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E d Te c h S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 3 0 2 0 1 4 3 0 the week by school leaders, sharing their experience using LearnFit with their stu- dents. Visit http://iste.ergotron.com for a complete agenda. ESD: How does Ergotron's new LearnFit impact academics? SV: In general, introducing standing throughout the school day increases blood circulation, keeps the heart rate higher, burns more calories and helps maintain muscle tone and insulin effec- tiveness. Not only does this create a healthy "learn style," but it also helps classroom performance. Low-level phys- ical activity, such as standing during class instead of sitting, helps increase overall metabolic health, which leads to more alert and engaged students. The LearnFit desks have locking casters, which make it very quick and easy to reconfigure classrooms for small group breakouts, and to return back to the full classroom configuration again. Designed to be paired with a counter-height stool, the LearnFit student desks enhance col- laboration and 1:1 initiatives. ESD: How is Ergotron helping educators address expanding device usage in the classroom? SV: We know schools are facing bur- geoning tablet usage, whether that is BYOD, 1:1 or 1:many, and that they need to figure out how to best charge, sync, store and secure this investment. So we work with them to assess device usage across campus, matching solutions to the workflow for their teachers, students and IT staff. Ergotron has designed a collec- tion of charging products to meet a wide variety of needs. From space-saving wall mount designs that can hold as few as 10 units to carts that can be shared across multiple rooms with a capacity of up to 48 units, Ergotron has charging systems Ergotron ( Cont'd. from p. 1) that will work with iPads, Chromebooks, Windows 8 tablets, eReaders and laptops, with capacity options of 10 to 48 devices. ESD: What differentiates Ergotron Charging systems from others? SV: One differentiator is that our prod- uct line is designed to be universal and flexible; universal for a broad range of tablets, eReaders and laptops, and scal- able for your future needs as new devices come available. Another key area is our charging technology. A large part of device management is the abili- ty to safely, securely and efficiently charge devices to be ready for use when needed. Ergotron invented PowerShuttle ® Technology (patent pending), available in several of our systems, to optimize total charge time while safely preventing electrical cir- cuit overload. Lastly, certification is a priority for Ergotron. Each charging solution is fully UL certified for safety to students, staff and device investment. ESD: Ergotron emphasizes UL certifica- tion for safety. Why? SV: To be compliant with U.S. federal regulations, electrical equipment must be approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) if there is an applicable UL standard, and the product must be tested to show compliance with FCC regulations as well. Some compa- nies will state that they use UL-certified components, which in itself does not meet federal requirements. Ergotron not only uses UL-certified components, but the assembled Ergotron products are also tested and certified to meet UL 60950-1 standards and FCC require- ments as an entire system. Make sure to require this of your device charging solutions – safe for your devices, your building and your students. Visit Ergotron at booth 3326. multiple levels of technology while still delivering reliable and timely results. ESD: What about bandwidth and device issues? #2: The average school has about the same bandwidth speed as the average American home. But instead of four people in a household, schools serve hundreds, even thousands, of users at one time. Many districts are moving to tablet-based programs, but the more devices you attach to the network, the bigger the risk that you slow every- thing down. Technology is exciting, but schools have to keep up with demands on infrastructure, training and support. Every new device brings new challenges. ESD: It sounds like a key issue is sched- uling around limited resources. What can help make that easier? #2: Most schools run on a tight instruction/assessment schedule so any disruption poses significant issues. You have to balance the needs of the school and look at all of the technology options available. Some tests may be better delivered via paper forms, while others are more effective online. Scantron has a variety of solu- tions, from paper-based testing using forms and scanners to fully online solutions. In fact, our Achievement Series solution can work with both types of testing and provides a variety of reports that show complete results, regardless of how each student took Scantron ( Cont'd. from p. 1) the test. ESD: We've heard some stories in the news about online testing failures. What's the best thing schools can do to avoid this heartache? #2: Be flexible, balanced and have a back-up plan for technology chal- lenges. The negative effects on stu- dents and staff due to failures are just too great. Everyone knows that technology can fail, but at the same time, if done right, it can provide many benefits. Schools, districts and states that are thoughtful about their technology transitions and consider the importance of planfully managing the change with their teachers, other key stakeholders and infrastructure have found success in achieving the benefits of technology in the school environment. ESD: Pick one thing educators should think about when looking at technology readiness. #2: Well, Scantron, of course! Our assessment expertise and decades of experience distinctively qualify us to help schools early in their technology journey, support them in the middle of their digital transition or enrich techni- cally advanced needs. No matter where you are on the technology spectrum, Scantron can meet you where you are today and help get you to where you want to be tomorrow. Visit Scantron at booth 934. For more information, go to www.scantron.com, call 858-349-9488 or email bonni.gra- ham@scantron.com. discussed. Students frequently clamor for more digital content; this is in part because the videos are entertaining and eye-catching." How do you extend students' learning using digital media? "For one project, we used sensors attached to our tablet devices to gather data from a local stream. The goal was for students to identify the contents and contaminants in water that exist beyond what their eyes can see. I then followed up on our classroom investigations with a PBS LearningMedia resource about our drinking water called "Poisoned Waters." This activity led to discussions about water treatment, as well as the health of the stream, living organisms and the sur- rounding community." What advice do you have for teachers who are integrating digital media into their curriculum? "I suggest exploring content and selecting resources that educators find PBS Learning ( Cont'd. from p. 4) interesting. When I'm excited about a resource, that passion and energy is easily transferred to students. There will always be something new and exciting, but sometimes it is most effective to use a tried and true resource like PBS LearningMedia. I've found the best way to explore PBS LearningMedia is to browse through the subject area and then search for keywords that will support my lesson. Finally, find a balance using technolo- gy in your life and help your students find a balance that not only engages them, but helps them to better under- stand the topics they're studying in the classroom." PBS LearningMedia is a digital media service designed to inspire teaching and enhance classroom learning. With thou- sands of lesson plans, videos and interac- tive games, finding trusted content has never been easier. For more information, go to www.pbslearningmedia.org or email LearningMediaContact@pbs.org. thing of all – teaching. Check the technologies below that you think would most benefit your school and enhance your students' learning experience, and bring this list to an OKI education specialist at booth 1842 to learn about the cost-effective products and solutions your school can employ today. My Wish List Printing support and control from your iPad ® or mobile device: increase print flexibility in your school with the abil- ity to control which documents can be printed from your smartphone, tablet or laptop – wherever and whenever you need them. A simple and efficient way to man- age classroom testing processes: a con- venient solution that allows you to print the exact number of bubble sheet tests you need on demand, grade the tests instantaneously, print reports in minutes and even scan documents to specific classroom folders. Cost-effective and convenient color printing of educational materials: increase student learning and retention and boost lesson comprehension for a more rapid and greater understanding of materials. Free educational materials: a school communications pack DVD that offers a OKI ( Cont'd. from p. 4) unique way to bring learning to life through the use of color. Educators can print a variety of instructional banners (e.g., Periodic Table, Food Pyramid, Human Body), and students benefit from the use of color. Easy-to-use tools to monitor and control printer usage: educators and administrators control who can print and what can be printed. This makes printing more cost-effective by reducing overall print output costs while providing secure access to printing. Fast, reliable, affordable, quality printing: there are color and mono printing solutions that can deliver long-term savings, faster printing speeds and greater product reliability combined with world-class technical and customer support that's available 24/7/365. Visit booth 1842 to discover which OKI products can best meet your school's printing needs! With OKI prod- ucts and solutions such as the School Communications Pack, MotionPrint technology and Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM), you can enhance your students' learning experience, while maintaining a budget and controlling your output. Visit OKI at booth 1842. Ask about OKI's wireless compatibility with mobile devices and you will receive a $20 Target gift card, while supplies last.

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