridge at McCormick place to see the system live in action with product experts on hand to answer your questions. It installs two tanks – a fresh oil and a waste oil tank. Its trucks deliver fresh oil when you need it and take away the waste oil at the same time. To add or dispose of oil, your employees no longer have to carry oil to the back dock or from the storeroom – they just flip a switch and the system does it automati- cally. This makes your kitchen safer and saves you labor. It has over 23,000 customers across the whole United States, including many of the largest names: Applebee's, Chili's, Marriott, Burger King, Hyatt, KFC and over 70 percent of all the McDonald's in the U.S. have chosen to put in its system for safety, food quality, sustainability and efficiency. Some of its cus- tomers who have installed the systems have run studies and proven out up to a 60 percent reduction in workers' compensation claims linked to oil – whether burns, slips and falls or back strains from carrying heavy jugs in boxes (JIBs). For an average sized restaurant, that could be up to $27,000 in reduced safety liabilities – which pays for the system many times over. Without having to worry about your fryer oil, you and your staff can get back to what matters: delivering the food and dining experience your customers crave. For more information, stop by booth #9133 or go to www.rti-inc.com. 1515 DESIGN PARTNERS WITH CRIOCABIN By Francis Delpech, President, 1515 Design & Manufacturing Inc. Come and visit us at the NRA show. We will show you our latest products and innovations, from traditional rotis- series from Doregrill to unique refriger- ated display cases from Figomeccanica. For the past 20 years, our team has provided services to all supermarkets and the food industry by creating, designing and importing high-class, original, hot neu- tral and cold, modular and custom structur- al concepts. The primary focus of 1515 Design is to provide original design with state-of-the-art equipment. Our best ideas are intended to offer solutions between presentation, function and efficiency for retailers. Concepts can be customized entirely or by building onto our standard line. We are always conscious of cost, and value is the keyword when it comes to con- tributing and delivering a design and fin- ished product. Retailers need to maximize merchandising appeal to sell products quickly, ensuring freshness and quality. We offer the latest vision and design and com- bine it with unique state-of-the-art equip- ment. The merchandizing appeal is one of the key elements for success and recogni- tion today. Every retailer needs to stay ahead of the game, and we educate our clients about the latest technology and pres- entation. Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Criocabin, one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerated, neu- tral and heated display cases for supermar- kets and the food industry. Uniqueness, creativity, style and made in Italy production are key points for Criocabin, a company that owes its success to a team of men and women who take part with proficiency and enthusiasm in the creation of counters and cold stores, exclusive products, tailor-made with the objective of highlighting the most modern food and taste trends. For more information, visit www .1515design.com, call 310.671.0345, email info@1515design.com or stop by booth #5462 and #5362.

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