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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 4 6 RELIABLE PORTABLE POWER FROM KIPOR Kipor offers a variety of generators to meet your portable power needs. Its products have proven to be the best value, with outstanding serviceability and reliable performance in a simple, easy-to-use design that makes Kipor gen- erators the best choice for your money. Kipor generators provide clean and quiet portable power. Its compact and light- weight generators are the perfect match for RV, industrial, O.P.E., rental and resi- dential applications. Kipor Digital Inverter Generators deliver stable, pure sine-wave AC output that is reliable enough to power the most sensitive electronic equipment. When backup power is required at home, Kipor's technologically advanced invert- er generators will get you and your sensi- tive equipment through any power-relat- ed emergency. A high-efficiency combus- tion system produces exceptionally low emissions, which results in the most environmentally friendly generators on the market. Kipor's unique Smart Throttle control makes them very fuel efficient. Kipor's Digital Generators deliver quiet, quality power in a compact package, ranging in size from small and easy-to- carry lightweight models to larger mod- els with wheels and handles, making transportation effortless. Kipor's Sinemaster generators are designed for maximum portability, making them very recreationally friendly and usable in lim- ited areas. Kipor offers a series of Portable Digital Inverter generators, providing users with a wide selection of models to choose from. Its portable generators range from 0.77 up to 6000W, offering both "silent" construc- tion for the more con- trolled environments to the open-framed models where noise is not an influence when selecting your application. Smart shoppers who want to be con- fident and depend on their product while saving hard-earned money always choose Kipor. For a fraction of the price of the competition, with a rising dealer and servicing network carrying parts and offering service support, an industry leading warranty package, Kipor is confi- dent that you will be pleased. Visit Kipor at booth #44095. GOOD RETAIL PRODUCT PACKAGING IS PARAMOUNT One thing is for sure; retail shelf space is not only important, but expensive, so how a product is packaged is of para- mount importance for everyone in the retail trade. The packaging needs to clearly show what the product is and what it does, but it also needs to show the benefits of the product for the end user, so that little sales time is required. For example, take the area of pres- sure washing equipment and accessories. Obviously, the pressure washers them- selves will require some discussion with a sales person. There are several options, and the purchase is a fairly expensive one. Packaging is minimal as most of the information will come from sales person. When it comes to the accessories, however, the buying decision needs to be relatively easy and simple. That's what the manufacturer of the new TRIKLEENER has obviously thought about extensively. General Pump Company has done a great job of producing a very graphical package of a product that should be an impulse purchase. Realizing that 57 percent of all home pressure washing projects include cleaning flat surfaces, General Pump knew that the sale should be simple, easy, and within a price range that requires little thought by the buyer. The newly patented TRIK- LEENER is priced at retail under $100, which means the prospective buyer needs little if any discussion with the sales person. That's exactly what everyone in the retail trade is looking for; a product that takes little shelf space, is an impulse item, ready for the home- owner to pick up and take home. The TRIKLEENER fulfills those require- ments. See the new TRIKLEENER at booth #2950. GENTENT SAFETY CANOPIES OFFER NEW XKI FOR INVERTER-GENERATOR WET WEATHER SAFETY GenTent ® Safety Canopies are already established as a premier weather protec- tion accessory for portable generators, used by thousands of homeowners, small businesses and the National Guard. The patented and uniquely engineered GenTent eliminates the risk of CO poi- soning by protecting against electrocu- tion and generator damage in nearly any wet weather, thereby allowing portable generators to run outdoors safely in wet weather. Originally engineered for emergency backup power applications to provide power during prolonged and now more frequent power outages faced by millions nationwide, GenTent Safety Canopies is now introducing the new GenTent XKi to allow the mounting of its GenTent Stormbracer ® running canopy on any sized inverter generator or fully enclosed portable generator. Inverter-class, quiet, fully encased, ultra-portable generators solve the need for power where there is no access to the electrical grid. They power sportsmen, RVers, campers, tail- gaters, food truck services, construction sites and others who need ultraportable and quiet power. GenTent XKi equipped Stormbracer canopies allow them to safe- ly operate their inverters in wet weather. The GenTent XKi mounting system is the ultra-portable, simple to set up, safety option for inverters and other fully enclosed generators. The GenTent XKi system leverages the existing GenTent frame and Stormbracer canopy and utilizes a ratch- et-strapped mount for generators with no exposed frame. Genuine Kevlar ® strapping pro- vides superior strength, weather and tem- perature resistance properties. The ratch- et strap holds uniquely designed corner brace components firmly in place while adjustable extension arms simply snap into the corner brace. Since each inverter generator model has different dimen- sions, multiple extension arm compo- nents can be snapped together and adjust- ed side to side the correct length and width of the GenTent Stormbracer Canopy. Expelling exhaust heat is crucial to the GenTent approach. Independent third party lab tests and real world results have proven the GenTent pre- serves crucial air cooling and fresh air intake required by portable generators. Therefore, GenTent XKi adjustments allow the exhaust end of the inverter to be closer to the edge of the GenTent Stormbracer Canopy, while the electri- cal outlets are further recessed within the canopy to ensure exhaust gasses are expelled properly. All GenTent branded products, including GenTent Xki, are designed and manufactured for no-compromise per- formance and simple set up with a three- year manufacturer's warranty. Its injec- tion molds are designed in-house by the same injection molded part supplier which adds to the precision and quality yield it needs to achieve. All GenTent products, including its ratchet based Kevlar strapping is manufactured in the U.S.A. The GenTent XKi is what's new for inverter-class portable generators. Don't let Wet Weather Kill your Ultra-Portable Power; WeatherProof Your Power™ with a GenTent XKi equipped Stormbracer today. Visit GenTent at booth #5140, or visit online at www.gentent.com. JERI-RIGG: THE EASY MULTI-USE RIGGING ASSISTANT By Jerry Hill, CEO, Jerry Hill Innovations, Inc. Jerry Hill Innovations Inc. is based in Chassell, Mich., and is the manufac- turer and distributor of the Jeri-Rigg. Life in Michigan revolves around the outdoors, so we carry around a lot of stuff. Even though there are plenty of things that help us tie down our gear, we found that sometimes there just isn't a solid anchoring or attachment point – so we came up with an innova- tive solution. The Jeri-Rigg is a tie-down/anchor point/attachment point/strap that is used in conjunction with various secur- ing mediums such as a bungee cords, tie down straps, lanyards, ropes, net- ting, carabiners, webbing straps, chains, etc. It eliminates the practice of wrapping bungee cords/tie down straps around an object and attaching the hook to itself, resulting in a poor con- nection, scratching and slipping. The Jeri-Rigg provides a non-scratch, non- slip surface, providing a safe and secure connection. The Jeri-Rigg can be applied or removed it within seconds without any tools, and can be used as a temporary or permanent attachment. Organize with it. Hang with it. Secure with it. Move with it. It is an easy and simple solution for hanging, holding and hauling gear and equipment and can fasten just about anything. With a hook in three sizes and an eye in six different sizes, the Jeri-Rigg offers campers, boaters, home-organizers and construction workers safety, durability and strength, offering easy, endless solutions for just about any project or adventure. The Jeri- Rigg has a test- ed workload of up to 1,700 pounds and has a breaking strength of 5,100 pounds depending on the version and size, and its polyester strap and stainless steel head were designed to handle the toughest of ele- ments. For more information, visit booth #2949, go to www.jeri-rigg.com or email info@jerryhillinnovations.com.

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