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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s 5 5 S a t u r d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 1 , 2 0 1 5 Precision Impingement ® convection, microwave-less menu versatility, an auto loading and unloading layout that means no overcooking, ever, and a catalyzer system that qualifies the oven for UL-ventless operation. By early 2013, the Matchbox had been honored with multiple industry awards. The next year, Ovention became an independently operated division of Hatco Corp. and promptly rolled out its Shuttle oven. The Shuttle offers all the benefits of the Matchbox, with the addition of a conveyor mode for rush periods. In 2014, it too was honored with an industry award for innovation. FEN: The new oven has a smaller foot- print than the Matchbox and the Shuttle. Why, and how? SE: Space is a big deal, especially in countertop equipment. The new M360 does what the original Matchbox does, and does it in a significantly smaller footprint. Shrinking that footprint was tough. How do you keep the two cook surfaces alternating into and out of a single cook chamber? How do you keep the auto load and unload and have the finished food emerge automatically so you never have to worry about over- cooking, ever? How do you save space? In the Matchbox, the food moves linearly, and that flow naturally has its advantages for traffic, space allowing. But what about a smaller space? The best way to reduce the footprint, really, was to reimagine the flow. Does it have to move in a straight line? We Ovention (Cont'd. from p. 1) realized – no. We're looking forward to NAFEM attendees coming by to see what we did. FEN: Since Ovention's founding in 2011, you've been very well received in the market. What is driving you? Where do you get your ideas? SE: It's a two-step process. First, you need to know what the customer needs and feels. You have to listen. We really do listen. We talk constantly with opera- tors. "What do you need? What do you not need?" Then you have to be able to reimagine the possibilities. Speed and flexibility are important, operators tell us. So we developed Precision Impingement without microwaves, which means operators can go from breakfast sandwiches and pani- nis to pizza, chicken breasts to shrimp, all kinds of baking. Low labor input is important too, so we incorporate programmable controls and auto loading and unloading to great- ly free up labor. Hood expenses matter. Nontraditional foodservice doesn't want to put a new hood into an existing build- ing, and even existing kitchens might not have space under their hoods. Ventless operation lets the operator save money and put the oven where it is needed. We hope operators see us at The NAFEM Show and also see our videos, including the Ovention segment that appeared last May on the Discovery Channel, on the homepage. Visit Ovention at booth #4808. For more information, go to www.ovention ovens.com, call 855.298.OVEN (6836) or email connect@oventionovens.com. attract attention and there is no cum- bersome cord like old technology. Each spout includes a radio transmitter that sends real time pour information to the manager's computer. The brand, amount and time poured is all recorded and integrated into powerful Cloudflo software for pouring cost analysis and inventory control. If that isn't enough, how about 4,000 pours between battery charge? To say that this tiny device is jam- packed with features is an understate- ment. For instance, an "electronic lock"; if the spout is removed from the bottle, the system will report the removal, date and time to the comput- er, giving management amazing flexi- bility and management control. Also included is a low battery indicator – not only on the spout but also on the manager's computer. That's right, a quick look on the computer reveals any bottle spouts that may need recharging, which can be done with a remote (wireless) charge key that slips over the spout and recharges the spout battery without even having to remove Wunder-Bar (Cont'd. from p. 1) the spout from the bottle. The Skyflo spouts fit wine bottles, too, and can be programmed in advance to pour whatever amount management desires. The Skyflo Beerflo ® system moni- tors the amount of beer poured, and also sends pour data via radio frequen- cy to a remote management computer. The beer pours are integrated into the reports with liquor and wine pour information. Pour, manage and profit from a wireless pour system that pays for itself in only a few months. Micro computing, powerful battery life, wireless communication and much more is now available to the restaurant and bar industry in a powerful and affordable liquor pouring management tool. Visit Wunder-Bar at booth #2833. For more information, call 800.722.6738 or visit www.wunderbar.com to view a demonstration video. Skyflo – Beerflo – Cloudflo are registered trademarks of Automatic Bar Controls/Wunder- Bar – a division of the Middleby Corporation. of tasks relating to operations. What to cook and when to cook it, food safety requirements and HACCP implementa- tion – simplification of these processes are our objectives. Two examples of these types of innovations are featured in this year's "What's Hot, What's New" pavilions. Here we take two crit- ical daily functions and apply technol- ogy to ensure consistent performance and execution. Reporting becomes automated, enabling management, coaching opportunities and continuous improvement via reminding, recording and reporting of result measurements. This is all part of our 2015 campaign of providing a "Fresh Take" on tech- nology for foodservice. Our goal is to support brands in finding better ways to run their operations with simple tools. We are also very excited to be developing and demonstrating new ful- fillment technology to be utilized for tableside order delivery, customer ful- fillment and satisfaction. FEN: Describe your company's current marketing strategy. RS: We feel the only way to effective- ly market to any foodservice operation is to get to know the individual brands intimately. We start with documenting and defining corporate objectives and then working directly with those on the front line, understanding their specific needs and challenges. 2015 will see a new office on the west coast to better serve our clients there, as well as expansion of our central location efforts. Many of you have seen our new affiliation with Kitchen Technology Innovations; KTI will act as the exclusive sales and distribution agent for ICC products. We are also excited to announce expanded services that will include field service capabili- ties, maintenance contracts and train- ing. This year's "Fresh Take" initiative will be communicated through numer- ICC (Cont'd. from p. 1) ous efforts – many traditional and a few new "takes" on delivering client awareness and satisfaction. FEN: What makes your company unique? RS: Our "Fresh Take" on ways to implement technology in the market- place. Each of our products has a total solutions approach to match operators' needs. Our designs benefit from the input and feedback of a diverse range of real world experiences and chal- lenges. We provide practical business solutions, not just devices. Every solu- tion we market simplifies operations, and reduces training time and man- power hours. Through the collection of data and cloud reporting, we enable many opportunities for achieving excellence and quality in product and performance. FEN: Tell our readers about your trade show objectives, plans, products, promotions, etc. RS: This year's NAFEM is going to be a great opportunity to exhibit to attendees many of the new and exciting products we will be offering for 2015. Our "What's Hot, What's New" features will be on display as well as new twists on our existing product line. Our booth staff will present a real "hands on" experience. Besides featuring the all new Scan 'n' Temp and i.Path, we will also be pre- miering the all new i.Print XL, a flexible automated label printing and reporting tool; the newly enhanced i.Temp, and an all new solution for table service food delivery. This product will be one of the best priced, most unique options in the marketplace and will virtually end the current headache of 'hide and seek' or 'auction' tableside food delivery. Visit ICC at booth #6027. For more information, contact Candace Gulley at 877.ICC.8788 or cgulley@goicc.com, or go to www.goicc.com. featuring: large capacity ice storage sys- tems; shuttle systems; ice dispensing bagging; bins custom cut to fit under any ice machine; large capacity ice storage systems for small footprint requirements. SCI-FAB: offers versatility in the ability to meet the unique needs of each of Kloppenberg's clients by offering them modular stainless steel features that are made to order. Accents in Water: unique and artistic in nature, Kloppenberg water features create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance in any professional or home environment and can add a new dimension to your din- ing experience. Building to meet your specifications and expectations, Kloppenberg offers a visionary design team with more than 70 years of customer satisfaction to live up to, and expert craftsmanship resulting in stainless steel fabrication that really is second to none. Visit Kloppenberg at booth #6832. For more information, call 800.346.3246 or go to www.kloppenberg.com. Kloppenberg (Cont'd. from p. 6) will be to maintain continued growth in a slowly recovering U.S. economy. In this climate, operators will be seek- ing quality products, at more competi- tive prices. Browne's core strategy of offering competitively priced, quality value added products positions it well in this economy. To accommodate the range of quality needs of its customers, Browne will continue to offer compet- itively priced Good-Better-Best prod- uct options. In 2015, Browne's new products will once again drive continued growth. An exciting new series of introductions will be announced early in 2015, leveraging relationships with key strategic partners. Additional new product introductions in 2015 will include extensions to the Thermalloy cookware line, extensions to the Eclipse serve ware line, and the next generation of KitchenGrips PPE. Visit Browne Foodservice at booth #1000. For more information, go to www.browneusa.com, call 888.289.1005 or email info@browneco.com. Browne Foodservice (Cont'd. from p. 6)

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