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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 6 6 spaces like yards, gardens, pool areas, patios and gazebos, the most effective way to encourage birds to leave the area is to utilize an intimidation technique. The Bird B Gone Hawk Decoy was developed to intimidate birds in open spaces. Birds such as sparrows, starlings, pigeons and crows will recognize the hawk as a threat and flee the area. HHR: How does a Hawk Decoy scare pest birds away? DG: Visual deterrents appeal to a bird's sight and sense of danger. Red-tailed hawks are known for hunting during the day, while most owl species hunt at night when birds are roosting. This makes the hawk a more identifiable predator. When birds see the decoy, they will want to avoid the area. HHR: Where are the best places to use the Bird B Gone Hawk? DG: The Hawk Decoy is ideal for pro- tecting open outdoor spaces such as backyards, gardens, balconies, patios, boats, overhangs, under eaves, rooftops, fruit trees and other areas where birds are a problem. HHR: How does the Hawk Decoy com- pare to plastic owls? DG: Hawks are predators that hunt dur- Bird B Gone (Cont'd. from p. 1) ing the day. Most birds and small rodents have a natural fear of the hawk; they can see its silhouette and know that danger is near. Owls hunt at night when birds and other rodents are not out. The Red-tailed hawk, which the Bird B Gone decoy por- trays, is a natural predator of most small and medium sized birds and small rodents. HHR: Are the Hawk Decoys easy to install and use? DG: The Hawk Decoy is easy to use. For gardens and outdoor spaces, simply open the hole in the bottom of the decoy and place on a garden stake. It is ideal to move the stake around the yard or garden every few days so that birds will not get used to it being stationary. For fruit tree coverage, simply open the bottom of the decoy, add some sand for weight, and hang in the trees. Again, it is optimal that the decoy be moved around in the trees every few days. HHR: What are the Hawk Decoys made of? Will they last? DG: The Bird B Gone Hawk is made of a durable plastic and meant for outdoor use. The lifelike painted features and menacing look add to the overall effec- tiveness. The Hawk decoy can be hung from rope or twine, weighted down or simply placed in affected areas. Visit Bird B Gone at booth #14115. need to become greater organized in sup- port of a higher level of productivity. StorSystem, manufactured by Certwood Limited, is an award winning, industry leader in the production of effec- tive and innovative modular storage solu- tions. Components are extremely mobile and diverse in the wide range of agile solutions, enabling the end-user to become fully organized. Certwood's unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation naturally supports its pas- sion to lead the industry in the critical categories of strength, safety and sustain- ability. At Certwood Limited, safety is para- mount. This is precisely why the award winning Glide & Tilt runner system was perfected to create an innovative solution that prevents bins or trays and their con- tents from falling out under any circum- stances. This unique system permits full access to the bin's contents, while being securely held within the unit. Safety of the end-user is supported by the shatter- proof trays and bins, which pass the strongest of all international testing. Recent recognition from FIRA for inno- vation and Ergonomic Excellence, becoming the first manufacturer of edu- cational furniture to receive this award, supports Certwood's unwavering passion in innovation and safety. The StorSystem solutions speak to diversity in every detail and aspect with- in the extensive product line. With more than 75 different product types, eight organizing accessory components, five tray sizes, permitting choices of two widths and three depths with more than Certwood (Cont'd. from p. 1) 23 color options, the breadth of combina- tions becomes endless. If it doesn't make a solution to fit your organizational needs, it will customize it in its factory that runs 24 hours a day to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Certwood demonstrates sustainabil- ity. Within the factory there is zero waste. Only ¼ of one percent of the entire production cannot be ground into very small granules and recycled back into the production line. This ¼ of one percent product is also chipped and sold to companies that produce recycled con- tent products such as tree stakes and parking blocks. Additionally, the latent heat off of the equipment is the factory's only heat source. While supporting organization, mobility speaks to the inherent need to enable the end-user to easily position an entire set of tools or components, parts and or equipment at the precise point of need. After the tasks are com- plete, Certwood's simplistic and light- weight solutions allow for the quick and efficient reposition of the total storage system. Everything has its place with one well-defined set of organizational tools. Let us show you the newest ideas in cost effective mobile storage solutions that speaks to the DIY in all of us. We are more than happy to demonstrate the var- ious strengths of our extremely vast prod- uct line and discover alongside you a solution that fits you best. Visit Certwood at booth #33105. For more information, go to www.stor system.com, call 740.314.5874 or email chris@certwood.com. wire fences are built and repaired all across America. Developed and manufactured in the U.S. by Preformed Line Products ® (PLP), Ranchmate is new to the market even though the technology it uses is tried and true. Ranchmate products can be used with both smooth and barbed wire fenc- ing. The core products in the line are fence repair splices and patented dead- ends (wire end terminators). The splices are used to reconnect any broken or cut wire, and the dead-ends are designed to create a secure loop around a post or cre- ate a radius around the corner post. Both splices and dead-ends are color-coded for specific gauges of wire. The result is a repair that is much stronger than the orig- inal fencing wire, most likely outlasting the fence itself. What makes PLP's splices and dead- end terminations so unique is the pre- formed technology. Before being used, the splices and dead-ends look as though they are already wrapped around an invisible core. When the splices and dead-ends are applied to wire, they fol- low their preformed shape, locking tight- ly in place and creating a solid, rod-like connection. Both products are made from galva- nized steel that won't crack or rust, and are designed to match a variety of barbed Ranchmate (Cont'd. from p. 1) and smooth wire gauges as well as work- ing with wood posts and T-posts. Ranchmate also offers a unique line of fencing accessories, such as its three- dimensional "posted" signs. Sold under the 3D Post™ brand, the all-weather signs can be attached to fences or posts to give a very effective and highly visible "posted," "no trespassing" or "no hunt- ing" notice that is almost impossible to miss from any angle. In addition, Ranchmate offers full- grain cowhide American-made work gloves that come in four lengths, as well as a fence post wire stretcher that makes installation a one-person job along with fence dip tie bars for installing and removing T-post clips. As part of PLP's commitment to the future of American agriculture, the com- pany supports The National FFA Organization™ through official FFA ® licensed Ranchmate products. A portion of every sale of Ranchmate products directly supports the FFA, which works to promote and enhance agricultural edu- cation. Ranchmate products are available at farm, hardware and other retail stores and suppliers across the country. Ranchmate also provides instructional videos on its website. For more information, visit booth #41105, go to www.ranchmate.com or call 800.290.0436. WELLNESSMATS ESTATES COLLECTION BRINGS SPARKLE, SHIMMER, COLOR TO EVERY HOME Warm coppers, cool silvers, deep jewel tones, sun-kissed pinks and seaside blues; these are the colors and textures that define WellnessMats' new Estates Collection. As a recognized leader in anti- fatigue floor mats, WellnessMats is known for high performance and unprecedented comfort. Now, with its breakthrough Estates Collections – Coastal and Essential – the company offers more than 200 new color and pat- tern options. Wellnessmats stands for comfort, style, performance and luxury. The company has transformed a floor mat into a retreat for the feet. Fatigued joints and limbs are a thing of the past. "We are deeply committed to our retailers and we listen closely to their feedback," said WellnessMats CEO, Daniel Bouzide. "Over the past few years, we've heard the call for more color and design options. In response to that request, we introduced Motif, Antique and Granite. Response continues to be just phenomenal. This year, we're extending ourselves and our in-house design team even further, delving deeper into ergonomics, beauty and on-trend design. We added more color and texture options than every before with Estates, and we can't wait to show our retailers!" The Estates Collection is inspired by the elements and the feeling that color and texture convey. Think of a luxurious country home or secluded shoreline retreat. Coastal celebrates the seascape in its timeless perfection: water, wind and the spray of sea. Essentials, by contrast, reveals the rich and robust textures of the earth, such as precious stones and metals. In total, WellnessMats is unveiling 26 new color ways, available in four embossed designs and two sizes. Overall health and a well-balanced lifestyle have always been at the fore- front of the Wellnessmats busi- ness model. Ergonomic design is now enhanced with the colors and patterns that define beauty and personal retreat. WellnessMats are manufac- tured with proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology™ to resist spills, stains and punc- tures. All Wellnessmats are proudly made in the U.S.A. and backed by a 7-Year Performance Warranty. Estates marks a new chapter in a long history of inspired, ergonomic and on-trend design for WellnessMats. While remaining loyal to its mission to 'take a healthy stand,' beautiful living never looked or felt so good. For more information, go to www.well nessmats.com.

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