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Hardware & Housewares Review May 6 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w W e d n e s d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 1 5 1 4 ECO-HEATER: WARM NEVER FELT SO GOOD ECO-heater has two popular wall-mount- ed heater models: the T400DS with inte- grated digital thermostat and heat reflec- tor, and the NA400S with heat reflector. Both units use only 400 watts of energy, providing a cost-effective way to warm up without cranking up the furnace. Made of ceramic, an ECO-heater is ideal for heating rooms varying in size from about 10 feet by 12 feet up to about 10 feet by 20 feet, depending on the con- struction characteristics and configura- tion of the room. These ceramic wall panel heaters use SilentFlow™ technology to operate qui- etly with convection heating to warm a room without a noisy fan. The unit, measuring less than 2 feet square, (23.5 inches by 23.5 inches), is mounted about an inch from the wall, which creates a convection heat channel where the air between the wall and panel heats up, rises and draws cool air from below. This process repeats until the room reaches the owner's desired temperature. Each ECO- heater unit also includes a heat reflector that prevents the warmed air from being absorbed into the wall and keeps it circulating in the room, further improving efficiency. Installation is simple, even for a novice. It takes approximately 15 minutes and common household tools such as a drill, level and screwdriver. To operate, the user need only plug the ECO-heater into a standard outlet. "Another added benefit of ceramic wall panel heaters is that they can be paint- ed with any latex based paint," said Christyana Hopkinson, ECO-heater Sales Manager. "Rather than be an eyesore in the way on the floor or on a table, they blend into the wall and enhance the décor." For lasting savings, each ECO-heater unit is backed by a three-year manufacturer's war- ranty and rigorously tested to meet the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standard. ECO-heater has been gain- ing popularity in the United States over the past few years, being featured on the "At Home With Gary Sullivan," "On The House" and "Home Talk USA" radio shows as well as the "Today Show" and "I Gotta Have That!" television programs. Visit ECO-heater at booth #5715. For more information, go to www .ecoheat.com. REAL MILK PAINT INTRODUCES NEW PACKAGING The Real Milk Paint Company, estab- lished in 1995 by Dwayne Siever, is now making its packaging even more user friendly. Not only is it making it user friendly, but it is unifying its labels, so that the paint and finishing products will be easily spotted anywhere in your store. Originally powdered Real Milk Paint was packaged in a bag, replaced a few years later by a chipboard box. Now, the powdered Real Milk Paint will be distributed in plastic cans made of post-consumer plastic. Dwayne Siever says the cans are for the convenience of the customer to mix and store the paint right in the can. Also included is a round agitator. Just pop open the lid, take out the plastic bag, scoop out the desired amount of Real Milk Paint, add the same amount of water, snap on the lid and shake. It is that easy! You will be amazed at how smooth and thoroughly the glass marble agitator mixes the paint. It is kind of like a larger size spray can. Real Milk Paint is fresh for up to two weeks without any special con- siderations. When you use it again, just shake, pop open and paint. Real Milk Paint comes in scrumptious colors: Blue Lagoon, Dragonfly and Arabian Night, just to name a few. The colors speak for themselves. However, the unique thing about Real Milk Paint is that the colors can be mixed to make an endless spec- trum. The world of color is easily at your doorstep. Don't just accept color that companies make – mix your own with Real Milk Paint. Need to make your fur- niture or walls look aged or antiqued? Just grab some Mocha (or other tinted) Burnishing Glaze. Apply over Real Milk Paint to add depth, highlight worn areas and make your project pop! The Real Milk Paint Company focuses on manufacturing unique, natural products to solve consumers' concerns with indoor living. Its primary objective is to make products that are low or no VOC's that are safe for you, safe for your children, safe for pets and safe for the planet. Visit Real Milk Paint at booth #7035. WHINK APPOINTS CURT LAMBERTSEN AS PRESIDENT Whink Products Company, based in Eldora, Iowa since 1947, proudly announces the appointment of Curt Lambertsen to its executive team as President. According to Whink CEO, Steve Throssel (previously CEO and President), the splitting of the position of CEO and President is due to the holdings structure of the Throssel family, which includes Whink Products Company. "When I assumed complete manage- ment authority for my family's business- es and holdings a few years ago, I was unable to play a supportive role to my satisfaction. Mr. Lambertsen brings a strong costing background for efficient 'Made in the USA' production and will develop the marketing skills we need to keep products moving off the retailer's shelves. Curt 's past experience includes 24 years as an efficiency expert at American Airlines. He decided to retire early and move back to his rural roots. His training in Kaizan, TQM and LEAN manufacturing should benefit our manu- facturing facility," said Throssel. Lambertsen's background includes a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance and operations management. He also owns and operates a certified organ- ic produce business. Per Throssel, "Adding Curt to our executive team was a breath of fresh air. There's something very positive about gardening, growing and har- vesting. This reinforced our decision that Curt will be a positive influence on our fam- ily's business." At the 2015 National Hardware Show, booth #4932 will highlight Whink's latest products as well as its full line of tried and true household solutions. Whink's new Septic Treatment is a no- mess dissolvable packet containing sep- tic-cleaning bacteria and enzymes that digest organic solids, fats and oils, while being safe for all pipes and septic sys- tems. An effective new seasonal laundry product with excellent in-out potential is Whink GameStain Remover ® . This heavy duty laundry pre-soak attacks stains on hunting, fishing and other sport related stained clothing. There's no fragrance added and it is effective in all water temperatures. The for- mulation contains aggressive stain-blast- ing enzymes to tackle difficult blood and carcass stains. Whink GameStain Remover touts a camo designed label with a display header card that offers a strong call-out to those looking for a sport-specific laundry stain remover. If there's a household cleaning prob- lem – Whink has the solution. Whink Products Company is the Best on the Toughest ® ! Whink – Made in the USA since 1947. Visit Whink at booth #4932. For more information, go to www.whink.com. PAINT HANDY TAKES THE MESS OUT OF PAINTING Whether you're a DIY person or a pro- fessional painter, you probably dread the mess involved in painting. All those buckets, pans and tarps are enough to make anyone's head spin. Before you fall off a ladder trying to juggle another wob- bly paint bucket, take a look at Paint Handy, a revolutionary paint accessory utilizing anti-gravity technology. Paint Handy takes the mess out of painting. Simply pour in up to 12 ounces of latex paint and spread it around. Then tap your brush or move your roller across the paint and you're loaded and ready to start! Go ahead and turn it upside down. You'll see it doesn't drip. With Paint Handy, you'll never need to waste time spreading tarps to catch drips again. Plus, it's easy to clean and re-usable. Paint Handy is the perfect paint tool for the pro or DIYer, specially designed to provide the best results regardless of level of experience or job difficulty. Great for touch-ups or painting a wall mural, Paint Handy can hold up to six different latex colors at one time without running together. With Paint Handy, you'll never have to sacrifice quality, accuracy or speed because it greatly reduces prep time, clean up, paint waste, project costs and countless steps up and down the ladder. Speaking of ladders; when using Paint Handy, you can safely climb one with the security of both hands. Just loosen the strap and reverse the disc to be on the back side of your hand with the strap inside your grip. When you reach your spot on the ladder, reverse the disc to the front of your hand or leave it on the back side to easily grip the lad- der again. Paint Handy's durable, adjustable strap fits almost any size adult or youth hand. At the end of the day, when you're tired and ready to put it all away until tomorrow, that's when you'll appreciate Paint Handy the most. Don't bother with pouring the excess paint back into the can. Paint Handy's unique low-profile design makes it easy to store in any large Ziploc bag. The next day, just pick it up and start painting the moment you get on the job site. The Paint Handy special liner not only holds paint in place for no drips, it also makes for easy clean up. When your project is complete, squeegee the paint back into the can and wash and towel dry the liner. You can re-use the liner again and again. Paint Handy is a quality made prod- uct with many benefits. Anyone can enjoy saving time painting while also fin- ishing the job with less stress and mess. For the DIY person, it makes painting easier and more fun. For those who paint for a living, jobs finish faster with fewer safety issues, which in the long run means more revenue for your business. Only $29.99 plus S&H. Visit Paint Handy at booth #6042. For more information, go to www.painthandy.com or call 877.777.6112.

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