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E d Te c h S h o w D a i l y S u n d a y, J u n e 2 9 , 2 0 1 4 2 2 experience that includes real-time data and interactive dashboards to display student grades and progress. The school community can now log into the portals directly from the school's web- site, and parents need only one login to access all of their children's data. Portals can even be branded to match the school's website. "In designing PlusPortals, we thought about not just what schools want today, but also what they will want and Android and iOS. Rediker Software's latest product, Responsive Website Design, provides schools with attractive, affordable web- sites that conform to different mobile devices. "More people than ever are accessing the web through their smart- phones and tablets, yet many school web- sites aren't responsive, making it hard to navigate on smaller screens," stated Anderlonis. "Through our responsive websites, internet users can easily navi- gate a school's website as it automatically adjusts the content to view on any screen." Responsive Website Design includes a high end content management system (CMS) so school personnel can easily make changes to their website without needing to know about website design. Responsive Website Design integrates with PlusPortals to create a seamless user experience from the school's website to the secure portal. Visit Rediker Software at booth 2669. For more information, go to www.rediker.com, call 800-213-9860 or email sales@rediker.com. expect in five years or more down the road as well," said Anderlonis. "It was important for us to create a portal that was easy for schools to use while provid- ing an impressive user experience regarding design and features. HTML5 provided us with this flexibility." TeacherPlus Gradebook and PlusPortals are 100 percent web-based and backed by Microsoft's Windows Azure. The result is a reliable, secure and cost-effective cloud that parents, students and staff can access from any- where, anytime. Apps are available for Rediker ( Cont'd. from p. 4) ESD: What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge in the year ahead? DS: Schools are often pressured internal- ly or externally by a sense of fear, uncer- tainty and doubt (FUD). Other compa- nies often play to this in their marketing. We help our customers overcome and mitigate those concerns. The challenge is to balance a response to support the pri- mary purpose of an organization while supporting end users, and of course, eliminate FUD. provided solutions to increase that success. The new Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Device Enrollment Program (DEP) will provide the financial and man- agement pieces schools have wanted. ESD: What distinguishes your products from the competition? DS: Our customers tell us that they value our Apple ecosystem focus, personalized support, plus our agile and adaptive response to Apple ecosystem changes. ESD: To what do you attribute your com- pany's success? DS: We have grown by founding a team of former educators and system administrators in education. We make products that we would want to use. We treat customers how we want to be treated and see ourselves as more than just partners; we see ourselves as co- workers. Visit JAMF Software at booth 3042. To learn more, visit www.jamfsoftware.com/ solutions/education. ESD: Where is your current product emphasis? DS: We specialize in supporting cus- tomers using Apple products. We make them simpler to manage, scale and sup- port within large organizations. ESD: What products do you see as being hottest this year? DS: It isn't news that the Apple iPad is extremely popular and successful in edu- cation. The new services that we have been able to integrate in our Casper Suite have JAMF ( Cont'd. from p. 1) CREATE FOUNDATIONS FOR LEARNING WITH ODYSSEYWARE An interview with Kevin Youngblood, President, Odysseyware [A Glynlyon Company]. ESD: Tell us about your passion for edu- cation and how it has been your driving force behind Odysseyware. KY: Yes, thank you, 'passion' is a good word. Teaching alternative education was really my calling. I loved it. When digital learning began creeping into education, I immediately saw the advantages, as well as the shortcomings of what was out there for technology. That's when I had the vision for Odysseyware and how to build a better mouse trap. In addition to being rich with DLAs, Odysseyware is grammar- and vocabulary-based, because reading comprehension and effective communication will forever be the foun- dations to learning. We also adhere to a chunked-learning model to enhance com- prehension and retention. Even though I'm a long way from teaching alternative ed in Texas, I still love what I do today because I'll always be anchored in my roots as a teacher. ESD: Odysseyware is a privately-owned brand founded on family values. How does this benefit your customers? KY: Being privately-owned allows us to be responsive to the educators and students we serve – and not to share- holders insistent on profits. If a cus- tomer says 'I need technology that lets me customize courseware,' for exam- ple, we can jump on it without going through committees and a cost-profit analysis. We just roll up our sleeves and deliver, which is what liter- ally happened with our Teacher Authoring Tool. We turned that technology around fast! ESD: Expand on that responsive- ness. Are there any other exam- ples you're proud of? KY: Well, Odysseyware always has our finger on the pulse of what's happening in education, and our team is very good at thinking three or four steps ahead. With Common Core, for example, we were first to the marketplace with our Common Core-aligned Assessment and Remediation Tool. It has been critical for thousands of our customers in assessing and prescribing tailored lessons on a stu- dent-by-student basis. It always feels good to get there first. ESD: Is your technology developed in- house at Odysseyware? KY: Yes. When we partnered with Glynlyon Inc., Odysseyware inherited the finest team of curriculum developers and IT professionals in the industry. The teamwork and commit- ment of our people is absolutely inspiring. ESD: What's the newest, hottest thing coming out of Odysseyware? KY: That would have to be our newly- designed student interface. Quite liter- ally, it is the 'face' of Odysseyware. Clean, intuitive, bright, friendly, easy, helpful…it's all the things Odysseyware represents for the educa- tors and students who trust our brand. Naturally, there are a lot of other excit- ing things in development too, but you'll just have to sit tight before we unveil those. Visit Odysseyware at www.odyssey ware.com, call 877-795-8904 or email nisswa@glynlyon.com. INTRODUCING TT-12I, THE NEWEST ADDITION TO ELMO CLASSROOM SOLUTIONS ELMO Company Ltd., a leader in edu- cation technology for more than 90 years, recently launched the all new TT-12i Document Camera. The TT-12i, the successor to the popular TT-12 document camera, is now webcam compatible and UVC Compliant, which means it will seamlessly inter- face with other technology in the class- room. A component of the popular ELMO Classroom Solutions bundle, the TT-12i displays and enlarges any type of teaching material with vivid, true color reproduction. The Webcam capability of the TT-12i enhances les- sons with increased interaction and participation. If a student is absent, the teacher has the ability to record the lesson and upload it to the Internet. The absent student will be able to instantly watch the recorded lesson and keep up with the rest of the class. The TT-12i also has the capability to save live images, play back saved images, pause live images and record time lapse video. A zoom dial and auto-focus button allow users to see the tiniest details. When its 12x optical zoom is combined with its 8x digital zoom, images can be enlarged up to 96x. The TT-12i camera column rotates 300 degrees and the camera arm rotates 180 degrees for virtually unlimited angles. Classroom presenta- tions can be saved on external memory such as an SD card or USB Flash Drive. The TT-12i can be connected to a computer screen, a projector or a monitor to suit your classroom needs. Some of the exciting features the TT- 12 has to offer include split screen, high- light and mask feature. With the TT-12i, audio enhancement can be added to classroom presentations via the built-in microphone or an external microphone input. As an alternative to those teachers who do not want to worry about connect- ing to a computer, the TT-12i can be used as a standalone product. The CRA-1 Wireless Tablet, anoth- er component of the ELMO Classroom Solutions bundle, allows users to anno- tate on a live image from anywhere in the room. The Wireless Tablet works seamlessly with the TT-12i and the teacher can conduct the lesson while walking around the classroom and interacting with his or her students. If a computer is accessible, the teacher has unlimited possibilities with ELMO's Image Mate Accent for SRS software. Image Mate Accent works with the third component of ELMO's Classroom Solutions, the Student Response System. ELMO's Student Response System allows teachers to quiz students in real time to receive instant feedback from each student, while keeping stu- dents engaged and focused throughout the lesson. The TT-12i, CRA-1 Wireless Tablet and Student Response System all work seamlessly together to create ELMO Classroom Solutions. Visit ELMO at booth 1748. For more information, go to www.elmousa.com, call 800-947-3566 or email elmo@elmousa.com.

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