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Hardware & Housewares Review May 6 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 5 4 BLACK & DECKER PUSH BROOMS PROGRAM FROM BUTLER HOME PRODUCTS Butler Home Products' licensed Black & Decker push broom program brings the power and strength of a braced push broom to an easy-to-merchandise push broom. Shipped in a knocked down format, the patented "clic 'n loc" system creates a fully locked and braced broom that is easily assembled by the consumer. The strong steel brace attaches easily to the broom block with the clicking ratchet system, and can be changed from one side to the other to minimize bristle wear and tear. With a soft touch handle grip and dipped end cap, the Black & Decker push brooms are easy on the hands. The extensive program consists of indoor brooms, outdoor brooms, indoor/outdoor combination brooms as well as garden style brooms with natural Palmyra bristles. All bristle types are available in both 18-inch and 24-inch sizes. With the broad assortment of bristle styles, you can find the push broom that is right for all your needs. There are various merchan- dising options available, includ- ing permanent and semi-permanent dis- plays for all styles of push brooms. One of the last tasks of any home improvement project is cleaning up, and Black & Decker has the cleaning tools to finish the job neatly and efficiently. The entire line of Black & Decker push brooms are on display in the Butler Home Products booth. Stop by to see these products and the entire line of Black & Decker cleaning tools. They are sure to appeal to the weekend warrior in you. While there, you can sign the Wounded Warrior Wall – for every signature collected during the show, Stanley Black & Decker will donate $1.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project. For more information, visit booth #19017. WEED TIGER REPLACEMENT STRINGS A BETTER CHOICE Weed Tiger replacement strings are a bet- ter solution for home gardeners who deal with spools that break or jam easily. For everyone fed up with weed trimmer spools that become tangled, break or get jammed easily, Weed Tiger replacement strings are the answer. These amazing replacement strings do not require you to purchase or install a new housing, blades or adapters and can be installed in just three minutes. After removing and discarding the factory supplied spool, all that needs to be done is insert the two robust 145+/- gauge lines into the weed trimmer head. It's that simple and can be done in three minutes. The specially designed cutting lines are held in place with centrifugal force when they are cutting and are bright yellow with fixed length. The Weed Tiger is also usable from lowest electric up to 32 cc, so it works with a wide variety of weed trimmers on the market. The Weed Tiger gets its strength from fitting loosely, so if it fits too tight into the old head, all you have to do drill two ¼ inch holes on opposite ends of the old head. Originally available only at flea mar- kets in Georgia, Weed Tigers are now sold through many local hardware stores around the country. Weed Tiger was nominated as a "Best Buy" in a recent issue of Farm Show Magazine by Mark Newhall who said, "I was always tired of always running out of string and the hassle of replacing it...so I bought a set of Weed Tigers! The plastic on these 'Tigers' is very tough. I had them on two weed trimmers all last year and they appear to be fine for another year or two, maybe more. They're simple and easy to use." For more information visit booth #11089 or go online at www.weedtiger.com. clients with innovative products, and world class customer support, GRIP is the ideal solution for you. With an offering of more than 1,000 of the best-selling items in stock and ready to ship, its skilled merchandising staff can target a program for virtually any customer. Its 200,000 square foot distribution facility is designed specifi- cally for immediate order fulfillment and delivering fill rates of 98 percent or greater. Innovation and Exclusivity GRIP aims to keep abreast of the com- petition by developing new items. It is constantly working on getting new ideas and new products out into the marketplace. One thing that helps GRIP do this is the tremendous rela- tionship it has developed with its over- seas agents. If your company wants or needs any specialty tool items made available or wishes to implement a GRIP (Cont'd. from p. 1) whole new line, GRIP will be of great service in helping you achieve your goals. It is a growing and innovative company which is quickly becoming a household name. Let GRIP use its strengths to help you achieve your marketing goals. USA Made Goodyear Air Hose One of the most popular categories at GRIP is its Goodyear air hose. It builds and puts together all of the air hose in West Michigan. Goodyear air hose is 100 percent made in America. It is essential to have this air hose for GRIP. Not only is it creating jobs within the community, it is supporting American made products. GRIP is currently producing more than 30 different types of air hoses, ranging from Rubber, Pliovic, Pressure Washer and Hybrid air hoses. Visit GRIP at booth #34035. For more information, go to www.gripontools.net, call 616.877.0000 or email sales@gripontools.net. EK USA LAUNCHES NEW ICE SHOOT ICE FUNNEL EK is excited to introduce the Ice Shoot as your new favorite kitchen accessory. The Ice Shoot is a multi-use ice funnel that makes it easy to fill any container with ice such as hydration packs, blenders, large bottles, thermos, coolers and ice packs. In addition to being the hot new kitchen accessory, the Ice Shoot has applications for the medical industry for filling ice packs at nursing stations in hospitals and orthopedic facilities. The Ice Shoot is also a perfect restaurant, foodservice and catering necessity. The Ice Shoot is patent pending and is 100 percent Made in the USA. EK is a Logan, Utah based multiple award winning manufacturer of unique and functional accessories. EK was voted Manufacturer of the Year for the state of Utah and has won multiple awards for quality and on time delivery. Additional accolades for EK USA include awards for its display programs, and EK won best novelty item for the Winter Olympics. EK also has an excep- tional rating with the General Services Administration and is the ID card holder of choice for the Department of Homeland Security and The Transportation Security Administration. JOIN THE FASTEST-GROWING SEGMENT IN OUTDOOR COOKING Dansons Inc. is quickly expanding the outdoor cooking division by offering two brands of wood pellet and charcoal grills to meet the needs of modern retailers: the feature-rich Louisiana Grills line and the value-packed Pit Boss line. Both lines of grills offer exceptional value per square inch in the pellet grill industry, with qual- ity features included. The Louisiana Grills brand includes a superior temperature range of 180 to 600 degrees, a programmable meat probe and standard flame broiler. The Digital Control Center and meat probe work in tandem by regulating the internal cook- ing temperature of your food. Your grill automatically reduces to a low smoke setting when ready, keeping food warm and juicy. Master your steaks and burgers just like your favorite steakhouse with the simple slide-plate flame broiler for complete control when direct-flame grilling. Encompassing the most com- plete range of models, Louisiana Grills provides users with an all-in-one product that is easy for any home chef to barbe- cue, grill, bake and smoke their food. Both Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss recently introduced their Kamado ceram- ic cookers, which offer a complete pack- aged product at a price that is at least 20 percent less than the rest of the market. The Louisiana Grills Kamado line fea- tures four models, sized from 13 to 24 inches in diameter, with stainless steel legs, hardware and vents, with new fea- tures currently in development and being released in the following months. The Pit Boss Kamado line offers 22 and 24 inch models with black metal trim, hardware and vents, and is also available in a red finish, apart from a glossy black. Each line includes a complete kit of side shelves, a two-tier stainless steel cooking surface, ash clean- out tool and base cart. The Pit Boss brand also offers a heavy-duty wood pellet grill line-up with an exceptional value. Already seeing suc- cess at a number of big-box stores, these models have a temperature range from 180 to 500 degrees, giving the versatility to sear steak or smoke jerky, and priced to fit every budget. The Digital Control Board results in precise cooking control. Additional features available include a removable easy-lift stainless serving tray, embossed copper-finish, hanging hooks for barbecue tools and a bottle opener. With a series of sizes for couples to large families, there is a Pit Boss grill suited for every household. Relative to the sales growth in the wood pellet industry, with more con- sumers looking for versatility in their cooking solutions, Dansons Inc. is mak- ing significant investments in its graphics and social media departments. This allows its retailers to be supported with up-to-date content to advance their sales. For more information, visit booth #24090, call 877.303.3134, or go to www.louisiana-grills.com and www .pitboss-grills.com.

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