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Hardware & Housewares Review May 6 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 7 3 W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 ber – you're a person. We have a dedi- cated, talented team that is driven by our success and commitment to the industry. Not Only My Career, It Is My Life In the early 1970s, I saw a need for a non- chemical, environmentally sound form of weed control that would assist homeown- ers and professionals in creating low- maintenance landscapes. I feel about the DeWitt (Cont'd. from p. 4) lawn and garden industry just like Arnold Palmer feels about golf. I love it so much I'd do it for free. This industry is not only my career, it is my life. We are DeWitt. No chemicals then or now. One company. One call. More than 600 products. Visit DeWitt at booth #19036. For more information, call 800.888.9669 or visit www.dewittcompany.com. HHR: Is the TripleLite is a versatile tool for anyone? TM: Oh yes! Activities such as walking the dog at night, finding your way around through your house during a power out- age or walking down a dark path during a camping trip are just a few examples of how useful a TripleLite flashlight can be. In addition to that, because of its super bright light, it is the perfect addition to a vehicle emergency kit or the go-bag that's stashed away for a household emergency. As a matter of fact, any tool- box, vehicle and home emergency kit won't be complete without one. It also stands upright to use hands free as a room light. HHR: What else makes the TripleLite stand out in the traditional flashlight mar- ket? TM: Traditional flashlights produce a puny circle of light and are becoming obsolete with the introduction of the Ignite Marketing (Cont'd. from p. 4 TripleLite. It comes in two versions, the Mini TripleLite and the TripleLite, with the Mini version only requiring two AA batteries and weighing a mere 4.5 ounces, while the larger TripleLite just needs three AAA batteries and weighs only 11.25 ounces. The Mini TripleLite has a suggested retail price of $14.95 and the TripleLite 180 retails for $19.95. HHR: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know? TM: Yes. While we won't be able to attend NHS this time around, we want everyone to know of the benefits of the TripleLite and how much popularity it's already gaining. The TripleLite has already become a huge success with inter- est from many retailers, catalogers and web businesses throughout the world. For more information, contact Tracee McAfee at 330.283.0131 or Tracee @Ignitemktng.com, or visit www.triple lite.com and www.facebook.com/ tripleliteflashlight. or around the home and garage. Heavy duty Tub O'Towels cleaning wipes from Wonder Works Products ® are bigger, stronger and tougher than other wipes. Each extra-large Tub O'Towels scrubbing wipe includes nine powerful cleaning ingredients, durable fiber- weave technology and twice the clean- ing surface of comparable wipes. Originally created for contractors who encounter nearly impossible jobsite messes, Tub O'Towels feature a thick- er, towel-like construction that is 100- percent solution soaked to quickly and easily clean messes from paint, perma- nent marker, grease, scum and other tough soils. The unique citrus formula also includes lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E, leaving hands clean and soft. The towels are made in the United States. "Tub O'Towels are the solution to Tub O'Towels (Cont'd. from p. 1) any tough mess in and around the house, in the garage and in the car. They're big- ger, tougher and completely soaked in a powerful, mess-fighting cleaning solu- tion that's safe for every day use and won't dry out your hands," said Dave Anderson, Vice President, Retail Brands, Wonder Works Products, Federal Process Corporation. "If you're looking for a fast and thorough clean, Tub O'Towels can easily knock out the toughest, grimiest messes." Tub O'Towels are available in several convenient package sizes: 10-in. by 12-in. towels in a convenient 90-towel re-seal- able canister; 10-in. by 12-in. individually wrapped towels; and a 40-towel re-seal- able portable case (7-in. by 8-in. towels). For more information, visit booth #6720, or go to www.tubotowels.com, w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / t u b o t o w e l s , www.facebook.com/tubotowels, or www.twitter.com/tubotowels. constructed with strong, weather-resist- ant resin at an opening price point. Night Stars Deluxe Series projects points of brightly colored lights onto houses, inte- rior walls, landscapes, pools and more. With Night Stars Deluxe Series, you can project points of red, green or a combina- tion of colors. The included remote fea- tures a timer and optional flash/pulse set- ting making Night Stars Deluxe Series hassle-free and easy to use. Also new for 2015, Viatek launches Night Stars Celebration Series, a dazzling landscape light that can transform any area from ordinary to extraordinary! The Celebration Series projection lighting sys- tem displays fun, festive interchangeable images perfect for year-round indoor and outdoor use. Creating an instant atmosphere for parties or entertaining is easier than ever with the included 12 festive designs ideal for any holiday including Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, Christmas and more. Night Stars Celebration Series can be used for interior and exterior walls, land- scapes, dance floors, pools or gazebos. Designed with a six-hour timer that repeats automatically, no programming is required. Viatek (Cont'd. from p. 1) Simply stake, position your light and power on to experience beautiful projections for every holiday. In conjunction with the newest line of landscape lights, Viatek unveils sever- al new accessories for both Premium and Deluxe models. Among the list is the newly designed tripod that is compatible with consumers' existing models of land- scape lighting. The tripod is perfect for creating a beautiful atmosphere through- out the yard or garden. Simply position landscape light on existing features to enhance indoor and outdoor celebrations. Consumers will also love the Landscape Lighting Clip Mount, a durable mount that can be used throughout the home. For those who wish to power their laser lights through existing outdoor landscape lighting wiring, the Landscape Lighting 12-volt connector will also be available. Since it is so easy to install, there is no need to call an electrician or fumble with special equipment. Visit Viatek at booth #6019. To request a meeting, please email sales@viatek.com. For more information, go to www.viatekproducts.com or call 423.402.9010. current product line is geared toward the hardware and lawn and garden retail channels, and consists of an Axe & Machete Sharpener (model #50523), Mower Blade Sharpener (model #50602) and a Pruning Tool Sharpener (model #50600). Each of these items will see improvements for 2015. Smith's ® current outdoor tool sharp- ening line features lightweight, durable, safety and easy to use features. The new and improved versions of these products will maintain all of these features, but now be offered at an even better value for the consumer. All three tools will have a new glass-filled, nylon plastic head that is lighter and just as durable as its prede- cessor cast aluminum head. "Our tests show that the rigidity and strength of the new plastic head is com- parable to the strength and durability of the cast aluminum metal head found on previous models, but it allows us to cut material costs and improve the sharpen- ing process without compromising func- tion," said Louis Chalfant, Senior Product Engineer for Smith's Consumer Products Inc. This simple change in material allowed Smith's to cut its product cost in half and pass along the savings to its cus- tomer and consumer. As a result, the new Smith's Consumer Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) and improved outdoor tool sharpeners will enter the market at a retail price $10.00 lower than current pricing of $19.99. The three Edgework products will still offer oversized handles for use with gloves, large finger guards for safe and secure sharpening at all times and the wire-bristled cleaning brush that conve- niently stores in the handle. Russ Cowen, Marketing Manager, said, "This will instantly improve our presence in the hardware and lawn and garden markets. We now have competi- tively priced tools that offer the quality and durability associated with the Smith's brand, and I am confident our consumers will appreciate the savings." Look for Smith's new outdoor tool sharpeners this spring at home improve- ment and hardware retailers, online and in mail order catalogs. About Smith's Consumer Products, Inc. Smith's Consumer Products, Inc. is a leading global supplier of consumer goods to the sporting goods, hardware and housewares markets. The company markets its full line of sharpeners and specialized tools under the brands Smith's, KitchenIQ™ and FireWire ® . For more information, visit www.smiths products.com, www.kitcheniq.com or www.firewiregrilling.com. Brazilian style beach chair. By 1992, it expanded its product line to more than 600 items. Twenty-eight years after its inception, the company continues to grow and evolve. JGR Copa started at the beach and continues to this day to work with all the major big box beach stores. By doing this, it is always on top of the major selling trends, colors and styles. It maintains a staffed office and showroom in Shanghai, P.R. China. Its staff there coordinates, oversees and inspects production. It uses audited fac- tories and tests all its products to ensure it is shipping the highest quality to its customers. JGR Copa is proud to provide its customers with quality products and timely delivery. The company's mission has always been to maintain the integrity and value of its products, while satisfying its customers' needs. JGR Copa's art department is always on the cutting edge of current market trends and is constant- JGR Copa (Cont'd. from p. 1) ly inspired by a passion for the beach and the pool. This year's line includes fresh original designs and bright colors, as well as new highly anticipated licensed prod- ucts. JGR Copa is excited to announce a continued partnership with Corona, Budweiser and Bud Light. These brand- ed items will include chairs, umbrellas, towels and mats. It feels that these brands represent a lifestyle of pool, patio and sports. Most stores are already carrying these brands, so it's a natural extension to add the chairs, umbrellas and towels. A new ready to sell pallet display program will also be introduced at the show, and will be available for the coming year. This pro- gram will utilize floor space and save shelf space. JGR Copa will also provide planograms for the stores that are limit- ed floor space. This is a great time to work with a company that was born, works, lives and understands the beach. Visit JGR Copa at booth #26045.

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