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CEDN Evening Extra Jan. 6, 2015

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C o n s u m e r E l e c t ro n i c s D a i l y N e ws E ve n i n g E xt ra 2 3 Tu e s d a y, J a n u a r y 6 , 2 0 1 5 expand their line card to adjacent brands. This provides you, as a manufacturer, with unique exposure across multiple audiences – all with a focused, individu- alized approach to partnership that is unparalleled in distribution. CEDN: How does Ingram Micro help expand customer reach and revenue opportunities? TB: With our insight into key markets, Ingram Micro can help you position your products and services correctly, leverage our business intelligence to move quick- ly as technology demands change, and show you innovative ways to go to mar- ket, from creative marketing campaigns to events that showcase consumer elec- tronics as the margin rich technology layer that can drive business innovation, customer service and a competitive advantage. Through us, you get access to fresh markets, innovative services offer- ings and new customer audiences across North America. CEDN: How do manufacturer partners benefit from Ingram Micro's global reach and supply chain expertise? TB: Whether your goal is to grow your business domestically, internationally or both, Ingram Micro has the resources to make it happen. We're the global leader in technology and supply chain services, Ingram Micro ( Cont'd. from p. 1) with the most extensive array of resources and insights to allow businesses to realize the promise of technology. As a Fortune 100 company that does business in 170 countries with operations in 39, we pro- vide access to an immense product and services portfolio, value-added lifecycle services and supply chain solutions and physical infrastructure to support the glob- al commerce demands of today's market- place. We're the trusted supply chain part- ner for leading brands and retailers, using our scale and global reach to give our cus- tomers a competitive advantage in ecom- merce fulfillment, returns logistics and value-added supply chain services. To set up an appointment, email im-ces@ingrammicro.com. 82.5 million smartphones nationwide have been destroyed by water damage." These statistics clearly point to the need for a preemptive insurance program that not only insures the phone, but also pro- tects it from impacts and water damage. Liquipel 360 is a fresh new take on device insurance that combines the Liquipel Watersafe™ technology, Liquipel SKINS ® impact screen protec- tion and bundled insurance to create the ultimate preemptive protection program for consumer smartphones and tablets. Mobile device retailers will see the true benefit of Liquipel 360 as it has been designed to increase revenue, reduce damaged device claims and increase cus- tomer satisfaction. Sales representatives can leverage Liquipel's Watersafe and nano-shock™ impact technology to upsell the consumer for a minimal monthly fee. At the same time, customers are satisfied because of the confidence they feel as their expensive new device is protected from the moment they leave the store. Liquipel 360 also reduces insur- ance claims by preemptively protecting the device from damage. Fewer cus- tomer device replacements means less money spent on replacing devices that would have otherwise been saved by Liquipel 360. As an added benefit, Liquipel 360 keeps the device protect- Liquipel ( Cont'd. from p. 1) ed, which allows for an A-stock level rating upon device resale. As an added benefit to retailers, Liquipel 360 comes with an unrivaled suite of marketing and training support directly from Liquipel. This support helps increase not just sales, but also greatly increases visibility of the Liquipel products. This increased visi- bility will help drive customers to exclu- sive retailers offering Liquipel 360 pro- tection. Exciting pull-through marketing programs hosted by Liquipel will create awareness of the Liquipel products as well as increasing visibility of the brand to drive sales in-store. Liquipel will offer the retail store employee incentive programs to help get sales representa- tives excited about the product and increase sales. For more information, visit www.liquipel.com, call 855-478-4735, email info@liquipel.com or visit the Brightstar meeting rooms located at the Venetian Bassano Ballrooms #2702 to #2703. does just that. i-Blades is a new platform that lever- ages existing smartphone case technology and investment. The scalable, easy-to- use, patented and patent pending "blades" technology makes it possible to add func- tionality and fun to smartphone, tablet or other device cases. The functionality can be added in a modular fashion, allowing consumers to customize their devices. CEDN: Can you explain the "blades" concept? JF: The easiest way to get someone to understand the true power of i-Blades is to start by asking questions. Can you enhance your smartphone's hardware capabilities? Can you extend its battery life? Can you expand its memory? What about something else entirely? With i-Blades you can do all that and more. CEDN: What will you be showcasing at this year's International CES ® ? JF: We'll be showcasing some of the ini- tial "blades" functionalities that will be available for cases. These include being able to double battery life, adding up to one terabyte of memory or adding i-Blades ( Cont'd. from p. 1) lifestyle sport functionality. CEDN: Who is your target market? JF: i-Blades is targeting cover/case mak- ers and smartphone companies for the new technology. With i-Blades, case makers and smartphone companies can expand their product portfolio by lever- aging existing products to create a new category of functional cases, thereby increasing revenues and market share. We're also looking to partner with others in the mobile ecosystem who want to further integrate and expand the options available to consumers. Other targets include wireless operators, mobile device distributors and automotive manufacturers. CEDN: How do you think this new tech- nology will impact the industry? JF: i-Blades has the ability to create a new category in the case market. This category of "functional cases" will, I believe, be bigger than the existing market. Why? Because it makes it possible for companies to innovate with existing and new cases for smartphone and tablets without having to design a whole new case for each function or feature consumers' desire. For more information, stop by booth #75452 or visit www.i-blades.com. INTRODUCING CHADDER: A FUN, EASY, SECURE MESSAGING PLATFORM Etransfr is a new private communica- tions company focused on building a modern messaging platform called Chadder, which recently launched on iOS, Windows and Android, with tablet support coming soon. It's free to download at www.chadder.im or by typing Chadder into any app store. "At Etransfr we believe that it is our job to provide easy access to priva- cy. Without that there is no reason to build another private chat application. Today's platforms are either hard to use or don't have enough users on them to make them fun to use. The platforms that are actually secure were built for people who are very concerned about their privacy, and they're willing to give up features to maintain their pri- vacy," said Etransfr CEO Lexi Sprague. "We've built Chadder so it's easy enough to use for dad chatting with mom, for teenagers, but its secu- rity will protect you in business-to- business conversations." Even though Chadder is easy to use, it protects users' privacy by limit- ing the amount of information that's collected by the app. Etransfr plans to make money through in-app purchase sales, APIs and a B2B subscription service. Chadder gives users the power to send messages that disappear from the r e c i p i e n t s ' phones after a user-designat- ed time peri- od. "When the message disappears, it really disappears – it doesn't just change its file name and save some- where else," Sprague said. "The second feature, which is unique to us, is that if you send some- thing and you want to take it back, you can delete the message off your phone, and it deletes from the recipient's phone as well, so if you regret a mes- sage later, you can take it back," she continued. In addition, Etransfr has designed the platform to work across platforms, so that you can log in with your per- sonal phone, and then when you're at the office, you can log in with your work phone – and all your conversa- tions will be there. Tablet support is coming soon, which will extend the cross-platform f u n c t i o n a l i t y even more. "You'll be able to go seamlessly between devices and continue your conversation," Sprague said. Etransfr is at International CES ® for the first time this year, and the team is looking to meet other college stu- dents who want to join in the coding for an exciting venture with the capac- ity to change how people communicate with each other. At the same time, Etransfr is also launching a major funding round and is looking for sup- port for that as well. "The projects that we have in mind for the near future involve things that the industry has never seen before, so we have some exciting times ahead," Sprague said. Visit Etransfr at booth #75461. For more information, visit www.chadder.im.

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