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E d Te c h S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 3 0 2 0 1 4 1 4 THIRD GRADE TEACHER EXPLAINS WHY HER STUDENTS LOVE BEING TESTED If you told a child he or she was about to be given a test to try to raise achieve- ment, you could normally expect his or her enthusiasm to be almost non-existent. However, 3rd grade teacher Michele Rice at Prairie Elementary School in Haysville, Kan. has found a way to improve student achievement in lessons which leaves children enjoying what they are learning, often without even realizing they are taking a test. Michele explained how she has used tablet technology to achieve such notable improvements: "At Prairie Elementary School, we set high standards to ensure our mission of equipping learners with 21st century skills to achieve excellence in a continu- ally-changing world. While the basic core skills of reading and math have to be achieved, there is no reason why it has to be done sitting at a desk. Allowing the teacher to be a facilitator of learning rather than a director of learning, is the key purpose in using technology. "In these times of change, students need to learn in a way that will stimulate them and prepare them for the world they are going to live and work in. "While it can seem incredible that a piece of hardware can really impact learning, the results are astonishing. When any learning activity is delivered on our LearnPads, attention, drive and results all improve. When I deliver a test from time to time to assess each student's comprehension and level of develop- ment, they see it as another fun task! "But it's not about the hardware, and a tablet is after all just a piece of hard- ware. It is the quality and presence of a management tool for the teacher and high quality learning content for the students that for us, has defined success. "Undoubtedly, the students absolute- ly love taking part in lessons using the LearnPads, but for the teacher, there can be a sense of loss of control. With the inclusive management portal I can, at any time, see exactly what each child is doing. On my PC I have sight of each child's tablet display and I can interject with a comment, freeze their screen if they are off task or display their screen onto the interactive whiteboard if they are working on something particularly interesting and worthy of whole class dis- cussion. I am also able to personalize each student's learning and provide con- structive feedback while maintaining classroom management. "The beauty of the LearnPad is that it comes with free access to a content website full of high quality learning resources. Teachers do not have the time to search for, approve and purchase the appropriate resources for a particular les- son. Having a wide range of pre- approved content available that is stored by grade and subject makes my life so much easier. "All teachers in our school upload their lessons to the site so we can share ideas too. "The QR code feature of the LearnPad is another value add, as it extends the learning beyond simply directing them to the right activity. "With the extended learning oppor- tunities offered by the use of the LearnPad throughout the day the long battery life is also an important consider- ation. Each night we plug them in to charge for the next day when we will continue to use our tablets to explore the world of learning." Visit LearnPad at booth 2714. For more information, go to www.learnpad.com, call 800-624-2926 or email sales@ learnpad.com. STAYING RELEVANT IN AN EVER-CHANGING ENVIRONMENT The key to growing is learning. Over the past three decades, Mackin Educational Resources has experienced some very profound growth. What began as a hum- ble Minnesota-based business of selling surplus books has, over time, blossomed into a company with national and inter- national sales. Access to over three mil- lion printed titles and more than 350,000 digital titles, Mackin and MackinVIA is a force known throughout the world. How does such an accomplished company continue on the path of success, providing schools and school libraries with relevant products and information? The proven method has been by listen- ing. Giving each and every customer what they want is how Mackin has built a successful and reputable business. Most recently, the launch of two new websites has addressed some very funda- mental desires of Mackin's customers and the education community. The first, launched in April of 2014, is www.MackinVIA-Connext.com, a new site dedicated to giving educators an open forum to learn, express opinions and share knowledge about education. The second new site, launched in May 2014, is www.Mackin.com Summer. The purpose of this site is to provide digital summer reading programs for those customers with a MackinVIA account. Realizing that the quickest way to deliver content is through digital means, this site features access to pre- pared summer reading lists as well as information about the perils of "Summer Slide" and the negative effects it has on student progress. Both of these sites are a testament to Mackin's dedication to keeping educators informed while pro- viding the resources needed to help them satisfy their agendas. It takes a committed and dedicated group of professionals from multiple dis- ciplines to help keep a company on the cutting edge of relevancy. After all, even if you are on the right track, you need to keep moving or you are bound to get passed. It is this philosophy that keeps Mackin in the forefront as a highly sought-after leader within the field of education. Visit Mackin Educational Resources at booth 3220. For more information, go online at www.mackin.com or call 800- 245-9540. KAPLAN DEMONSTRATES INSPIRE-NG AND INSPIRE-NG MOVE The Inspire-NG and the Inspire-NG Move leverage the latest technology advances to create open-ended explo- rations that engage learners and offer new ways for teachers to think about integrat- ing technology into the classroom. The Inspire-NG and the Inspire-NG Move engage the senses and provide hands-on opportunities for students to interact with real-life objects. For the first time, tech- nology isn't just screen time; it's an inte- gral part of best practices being applied in the classroom. The Inspire-NG leverages the newest multi-touch technology to create a learn- ing environment that enables students to focus on tasks while promoting coopera- tion, communication and discovery. The exclusive software applications were developed to highlight problem solving skills, and children's natural sense of curiosity and discovery. The Inspire-NG's stand is height adjustable and also allows the screen to rotate and lock in five posi- tions ranging from vertical to horizontal. At its core, the Inspire-NG is a Windows- based computer enabling teachers and students to access the Internet and any resources they might already have. These features, combined with an initial set of nine learning explorations, make the Inspire-NG an incredibly versatile and powerful multi-touch screen. With a focus on kinesthetic learning, the Inspire-NG Move combines the advanced technology of Microsoft Kinect for Windows with a four-exploration bun- dle designed specifically for children. These digital literacy and math explo- rations include Directions, Patterns, Shapes and Word Pop. The Inspire-NG Move was designed to fit within the tech- nology already present in most class- rooms consisting of a Windows 7/8 com- puter with a projection device. For a low cost of $500, schools are able to com- pletely transform their existing static technology into an experience that inspires action and learning through movement. Both the Inspire-NG and the Inspire-NG Move are available for purchase at www.kaplanco.com. For more informa- tion, contact your local KELC representa- tive or call 800-334-2014.

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