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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s S a t u r d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 1 , 2 0 1 5 3 2 TECHNOLOGY RELIEF FOR TODAY'S KITCHENS It's complicated. Today's foodservice operations need to navigate many obsta- cles to be successful. The vast array of challenges associated with controlling costs and maintaining margins is chal- lenging enough, while incorporating the right tools into your operation can be just as daunting. The development of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) has provided a systematic way to identify and reduce the risk of food safety hazards in foodservice environ- ments. HACCP is highly recommend- ed for foodservice, and has been wide- ly embraced across the U.S. and abroad. While the principles of HACCP are effective in reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses, it requires a lot of extra time, resources, training and cumbersome record keeping. Foodservice directors are further pres- sured to create efficiencies leading to time and labor savings. How can you succeed with so many different chal- lenges? It's complicated! As is the case with most industries, technology is here to provide relief. Here are some of the different types of tools available today: Wireless Monitoring Systems These systems protect inventory and help ensure equipment is working cor- rectly by automatically measuring criti- cal metrics, such as temperature and humidity. Equipment including walk- ins, freezers, dish machines, hot-holding boxes and dry storage rooms can all be monitored to ensure food quality and safety. If readings fall outside of preset limits, notifications can be sent to the appropriate people. This type of tech- nology is a great investment that ensures food is kept at safe tempera- tures, and will prevent costly food spoilage due to equip- ment failure. Portable Handheld Devices Portable devices combine sophisticated software with a traditional thermocouple instrument to collect, track and store food temperature data. Some models also allow users to walk through procedural checklists, helping to ensure key tasks are completed consistently. These portable handheld devices make adhering to HACCP guidelines less cumbersome. When a temperature or checklist item is out of the user designated range, many of today's models prompt users to take cor- rective action, all of which is document- ed for later viewing and analysis via the accompanying software. Temperature Logging Devices These logging devices collect tempera- ture data while sensitive inventory is in transit. Typically used in stationary equipment and meal delivery carts, these small battery oper- ated data loggers docu- ment environmental data. When the shipment arrives at its destination, the data logger is connected to a PC to view the data to ensure proper temper- atures were maintained throughout transit, allowing the recipient to accept or reject the delivery. Despite many challenges, foodservice goals will always point toward quality, safety and efficiency. Meeting regulatory and organizational requirements can mean extra time, personnel and resources. It's still complicated, but today's technological innovations are helping to ease the burden. Staying in tune with the latest advances will help promote excellence while juggling the numerous demands of foodservice. For more information, visit booth #3429, go to www.cooper-atkins.com, call 860.347.2256 or email info@ cooper-atkins.com. TECUMSEH'S NEW GENERATION III OUTDOOR CONDENSING UNITS PACKED WITH FEATURES Tecumseh's new Gen III Outdoor con- densing units are designed specifically for refrigeration applications where reli- able cooling is required under varying loads and operating conditions. At the heart of every Gen III Unit is a perform- ance-proven Tecumseh compressor, built with exacting standards to handle the rig- ors of commercial refrigeration. Ideal applications include walk-in coolers and freezers for commercial end- use markets such as convenience stores, restaurants, cafeterias and fast food out- lets. Base condensing unit models are packed with features such as filter driers, suction-line accumulator, oversized receiver tank, pressure controls, service valves, defrost timer and a crank-case heater. Heated receivers, as well as fixed and adjustable condenser fan controls are offered as available options. Generously sized condenser coils ensure that the unit maintains case tem- perature even when outdoor ambient air temperatures exceed seasonal norms. The open enclosure design improves airflow and contributes to the condensing unit's overall performance and reliability. Gen III Outdoor condensing units are equipped with an easy-to-remove access panel for ready access to the electrical panel, compressor, operating controls and revised compressor mounting system for improved serv- iceability. All-in-one service access allows side-by-side installation of units, reducing the time required for maintenance. Oversized receiver tank accommodates a larg- er refrigerant charge, insuring proper system operation over a broad range of ambient condi- tions. Gen III's compact footprint provides flexibil- ity of condensing unit mounting loca- tions. A premium heavy-duty galvanized corrosion resistant steel enclosure pro- tects the condensing unit's mechanical and electrical components from rain, sleet, snow and other elements that can shorten product life and perform- ance. Three base sizes are available to insure the footprint is scaled with unit capacity. Single and dual fan models are avail- able ranging from ½ to 7-1/4 HP, com- patible with refrigerants R22 and R404A. The Gen III product line includes models that are capable of handling high, medi- um and low temperature applications. Founded in 1934, Tecumseh Products Company is a leading global manufacturer of hermetic compressors, condensing units and sys- tems for use in residential and commercial refrigera- tion and air conditioning applications. The company manufac- tures a complete line of reciprocating, rotary and scroll compressors ranging in capacity from 1/15th to 6 horsepow- er. Products are currently manufac- tured in four continents and are sold globally through a network of sales professionals, authorized wholesalers and licensed distributors. Tecumseh brand names include L'Unite Hermetique ® , Silensys ® , Masterflux ® and Celseon ® . Tecumseh is headquar- tered in Ann Arbor, Mich. Visit Tecumseh at booth #6130. For more information, go to www.tecumseh.com or call 734.585.9500. PANASONIC POWERS UP NEW SONIC STEAMER OVENS Panasonic announces a new breed of high powered Sonic Steamer ® products; mod- els NE-2180 and NE3280, 2100 Watts and 3200 Watts. Fast, clean and extreme- ly economical to operate, the Sonic Steamer ovens use microwave energy to rapidly heat the water content in food to the boiling point, thereby producing steam. They can accommodate two full- size 4-inch deep steam table pans with covers, or four half-pans, or four 12-inch plates, at one time. Unlike conventional steamers, these energy-efficient ovens require no water hook-up, drains, extra filters or vent hoods. There's no recovery time, and less load is produced on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. "Panasonic developed the Sonic Steamer ovens to efficiently accommo- date high volume applications while pre- serving foods' taste and nutrient con- tent," said Executive Chef Ken Megarr of Panasonic's Commercial Food Service Group. "These new, higher-powered models will not only deliver these bene- fits, but will also offer more flexibility for broader applications." Panasonic developed a unique top and bottom energy feed design, using four separate magnetron heating ele- ments, to achieve incredible speed and even heating. The ultra-fast Sonic Steamer ovens can cook two full-size, four-inch tall steam table pans of lasagna in under 20 minutes. Six pounds of fresh vegetables are ready in just six minutes. A 1 ¼ lb. lobster can be steamed to per- fection in under two minutes. The NE-2180 and NE-3280 Sonic Steamer ovens feature two easily-remov- able, cleanable air filters, "grab and go" dropdown counter-style door, removable center shelf, interior light and programmable or dial timer. Users can even set the volume and length of the beep tone. The ovens are factory-set for 208V and may be adjusted to 220V to 240V. In the event of any dif- ficulties or questions, Panasonic supports its customers with a comprehensive customer service pro- gram. Technical support is just a phone call away. From menu analysis to recipe development, Executive Chef Ken Megarr and a team of certified chefs and Food Technicians are available to answer customers' questions. Panasonic is com- mitted to providing its customers with the highest reliability and after-sale cus- tomer service. When needed, the compa- ny's National Service Network will pro- vide on-site service anywhere in the United States. The Panasonic Test Kitchen web site offers recipes, service and sales locators and FAQs, and provides customers with real-life industry "success stories." Useful links from the site help customers keep abreast of the most up-to-date products, services and industry information. Panasonic commercial microwave ovens and steamers are marketed in the United States by a family of MAFSI Distributors through Panasonic North America (PNA), a leading supplier of products for the commercial foodser- vice and hospitality industries. PNA is a principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Company Ltd., (NYSE:PC) of Japan, one of the world's largest pro- ducers of electronic and electric prod- ucts for consumer, business and indus- trial use. More information on Panasonic products can be found at www.panasonic.com/Steam. For more information, visit booth #611.

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