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Hardware & Housewares Review May 6 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 5 1 W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 KURT ADLER: A TWIST ON HOLIDAY TRADITIONS Kurt S. Adler, Inc. has been a leading importer of holiday decorations for 69 years. Working with many of the indus- try's top artists and factories, it creates holiday decorations for all tastes, cate- gories and themes, and provides beautiful memories for millions of people. Because of its quality items and the success they bring to its retailers, Kurt Adler has created a large, loyal customer base which helps the company flourish. Kurt Adler is a customer friendly, family run business and has many long time employees, some of whom have been with the company for more than 40 years. It has been able to maintain a strong pres- ence in the marketplace through various trade shows, as well as through its 12 showrooms across the United States, all manned by very experienced salespeople who have been with the company for many years. Each of the showrooms has Kurt Adler's full collections, and include such Kurt Adler- created name brands as Santa's World™, Steinbach™, Hollywood Nutcrackers™, Polonaise™, Fabriché™, Noble Gems™ and much more, all of which have earned brand recognition by retailers and the general public. The line also includes more than 40 iconic licenses. Items include not only tree ornaments, but hand-crafted nutcrackers, lighting, gar- lands, stockings, nativity sets, artificial trees, wreaths, musical boxes and tabletop décor. Known for quality and new designs incorporating new twists on old traditions, Kurt Adler always strives to keep on top of current trends. Kurt Adler has always created and will continue to create mem- ories for generations to come. If it has to do with Christmas, it has to be from Kurt Adler – it is your one-stop-shop for all your holiday decoration needs. Visit Kurt Adler at booth #38127. For more information, go to www.kurtadler.com. COMFORT-TECH: NO MORE HAND SHOCK Pain and discomfort is nothing new to you if you work in landscaping or con- struction industries, or if you just like to get outside and work at home. You'll be excited to hear about the new Comfort- Tech products from LimbSaver. This all- new line of American-made products is designed to help you work longer with reduced fatigue, while preventing numb- ness, tingling and soreness of arms and hands. This year, Comfort-Tech is selling two sizes of its Grip-Wraps. The new, shorter, 16-inch Grip-Wraps are designed for smaller hand tools. They relieve your hands from the shock of using hammers, picks, shovels, axes, rakes, brooms, saws and many other construction and lawn and garden tools. Comfort-Tech Grip- Wraps give your hands needed cushion and great non-slip grip, even in dusty or wet conditions. You'll now be able to continue working hard without the aches and pains in your arms and hands that you're used to. The 24-inch Comfort- Tech Grip-Wraps are perfect for power tools such as weed trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws and grinders. Its design maximizes control and comfort. It isolates your hands from the vibration from your power tools while giving you cushion to ease tension in your hands. This helps to inhibit numbness and tingling associated with your power tool. Also available are the Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer and Utility Slings. These fully- adjustable slings help to prevent backaches and pains while using weed trimmers or brush cutters. The design relieves pres- sure points by balancing weight over your entire back instead of just on your shoulder. Comfort-Tech products are proudly made in the U.S.A. with the highest qual- ity craftsmanship. For more information, visit booth #41119, go to www.limbsaver.com/ comfort-tech or call 877.257.2761. REPAIRS 101 WITH RAPIDFIX The manufacturer of the RapidFix Dual Adhesive System is here at the 2015 National Hardware Show to introduce the latest innovation in rapid repair adhesives. The new RapidFix UV is an amazing ultraviolet cured liquid plastic adhesive that only sets when it's exposed to UV light. This allows the user to take as much time as needed to position pieces properly. Then, when they shine the special LED flashlight that's included with RapidFix UV on the adhesive, it hardens in seconds and dries crystal clear. This means that the user is in charge of the process. Uses are endless. It's great for mak- ing emergency repairs on plastics, glass, metal and fiberglass. At home, it'll bond ceramics and jewelry. In the workshop, it'll repair cracks in headlights and tail- lights, insulate cracked plastic electrical connections and repair circuit boards. It'll easily fill metal, plastics and wood. "You can even use it to repair a gap in a wood floor. You can sand it lightly and paint, or use a clear polyurethane, and you won't see it – it's like it's just not there anymore," said RapidFix USA President, Len Kelsey. "You can use it to rebuild parts using a mold or build it up in layers. When you have the shape, fin- ish it by sanding or filing and then paint or leave it clear." RapidFix UV comes with both the adhesive and the special LED UV flash- light to cure it. Its powerful UV LED light will last for years, and the flashlight uses a standard AA battery that's not included. The set retails for $25.95. RapidFix UV is also available in a refill pack that contains the adhesive only. This new product introduction comes four years after the RapidFix Dual Adhesive System was successfully launched at the National Hardware Show, and in that time, the product has taken the marketplace by storm, according to Kelsey. "RapidFix has been very well received in many market segments. We sell it into the automotive, hardware, marine and hobby markets. Because it works, we even sell it back to China, because of its very high quality. It also sells in Japan, Australia, N.Z., Europe and even Russia," he said. "It's unique because it's not an adhesive by itself. It's an adhesive that incorporates a welding powder, so that it's not used just for bonding materials. With the weld- ing powder, it can instant- ly fill wood, metal, plas- tics. It can be sanded painted, stained." Best of all, it will not dry out in the bot- tle, and is guaranteed for 12 months. Kelsey expects the new RapidFix UV to meet similar success. "Hardware, automotive, industrial, marine or hobby. Glue is such a universal need," said Kelsey. "There is no designated market segment. Everyone uses glue, everybody from the industrial professional to the trades, the DIY and home market to the hobbyist and everyone in between." For more information, visit booth #6818, email lenkelsey@aol.com, call 231.793.3600 or go to www.rapidfix.com. MCAIRLAID'S INTRODUCES PLUMBER'S MATE ABSORBENT UTILITY PADS McAirlaid's, Inc. announces the world- wide introduction of its Plumber's Mate Absorbent Utility Pads. Plumber's Mate is a super absorbent utility pad designed to provide the consumer and the professional with an alternative to those smelly, messy rags and cumber- some buckets. Just slide a Plumber's Mate pad under your sink trap/drain, your leaking water heater or around your leaky toilet, and the moisture will be absorbed cleanly and efficiently, and stay locked away. Plumber's Mate Absorbent Utility Pads are available in three super absorbent sizes: 6 count 24"x24", 10 count 24" x 24", 20 count 24"x36". Made in the U.S.A. in McAirlaid's Rocky Mount, Va. facility. Performance Repairing that leaky drain, water heater, plumbing fixtures or pipes can be a big frustration and leave a huge mess. Working in tight spaces, coupled with wet rags and cumbersome buckets can make the challenge of keeping the work space tidy difficult. Water can cause thousands of dollars in damage in no time. Leaks can soak floors, ceiling and foundations, causing mold, mildew and rot that could make the home uninhabitable. Plumber's Mate can handle these leaky messes. New Plumber Mate's helps you avoid that leaky mess with the most ective and highly absorbent pads on the market. Specially made for those DIY and professional jobs, you now can keep everything ultra- dry, and mold and mildew free. McAirlaid's highly absorbent SuperCore ® protects the work space from moisture better than smelly rags and those cumbersome buckets. Money Back Guarantee McAirlaid's is so confident that Plumber's Mate will perform up to con- sumer expectations that it is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason the consumer/professional is not satisfied with the performance of Plumber's Mate, they can call the toll free number listed on the bag and receive a full refund, no questions asked. Availability Plumber's Mate Absorbent Utility Pads will be available in Home Depot and select Ace Hardware stores beginning in the summer of 2015. Plumber's Mate is currently available on Amazon.com. Additionally, all major E-commerce website will have Plumber's Mate Absorbent Utility Pads available by the end of May 2015. Additional distribution is being gained on a monthly basis. Company Information McAirlaid's, Vliesstoffe GmbH is the multi-national, technology leader in the manufacturing of latex, glue and binder free absorbent cellulose based Airlaid products. McAirlaid's has four manufac- turing facilities located in Europe and the U.S. Creating quality absorbent products is at the core of what the company does. McAirlaid's is a leading manufacturer of fish, food and fruit pads, and medical and surgical products for both the U.S. and European markets. Visit McAirlaid's at booth #3544. For more information, go to www.mcair- laids.net or www.plumbersmate.com. The website goes live in June 2015.

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