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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s S a t u r d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 1 , 2 0 1 5 5 2 consists of refrigeration, cooking and stainless steel products. Our refrigera- tion product line includes commercial reach-in refrigerators and freezers, salad prep tables, chef bases and under the counter models. Our cooking equipment product line includes ranges, fryers, griddles and grills, and our stainless steel products include compartment and bar sinks, dish tables, wall shelves, workta- bles and hundreds of other commercial kitchen items. FEN: Describe your company's mar- keting strategy and what makes your company different from others. MW: Our company believes the best way to become the equipment supply chain is to provide high quality products at com- petitive prices. Let's give our customer, the distributor, a price that allows them to compete, up front and not tied to the myr- iad of conditions with rebates and pie in the sky quotas. These gimmicks have been around for a while and need to be changed. We removed these gimmicks and instead have replaced them with hon- est pricing up front without having to wait until next year to receive a rebate check. You can be assured that our prices are lower than the competition, designed to make distributors money today! FEN: What products do you see as your hottest items for this year? MW: I believe all of our product lines US Inc. (Cont'd. from p. 1) have features and benefits to suit the individual; however, in the refrigeration product line, the Value Series might be the one to capture the largest audience for fiscal 2015. Here's why: imagine two products side by side, that on the surface, look very similar and all the components are very much the same; but the one is available at nearly 25 per- cent less. That means that the US dis- tributor would have the ability to com- pete with anyone in the marketplace. Twenty-five percent lower in price without sacrificing quality … need I say any more? Our stainless steel products have jumped off the starting line this year with larger than expected sales. Again our philosophy is the same – lower prices and higher quality than the rest. This is another winner for 2015. With this product line, our newly designed sheet pan racks for meat products might steal the show. These racks are Z-style designed for easy storage while not in use. Check them out! FEN: What are your expectations for the NAFEM show this year? MW: To introduce our new line of products to North America and continue to show our improvements with new designs, such as our new meat pan Z- style rack. For more information, visit booth #6825, go to www.us-refrig.com, call 888.556.2112 or email mark .winters@us-refrig.com. company globally to protect their prod- ucts. If you look in a commercial kitchen today, you will see that most of the spe- cialty coffee equipment is designed or built in Europe. Additionally, Combi ovens originated in Europe where they simply don't have the real estate to dedi- cate to multiple pieces of cooking equip- ment that only do one thing. Couple that with the necessity to have a similar vol- ume of food prepared as many U.S. restaurants, and you can see why the European market quickly embraced the efficiency of the Combi oven. Having only a couple of pieces of equipment for an entire restaurant means that you must mitigate the amount of time the equipment is down for maintenance. This is where Mavea's water filter solutions come in. Many people think all water filters are the same, and for the most part they fall into similar categories with regards to how they function. At the entry level you have carbon of some type that removes objectionable taste and odors, primarily from the chlo- rine that is placed in municipal water supplies, but also from others contami- Mavea (Cont'd. from p. 1) nants. For scale prevention, most North American filter manufacturers will also add some type of polyphosphates to try and reduce the amount of scale growth. These polyphosphates are not allowed to be added to the drinking/cooking water supply of most developed countries as they are in the U.S. Instead of some type of phosphate, Mavea's parent company has developed an ion exchange process that utilizes hydrogen instead of salt. Adding salt (or sodium and chloride) is not a good idea for the longevity of your kitchen equip- ment. With hydrogen ion exchange, we can pull out the cause of scale (calcium and magnesium) and only add hydrogen to the water, which is already only hydro- gen and oxygen. The result is a slightly more acidic water that enhances the food that is pre- pared or the beverage that is brewed. Mavea even has a line of filters for under counter dish machines that will eliminate polishing wine glasses or other dishes. One client has been able to greatly reduce the biggest workers comp claim in its establishment by eliminating cuts from polishing glassware. Visit Mavea at booth #5213. For more information, go to www.mavea.com. At NAFEM 2015, for the first time in history, KOLD-DRAFT will feature an undercounter, self-contained unit that produces KOLD-DRAFT's large, square cube – the classic 1-1/4" cube. "In the past we didn't have a true undercounter self-contained unit. If some- one needed this they had to go to a more traditional smaller cube," said Teresa Asbury, Vice President of The Legacy Companies. "Now we can provide our KOLD-DRAFT cube in this format. This is very exciting for KOLD-DRAFT and for our KOLD-DRAFT customers." KOLD-DRAFT's 'upside-down' ice- making process eliminates impurities. The evaporator is refrigerated and has individual ice cube cells. As the water circulates continuously through the cell, it forms ice smoothly on the cold sur- KOLD-DRAFT (Cont'd. from p. 1) faces, eliminating air and flushing away impurities, producing one perfect ice cube per cell. This leaves only pure water frozen into KOLD-DRAFT cubes. KOLD-DRAFT ice is not only known for size and purity but also its hardness, slower melt rate and low dilu- tion rate. That means establishments using KOLD-DRAFT ice can count on their carefully concocted drinks to taste perfect from first sip to last, without get- ting watered down. Since 1955, KOLD-DRAFT has been manufacturing commercial ice machines that produce "The Best Ice in the World." Visit KOLD-DRAFT and The Legacy Companies at booth #5026. For more infor- mation, go to www.kold-draft.com or con- tact Teresa Asbury, Vice President, by email at TAsbury@TheLegacyCompanies.com. hoods and control systems for all types of commercial kitchens. Our focus has always been to breathe life into your kitchen with energy-efficient ventilation. FEN: How is this possible? JT: By reducing the amount of air being exhausted or the length of time the exhaust operates, you reduce the energy consump- tion of the electric motors, and conditioned fresh air (heated, cooled or both) that has to be brought back into the kitchen. These reductions can result in savings of thou- sands of dollars annually. With energy increasing yearly, savings will only increase over the lifespan of the kitchen. Spring Air offers many products to achieve this savings. Two of the most popular are the Dynaflow (Hood) and Truflow (Control) that can be installed in any commercial kitchen together or indi- vidually. Both reduce energy usage, albeit in different ways. FED: How do they differ? JT: Dynaflow is a UL/ULc listed ventila- tion hood, whereas the Truflow is a demand ventilation control. The Dynaflow ventilation hood installed over the appliances provides Tri-Zone fresh air distribution, which can lower the total kitchen exhaust by as much as 50 per- cent. Truflow, on the other hand, can pro- vide up to 55 percent savings by auto- matically controlling the exhaust and supply fan volumes to match only the exact amount of air required based on the cooking loads at any given time. FEN: Can you tell our readers more about Dynaflow? JT: Dynaflow ventilation hoods provide a complete exhaust and supply commer- cial ventilation solution. Dynaflow fea- tures Tri-Zone fresh air distribution; Uniformed Front MB-Blade discharge into kitchen to prevent drafts, Lower perimeter MJ-Grill discharge, to reduce total exhaust required, and Lower adjustable Comfort Tuning Dial dis- charge, to ensure comfort for the chef and cooking line staff. FEN: Is the Dynaflow ventilation hood expensive? Spring Air (Cont'd. from p. 1) JT: The return on investment (ROI) can be as low as one to two years. When considering costs, we need to consider the complete system as opposed to indi- vidual pieces. For example, a Dynaflow hood may be more expensive than a standard hood, but because of the lower exhaust, the system now needs a small- er exhaust fan, smaller supply fan and smaller welded duct. When considered as a complete system, the cost might actually be less as opposed to using standard hoods. This doesn't even account for the on-going operating cost savings for as long as the restaurant is in operation, and providing a kitchen environment that is balanced and com- fortable for staff. FEN: Does the Truflow work for every- one? JT: Spring Air has three different Truflow models: Truflow-TF, Truflow TL and Truflow TC. The Truflow TC is for the most budget conscious operator. The TC is simple to install and easy to operate, with on/off control in the hands of the user. The Truflow-TL is our midrange product in the line and provides tighter control of the exhaust and supply with on-screen displays featuring the operating kitchens performance. The TL is also easy to install, and can be operat- ed remotely. The Truflow-TF is designed to operate a kitchen within a larger build- ing that has a building management sys- tem. There are local screen controls and display, but most of the time the Truflow TF demand ventilation is controlled through the base building management computer. The connection from the base building computer to our TF is a couple of wires using LON, BacNET or Modbus protocol. FEN: Can Truflow be installed on any ventilation hood? JT: Yes. Truflow can be installed on Spring Air system or other listed hoods. The important point is that the supply and exhaust fans must be Truflow Enabled or ready to operate as demand ventilation products to extract maximum savings from the system. Visit Spring Air at booth #2830. For more information, go to www.springair systems.com or call 866.874.4505.

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