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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 2 3 W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 KEEPING BEVERAGES SAFE, ONE DRINK AT A TIME By William Kenosha, Owner and Inventor, KenoPlastics LLC Imagine your customers have had a long morning at work and are craving some refreshment. They are headed back to the company break room to enjoy the beverage they purchased from your store. After opening the refrigerator door and moving things around a bit, they are unable to find it, because once again, someone has taken it upon themselves to drink it. They spend the rest of the day feeling frustrated, angry and helpless. This and similar scenarios happen on a regular basis in shared spaces across the country. From people living in dorms or with roommates to co-workers sharking a break room, theft and use of personal items without permission is a major problem. With Lock-It Tops, the KenoPlastics family of products has developed a solu- tion to not only prevent someone from accidentally or purposefully taking and drinking beverages from these shared spaces, but to keep them safe from dangerous tampering and pranks as well. How do Lock-It Tops accom- plish this? Our tops are designed to be placed on top of, around and completely enclose the lids of bottled beverages, as well as bottle alcohol. More importantly, they are designed to lock. This locking design, using a minia- ture combination lock, offers a sense of safety and security that consumers have never had before. No more will they have to hide beverages to keep others from finding them, forgo purchasing favorite items because they might get taken, feel help- less to protect what is theirs or confront those they see regularly, or worry about something being put into what they are drinking. Instead, they will be able to enjoy the products they purchase with their hard-earned money, and they will appreciate your company's concern for their ability to protect their beverages and keep them safe by featur- ing Lock-It Tops among your available products or partnerships. Visit KenoPlastics at booth #3047. For more information, go to www.keno plastics.com, call 602.552.0177 or email kenoplastics@yahoo.com. OUTDOOR EDGE'S SHARP-X: TWO-STAGE CERAMIC/CARBIDE KNIFE SHARPENER With use, every knife needs to be sharp- ened. Outdoor Edge's Sharp-X aims to make that process as fast and easy as pos- sible. Unlike any other pocket sized sharpener on the market, the Sharp-X has a rotating stabilizer bar to provide users a flat, compact size with the safety and sta- bility of a much larger sharpener. Outdoor Edge was founded 27 years ago by President David Bloch on a refusal to accept the status quo of exist- ing knife designs. The company has grown considerably from just one inno- vative knife design in 1988 to an inter- nationally recognized brand that offers a wide selection of knives, combo sets and accessories for hunting, home pro- cessing, survival, everyday carry and outdoor use. The Sharp-X's coarse carbide slot is great for reshaping a heavily worn blade back to an ideal 22-degree edge angle while the fine ceramic slot is perfect for finishing the blade back to a razor's edge. The pivoting X-Bar rotates open for rock-solid stability, and then folds flat for compact storage. The Sharp-X also features a large rubberized TPR thumb and finger grip, as well as four sticky 3M rubber traction dots, located on the bottom of each corner for safe, non-slip grip. Outdoor Edge's Owner, David Bloch, explains, "I design our products to have a purpose, to be intuitive and easy to use. The Sharp-X is the most effective, compact sharpener available at an affordable price." The Sharp-X knife sharpener is packaged in an individual blister card for easy peg mer- chandising with an exposed bottom that allows customers to test the rotating stabilizer bar through the packaging. New for 2015, the Sharp-X is available in an 18-piece POP countertop display for an easy add-on at the register, or up-sell with the sale of a knife. The Sharp-X is now available with an MSRP retail price of $12.50. Visit Outdoor Edge at booth #44105. For more information, go to www.outdoor edge.com or contact Jordan Brothers at 800.447.3343 or by email at Jordan@outdooredge.com. HYDROFARM'S MINI SUNBURST SYSTEMS: BIG LIGHT IN A COMPACT UNIT With more than 37 years of experience in the industry, Hydrofarm Garden Center knows indoor gardening better than most. When it comes to a compact and convenient way to grow vegeta- bles, herbs, flowers and ornamentals indoors, it's hard to beat its Mini Sunburst ® 100-watt MH (halide) and Mini Sunburst 150-watt HPS (high pressure sodium) systems. Both mod- els are self-contained, high intensity lighting systems that are ideal grow lights for use in relatively small spaces such as tabletops, corners of rooms or anywhere your customers would like to give strong, life-giving light to con- tainer plants indoors. The 100-watt Mini Sunburst MH provides high-intensity, balanced day- light (white-blue) spectrum light in a small package for vigorous vegetative growth, while the 150-watt Mini Sunburst system uses a sodium lamp to give flowering and fruiting plants the light energy they need from the orange/red part of the spectrum. Lighting fixtures are, to a very large degree, only as effective as their reflec- tors, and it's in this particular area that the Mini Sunbursts really shine. Both models are equipped with spec- ular aluminum inserts that provide intense reflectivity and make very effi- cient use of the lamp output. Both Mini Sunburst models are whisper-quiet, lightweight, compact and easy to hang. Better yet, they are also CSA-certified for safety, powder-coated for moisture resistance and have venting for effective heat dissipation. No assem- bly is required; the user needs only to install the included lamp into the fixture and plug the system in. Whether your customers are more inclined to grow basil for their kitchen or bloom begonias for the dining room cen- terpiece, the Mini Sunburst systems are a great way to get the job done. The sys- tems include the reflector, ballast (built-in), integrated 120-volt power cord, V-hangers, instructions with lighting recommendations, high intensity halide or sodium lamp, and a two-year warranty. About Hydrofarm Garden Center Hydrofarm Garden Center manufac- tures and distributes indoor and out- door gardening products worldwide. Its recognized brands include Active Air™, Active Aqua™, Active Eye ® , Agrosun, Agrobrite ® , Daystar ® , Jump Start ® , PLANT!T™, Radiant ® , STACK!T™, Sunburst ® , Thirsty Light™, and Xtrasun ® . For more information, go to www .hydrofarmgc.com, call 800.634.9990, email info@hydrofarm.com or stop by booth #14051. JASCO WELCOMES NEW DISNEY CHARACTERS TO PROJECTABLES FAMILY Jasco Products Company announces the addition of two more Disney characters to the Projectables ® line of LED night lights. Jasco welcomes Disney's Sofia the First, the number one cable preschool program featuring an ordinary girl who becomes a princess overnight. As she adjusts to the royal life, Disney Princesses Jasmine, Ariel and Belle are there to help her along the way. Another Disney star that will soon be lighting up little worlds is Disney's Doc McStuffins, a delightful six-year- old who cares for stuffed animals in her playhouse clinic. These Disney Projectables, along with all of Jasco's licensed night lights will be showcased at booth #4515. "We are excited about our growing portfolio of Disney characters," said Cameron Trice, Jasco's CEO. "Our Disney-licensed night lights appeal to children of all ages and feature classic favorites like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Disney Princesses, along with new favorite characters from Disney's Frozen, Cars, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story." Bring your nighttime to life with the Projectables LED Night Light featuring Disney's Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. Both of the new Projectables are available as single image plug-in night lights and project a three-foot image on the wall, ceiling or floor of a child's room. The LED ambient night light glow provides a soothing guide light that is light-sensing, so it is on at dusk and off at dawn. The cool-to-the-touch night-lights are great for a child's room and feature a rotating globe for easy positioning of projected image up to ten feet away. Jasco's entire line of Disney branded Projectables Night Lights feature the following characters: Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Frozen (now available six-image plug-in), Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse Club, Cars, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo. Other licensed Projectables night lights on display include Marvel, DC Comics, Nickelodeon and Jasco-branded Projectables. Visit Jasco at booth #4515. For more information, go to www.jascoproducts.com or blog.jascoproducts.com.

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