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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s 2 9 S a t u r d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 1 , 2 0 1 5 TRITON MOUNTING SYSTEM FROM ENGLISH MFG. English Mfg. is an industry leader in food shield fabrication. For years, English has introduced innovative designs at highly competitive prices. One of the many questions that comes up when designing or ordering a sneeze guard is how it will be installed and what type of mounting will need to be used. Most of the time, customers are satisfied with a flange mounted directly onto the counter. This is a basic and very affordable option. But what happens over time at an install? The nooks and crannies of the flange get coated with food if not prop- erly taken care of, and the result is dirty, unsanitary and unsightly flanges. English Mfg. offers an easy to clean and low-profile threaded under counter flange. It mounts with a nut and a wash- er from below the counter and has a beautiful tapered surface flange with no visible screws. Another benefit of this type of mounting that penetrates through the counter is the strength it gives the sneeze guard posts. The only problem is when there isn't access under the counter to tighten the nut – it would be impossi- ble to specify this low-profile mount. English Mfg. has come up with the perfect solution. The Triton mounting system was invent- ed for these difficult under counter instal- lations. On the surface, the Triton mount has a beautiful stainless steel 2-inch diameter tapered top flange. Under the counter, the Triton's Tri-bite technology opens and grips the underside of the counter, securing the mount in place, similar to that of a molly-bolt. Once the Triton mount is secured, the installer sim- ply inserts the posts into the flange and tightens the set screw. The Triton makes installa- tion of under counter mounted sneeze guards a breeze. It's even designed with a hollow center to run any wiring for electrical accessories through the posts and into the counter. English is the only sneeze guard manufacturer to offer this new, patented, under counter mount and it is now avail- able! To see a demonstration of how easy the Triton is to install, visit English Mfg. at booth #3250. COMARK'S PDQ400 POCKET DIGITAL MEETS FOOD CODE REQUIREMENT FOR THIN TIP THERMOMETERS Food safety, risk management, HACCP are terms with many things in common, but one in particular are the common bac- teria found in the food chain such as E. coli and salmonella being properly destroyed in your kitchen, and how do you know for sure? One of the many positives of our greater awareness and attention to food safety and HACCP is that it has spurred innovation in temperature measuring and at the same time has driven down costs. Comark's thermometers and temperature monitors are geared to the need for speed and accuracy of measurements, but always at affordable prices. The PDQ400 pocket digital ther- mometer is just the latest model to bring the operator a convenient, fast responding thermometer that is accurate and reliable and can be used everywhere in the kitchen. In addition the PDQ400 is waterproof, field calibratable and with a max hold reading, can be used to test the rinse cycle in commercial dishwashers. The slim design fits easily in a pocket or sleeve. Perhaps the most important feature of the PDQ400, as well as the full line of Comark pocket digitals, is the thin 1.5mm tip. A thin tip with the sensor at the end offers speed and precision only found in thermocouple probes, but at a significantly lower price. The FDA feels a thin tip is so impor- tant that they have writ- ten the requirement into the latest version of the Food Code in paragraph 4-302.12: "…tempera- ture measurements in thin foods can be accurately determined using a small-diameter probe 1.5mm (0.059 inch) or less…." As an additional safety measure, all of Comark's pocket digitals as well as its thermocouples contain an anti-microbial called BioCote ® built into the instrument cases to inhibit the growth and reproduc- tion of bacteria on the case itself. BioCote active ingredients are registered with the EPA, but though this inhibits the growth of bacteria on the cases, it does not remove the need to practice the high- est standards of personal and profession- al hygiene and cleanliness. Another increasingly popular solu- tion to innovative and economical tem- perature measuring and monitoring in HACCP programs is the use of RF wireless monitoring systems in the cold chain, from distribution cen- ters to kitchens. A system such as Comark's RF300 Diligence WiFi wireless loggers offers 24/7 security and peace of mind that night or day critical temperatures are being monitored and recorded and alarms sounded whenever something goes awry. RF systems are certainly more expensive than simple thermometers or even data loggers, but measured against the costs of throwing away a freezer full of food when you don't know how much the temperature has fluctuated after a power outage, the savings and payback can be substantial. Visit Comark at booth #6033. For more information, call 800.555.6658 or go to www.comarkusa.com. GENERAL: A LONG LEGACY IN FOOD EQUIPMENT General has led the way in foodservice equipment innovation, quality and serv- ices since 1955. "To be a successful brand for 60 years, especially in the ups and downs of economic trends, has been the source of much pride for General and The Legacy Companies," said Teresa Asbury, Vice President, The Legacy Companies. The brand that was built on slicers has evolved into offering a variety of high quality mixers, meat processing equipment, vegetable cutters, coffee, tea, heating and cooking equipment, and a full line of faucets and fittings. Recently, General launched feature packed microwaves. These products add to a product line that is most simply stat- ed as unparalleled performance at a value that cannot be beat. As with all General products, the microwaves are designed for simplicity of use, reliable perform- ance and optimal effi- ciency. This well-rounded product portfolio and General's legacy helps the company react and adapt well to shifting trends. When new products are available, General's service technicians easily integrate the new product into existing commercial kitchen set-ups. Equipment operators and customers see a real benefit to General's many years working with foodservice equipment. Asbury said, "Our sales team and techni- cians knowledge reduces the need for expensive and complicated assembly and service. They have the ability to know when to access new equipment, and fully support and service existing equip- ment." In order to perform well in the most demanding food service industry envi- ronments, all General products are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested. Visit General and The Legacy Companies at booth #5026. For more information, go to www.generalfoodservice.com or contact Teresa Asbury, Vice President, by email at TAsbury@TheLegacyCompanies.com. SELKIRK FACTORY-BUILT GREASE DUCT CHOSEN FOR OHIO'S FIRST CASINO Selkirk factory-built grease duct was installed in the Horseshoe Casino, Ohio's first casino, located in the historic Higbee Building (Terminal Tower) in downtown Cleveland. Jim Evans, Mechanical Designer at URS Corporation, indicated that he spec- ified Selkirk's factory-built grease duct because of the minimal slope require- ments. The requirements were further explained by Terry O'Brien, Selkirk's local representative from Mussun Sales. "Because the main street-level was going to be the main floor of the Casino, they had to put the kitchen and food prep below street level, which had a lower ceiling. This brought concerns about maintaining safe headroom clearances for employees." The job would have required an 8.3 percent slope if traditional welded black iron was used, but because of Selkirk's UL listed round, stainless, double wall design and increased safety benefits, only a two percent slope was required by the local code authority. Unlike field-fabricated black iron, Selkirk's modu- lar grease duct allows for quick and easy installation and does not require any welding, giving the property owner a better experience during retro work. Gary Pasko, General Superintendent at Franck & Fric Inc., the installing con- tractor, explained, "As a fab shop, your [Selkirk] product helped free up the shop to work on other priorities." Since on-site welding is not necessary, no additional firewatchers are needed when doing multi-story installations. Selkirk Corporation has been a lead- ing manufacturer of chimney, venting and air distribution products for the com- mercial and residential HVAC industries for more than 80 years. Selkirk manufactures products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Selkirk kitchen grease ducts have been installed in every style of restaurant, whether standing by itself or incor- porated into an airport, hospital, university, stadium, casino, hotel or government building. Just ask, and Selkirk will be happy to tell you the specifics. Visit Selkirk at booth #6844. For more information, go to www.selkirkcommer- cial.com or call 800.848.2149. Photo by Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.

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