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O C G S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 8 , 2 0 1 5 3 0 WELCOME TO ATLANTA: HOME OF GORDO'S CHEESE DIP Gordo's ® Cheese Dip is proud to wel- come you to its home town, Atlanta. Kachwa Food Group has supplied the "Real Taste of Old Mexico" to Mexican restaurants across the Metro Atlanta area for more than 45 years. For the retail industry, Kachwa produces the same delicious white and yellow cheese dips served in the best Mexican restaurants worldwide. A top-selling brand for more than a decade, Gordo's Cheese Dip is produced in the U.S.A. with 100 percent real cheese and natural ingredients. The Original Authentic Mexican Restaurant Cheese Dip continues to be a front runner on retail shelves in its uniquely designed 16-ounce square cup. Gordo's Cheese Dip offers aggres- sive advertising programs, consumer couponing, sampling and other promo- tional events to encourage sales. Gordo's is an active brand across social media outlets and promotes brand awareness with games and contests for consumers. Ultimately, the goal is the to make cus- tomers happy with the product and keep them coming back for more. Kachwa Food Group recently pur- chased a 170,000 square foot USDA production facility to expand the Gordo's line of Mexican food products, and has the ability to custom produce and manufacture meat and dairy products to custom specifications. Gordo's is available in 16-ounce containers that are safe, microwavable and convenient. The Authentic Mexican Restaurant Cheese Dip is available in six deli- cious flavors – Original, Mild, Hot, Cheese 'n Salsa, Chipotle and – the newest – Yellow Queso. There are more than enough options to please anyone's taste buds. Shoppers can also save by obtaining coupons available at the company's website. For more information, visit booth #4917 or go online to www.gordoscheesedip.com. JARLSBERG MINIS LEAD WAY WITH MORE SNACK OPTIONS Jarlsberg ® cheese has found great suc- cess with the release of its Jarlsberg Minis. Every portable, mini-sized ver- sion of the Jarlsberg Minis offers a bite- sized offering for a wholesome punch, but in a conveniently wrapped single- serving size. These snacks are a hit since they not only taste great, but also serve up only 70 calories in the 20-ounce size they come in, offering protein and calcium as well. For those watching their intake of gluten, Jarlsberg Minis are also gluten-free. Jarlsberg cheese General Manager of Marketing, Deborah Seife, said the smaller version of the classic cheese has become the go-to snack for cheese lovers of all ages. The packaging of the Jarlsberg Minis replicates the distinctive look of the classic Jarlsberg wheel. Packages of minis are sold in bags of five or can be sold with UPCs for individual sale. Now, the company is introducing Jarlsberg Lite minis, which are packaged the same way as the minis, offering a portable and con- venient experience. In addition, each Jarlsberg Lite mini is 20 grams – with 7 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat and still contains only 50 calories of gluten- free flavor. They are sold in bags of six and are peggable. The Norseland, Inc. offers a wide range of products including specialty cheese brands. Products include Snofrisk, Ski-Queen, Ekte, Garcia Baquero Spanish cheeses, Old Amsterdam aged Gouda, Gabreiella Italian cheese and Volpi Foods authentic Italian meat prod- ucts. Norseland is adding yet another snacking option in the U.S. market, with Volpi's Rolotini, 1.5-ounce Mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto or spicy salami. With snacking containing to be a strong market, Norseland in June will be launching snack products from other brands as well. New Applewood smoked Cheddar minis, under the Ilchester brand, are 20- gram pieces, retailing in a bag of six. In June, Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda will be launched in ½-ounce portions with six rectangular "bites" to a bag. Another excit- ing product is a 5.2-ounce Tapas de Queso, a Spanish cheese plate introduced by Garcia Baquero. This product is the perfect choice for building a cheese board or snacking. The tapas plate offers 12 slices of Spanish cheeses, four each of Garcia Baquero Tipsy Goat – a wine-bathed pasteurized goat's milk cheese, Garcia Baquero Iberico – a mild and firm blended sheep, goat and cow's milk cheese with a complex flavor and Garcia Baquero Manchengo – a four- month aged sheep's milk cheese. For more information, visit booth #4233 or go online and contact Carter Califri at ccalifri@norseland.com. FROMAGERIE DU PRESBYTÈRE'S LALIBERTÉ NAMED CHAMPION CHEESE Fromagerie du Presbytère's Laliberté is the new Grand Champion at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix Gala of Champions. The cream-enriched soft cheese with a bloomy rind was deter- mined best of all cheeses in 27 cate- gories. Sponsored and hosted every two years by Dairy Farmers of Canada, the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix celebrates the high quality, versatility and great taste of Canadian cheese made from Canadian milk. "From all the excellent cheeses the jury tasted, we found Laliberté to be the stand-out. This cheese truly distinguished itself in tex- ture, taste and overall appearance. Its exquisite aromatic triple cream with its tender bloomy rind encases an unctuous well balanced flavor with hints of mushroom, pastures and root vegetables," said Phil Bélanger, Canadian Cheese Grand Prix jury chairman. Named after Alfred Laliberté, the famous sculptor born in St. Elizabeth de Warwick, QC, the farmstead cheese took a year and a half to develop and is made from 100 percent Canadian cow's milk. The cheesemaker is no stranger to the Grand Prix, as its Louis d'Or was notably named Grand Champion of the contest in 2011. The Grand Champion and 27 catego- ry winners were selected from a record-setting 268 cheese entries submit- ted by cheese makers from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia. The submissions were then narrowed down to 81 finalists by the jury in February. With the expansion of entries, the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix has added nine new categories to the competition. Gouda was judged in three different age categories, as well as a category exclu- sively for smoked cheeses. Cheeses were judged on appearance, flavor, color, tex- ture and body, and salt content. ROGUE CREAMERY WINS GOLD AND SILVER AT THE US CHEESE CHAMPIONSHIP Rogue Creamery's Rogue River Blue and Smokey Blue won first place Gold and second place Silver respectively in the Blue Veined Cheese category at the 2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest. The largest cheese, butter and yogurt competition in the nation was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the contest fea- tured a record 1,892 entries from 28 states. On top of winning Gold at the US Cheese Championship, Rogue River Blue has also won Best American Cheese and Super Gold at the 2012 World Cheese Awards in London and is a two time winner, 2009 and 2011, of the Best of Show Award at the American Cheese Society Competition & Judging. Rogue River Blue is produced at the turn of the season, made with late-season milk produced after the autumnal equi- nox. At this time, the cows graze on grasses renewed by cooler temperatures and make milk that is richer and higher in butterfat due to the advanced stage of the lactation cycle. It is this special milk, reflective of the unique seasonal influ- ences of the Rogue River Valley, which is the very essence of terroir. This is the French concept that well-crafted foods represent a certain special essence of a region: the soil, the climate and the inter- action of herd and pasture. In addition to Smokey Blue's sec- ond-place finish at the US Cheese Championship, it has also taken home Best American Cheese at the World Cheese Awards, first place at the 2009 American Cheese Society Awards, and second place: Open Cow's Milk, at the 2013 ACS Awards. A long, gentle cold-smoking over shells from Oregon hazelnuts infuses Rogue Creamery's Smokey Blue cheese with an added layer of rich flavor. Sweet cream flavors and caramel notes balance earthy flavors of smoke and hints of roast- ed nuts. The result is a cakey yet smooth blue cheese reminiscent of candied bacon. Smokey Blue's sweet, nutty, and savory flavors envelope the sweet, rich milk cre- ating a crème brûlée with a hint of the toasted, sweet richness of a campfire.

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