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Hardware & Housewares Review May 6 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 3 1 W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 HIGH-QUALITY MULTIPURPOSE LUBRICANT FROM GETSOME PRODUCTS The goal of GetSome Products is to engi- neer and develop high quality American made products that will give back to the customer much more in value than what they paid. The company's story is one with humble beginnings: Ernie Hutto began manufacturing multipurpose lubri- cants and industrial products more than 40 years ago, engineering, manufactur- ing, packaging and distributing dozens of products to a global market. As times have changed, so have the wants and needs of the customers. Customers today want a multipurpose lubricant that works, without contaminat- ing the environment and exposing them- selves and others to toxic ingredients. At GetSome Products, its mission is to pro- vide the highest quality products avail- able that exceed the customer's expecta- tions. GetSome Products' offer of value added, high quality, American made, environmentally friendly products has been met with a market that has been cry- ing out for such products. GetSome Products realized that 95 percent of multi-purpose spray lubricants on the market today are petroleum based, and they make terrible lubricants because they were not designed to be lubricants, but water displacers. GetSome Products wanted a product that would meet the concerns of consumers today and exceed their expectations. To do this, it had to be non-toxic, envi- ronmentally friendly, long lasting, multi-purpose and most important, it had to work. After 18 months of R&D, the com- pany believes GETSOME1000- SUPREME Lubricant will meet and exceed the expectations of today's most demanding consumers and professionals, with H-1 NSF food grade certification. GetSome Products has also devel- oped a heavy version of GETSOME 1000 called GETSOME XTREME. It is a modification with additional additives for super duty protection against mois- ture and corrosion. XTREME is best used for marine, heavy equipment, truck- ing, farming and household and industri- al applications where extra protection from mother nature is needed. The company has also developed other products such as BATTERYADE, an electro chemical catalyst, an additive for lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries have been around for more than a hundred years, and most have died a slow death due to sulfation. BATTERYADE assists in reversing the sulfation process, which increases performance and lengthens battery life. We live in exciting times where con- sumers are trying to maximize the value of their purchases. GetSome Products' goal is not to snag a new customer with fancy advertising, but to offer them a value added product that exceeds their expectations every time. GetSome and get it done! Visit GetSome Products at booth #6140, and take advantage of show specials. FLASHLIGHTS AND WORKLIGHTS FROM EZ-RED COMPANY For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. Caterpillar trademark merchandise is a direct reflection of the values built into every Cat product: superior performance, reliability, durability and value for money. This has sustained its reputation from the very beginning. Cat licensees develop products to meet specific needs for classic style and performance, engi- neered to endure under hard use. The EZ-Red Company, global licens- ee for LED flashlights and work lights, shares this commitment to excellence. Cat LED Lighting products are engi- neered and built to uphold the standards one has come to expect from Caterpillar. Since it's inception, Cat LED Lights has provided innovative products, using leading edge LED technology and the highest quality materials available. Coupled with consumer demand for CAT branded products, this is a formula for success. Stop by booth #43079 to see exciting new prod- ucts and learn more about distributing opportunities. About E-Z Red Company Founded in 1966 in Deposit, N.Y., the E- Z RED Company is an official licensee of Caterpillar Inc. and a leader in light- ing, hand tools and battery products. Family owned and operated, E-Z Red has developed and maintained a reputation for providing top-quality products. The company has strong relationships with retailers across the United States. The company prides itself on maintaining the values, integrity and repu- tation of the CAT Brand by producing superior prod- ucts for both professional and home use. CAT Lights, the newest addition to its product roster, are high quality LED lighting products that feature leading- edge technology, meeting the highest professional standards. All of the lights feature the latest LED technology and industrial grade materials. For more information, visit booth #43079 or go to www.catlights.com. MAKE GRILLING EASIER WITH IGRILL2 AND IGRILLMINI Whether you're an award winning pit- master or a novice backyard griller, the iGrill2, a Bluetooth ® Smart meat ther- mometer, makes grilling easier, more convenient and a whole lot smarter. Your friends and family will be left wondering how you fired up such a delicious meal without getting stuck by the grill or smoker. Using the free iDevices Connected app, this connected ther- mometer will send an alert to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device once your food reaches the perfect temperature. The iGrill comes in two sizes to meet any level griller. The iGrill2 retails at $99.99 and is a heavy duty, four probe thermometer. It's packaged with two Pro Meat Probes to handle intense smoking and grilling sessions. Choose between additional Pro Meat Probes to monitor large cookouts or the Pro Ambient Temperature Probe for long smokes. Looking for a smaller version? Try the iGrillmini, which is available for $39.99, and is designed for everyday grilling and smoking. The iGrillmini is a compact, single probe thermometer at a low cost price, a great gift! Other features of the iGrill2 include a 200-hour battery life, illumi- nated display and a -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Magnetic mounting on the iGrill allows you to easily mount it by your grill or smoker, and with two different viewing posi- tions, it's easy to read at any angle. The iDevices gadget boasts an incredible 150-foot Bluetooth range, allowing grillers and smok- ers to get out of the heat and multi-task while dinner is cooking. Watch the game, do yard work or take time out to relax with your friends while keeping an eye on the temperature using your iDevices Connected app. The iDevices Connected app includes dozens of preset temperature alarms for you to choose from as well as the ability to create custom alarms. Other features include graphing, exclusive recipes, social sharing and timers. The free app works with iOS and Android devices and can be found at the App Store SM and Google Play Store. New this year, iGrill partnered up with award-winning BBQ team, Smokin' Hoggz, to create an exclusive BBQ sauce. The Smokin' Hoggz BBQ team has won several competitions throughout the country, taking the Grand Champion title at the Jack Daniel's World Championship in 2011, and most recently, winning the 2014 American Royal Invitational Championships. For more information and to try out the iGrill and the iGrill BBQ sauce by Smokin' Hoggz, visit booth #14135 in lower LVCC. VIATEK: NO STRANGER TO ASOTV Viatek has been a key player in the ASOTV market for more than a decade, and is pleased to announce that it will be testing three new ASOTV products at the 2015 National Hardware Show. Due to high consumer demand for solution-oriented merchan- dise, Viatek looks forward to testing Broomy, the foldable broom and dust- pan, Lil Lamps, and the emergency car jump-starter, Pocket Jump. Unique to its respected category, the Broomy is a full-size broom and dustpan that folds down into a single, compact unit. Ideal for storing in small spaces, the Broomy is perfect for dorm rooms, RVs, classrooms and more. Broomy is designed with a strong, stainless steel handle, and rubber dust- pan blade so it will not ruin floors or other surfaces. As consumers seek ways to conserve energy or reduce their electric bills, Viatek offers a viable solution with Lil Lamps. These wonderful LED bulbs save energy and last up to 10 times longer than standard light bulbs. With Lil Lamps LED, you can brighten up all the dark spots in and around your home, office and workshop. Its cord- less design makes them easy to install, and tilts 180 degrees for all your lighting needs. Lastly, Viatek prepares to test the Pocket Jump, an emergency car jump starter. It's inevitable – first your phone battery goes, than your car battery dies. Now you're left messing with jumper cables on the side of the road or in a desolate parking lot without the securi- ty of having a working phone nearby. Luckily, there is a solution. With the help of the Pocket Jump, you can be back on the road in no time. The first-ever product of its kind, the Pocket Jump is equipped with Smart Charge Technology, an innovative tech- nology that can recharge devices like smartphones, tablets and gaming devices, while still retaining enough power to jump-start a vehicle. Visit Viatek at booth #6019. To request a meeting, email sales@viatek.com. For more information, go to www.viatek products.com or call 423.402.9010.

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