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E d Te c h S h o w D a i l y 1 1 M o n d a y, J u n e 3 0 2 0 1 4 AVER LAUNCHES TABCHARGECT2: 40 DEVICE INTELLIGENT CHARGING CART AVer Information Inc., a leading provider of innovative education hardware, soft- ware and device management solutions, is announcing the availability of its new TabChargeCT2, a 40 device charging cart featuring a self-monitoring, intelligent charging system. TabChargeCT2 provides a safe, secure and efficient mobile charging solution that can power-up notebooks, Chromebooks, iPads, Windows/Android tablets or other AC-powered devices with up to 14-inch displays. TabChargeCT2 is designed to make life easier for IT professionals, teachers, students and administrators alike. With its three-point steel locking mecha- nisms, wide 1.1-inch slots (with metal device separators) and individual AC adapter compartments, IT staff will love this easy-to-configure, secure solution. Sliding-shelves, additional auxiliary power ports, large 5-inch hospital-grade casters, push handles, large top surface area and steel construction make TabChargeCT2 ideal for the everyday rigors of student use and acts as a mobile teaching platform, as well. Administrators will favor AVer's indus- try-leading customer service and techni- cal support, along with America's Best Warranty to optimize their total cost of ownership. "What sets TabChargeCT2 apart is its ingenious charging system," said Jay Lyons, AVer's Product Manager. "TabChargeCT2 continuously moni- tors all of the connected devices in groups of 10 and determines the amount of power required by each group. It then determines which group needs power and when. This self-mon- itoring, intelligent charge system sim- plifies the charging process, potential- ly saving time and energy. You simply plug in your devices, power up the cart and the TabChargeCT2 does the rest." No more worrying about over- loaded circuits and blown fuses. T a b C h a r g e C T ' s ingenious design has already gained interna- tional attention. Last April, TabChargeCT2 was awarded a prestigious RedDot Design Award for Excellent Detailed Solutions in Essen, Germany and was recognized not only for its charging sys- tem, but for its industrial design that emphasizes smooth edges, round corners and rugged construction that ensures a safe, durable work environment for stu- dents. Excellent design, incredible value and best-in-class customer service make TabChargeCT2 the ideal choice for your 1 to 1 device management solutions. Pricing and Availability On display at ISTE 2014, booth 1948, the AVer TabChargeCT2 is available now and is priced at $1699.99 MSRP. For more information about any of AVer's education technology solutions, visit www.averusa.com/educa tion or call toll-free at 877- 528-7824. About AVer Information Inc. AVer is an award-winning provider of visual collabo- ration solutions that improve productivity and enrich lives. From increasing competi- tive advantage for businesses to accel- erating learning in the classroom, AVer solutions leverage the power of visual communications to help people connect with one another to achieve great things. Its product portfolio includes iPad Streaming Device, iPad Sync and Charge Cart, Video Conferencing, Surveillance and Video Conferencing, Surveillance and Document Cameras along with industry leading service and support that exceeds expectations. The company is deeply committed to its community and the environment and employs stringent green processes in all it does. For more information, visit booth 1948 or www.averusa.com. TOOLS4EVER IMPROVES EFFICIENCY AT PINELLAS COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Pinellas County School District, located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, con- sists of 138 schools ranging from pre-K to 12th grade, as well as an adult school for community and work force education. With 103,000 students, 8,500 teachers and over 200,000 parents, the IT staff spent an inordinate amount of time cor- recting account problems, and the help desk received a large volume of calls about password issues. Teachers also often had problems when they were off for summer break and either forgot their password or were locked out due to pass- word expiration over this time period. Pinellas initially implemented Tools4ever's Self Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM) to resolve the teachers' password problems. SSRPM allows users to reset their pass- words themselves after answering sever- al security questions, so that the IT department was no longer inundated with calls. When Pinellas began to look for a solution for account management, Tools4ever was a frontrunner due to their superior service with SSRPM. "Whenever we had questions or need- ed something, Tools4ever was very respon- sive; we had a good history with them," said John Just, Assistant Superintendent at Pinellas County School District. Enhanced Efficiency Pinellas implemented Tools4ever's User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) to assist with the process of account management. With UMRA, when an account is created in AD, it automatically populates the parent por- tal, student informa- tion system and any other systems as required, eliminating a tedious and potentially error prone manual process. "Parents are very connected these days, so they need to have access to the parent portal to get an answer on any questions that they have," said Just. Within the first year, Pinellas was able to enroll over 200,000 parents in UMRA and SSRPM concurrently. With UMRA in place, students and their par- ents are now able to start the new school year with a significantly easier process. Resolved Issue of Security Pinellas has also dealt with security con- cerns when people who did not work for the school, such as parents and volun- teers, needed access to the systems. The school requires these types of users to enter a driver's license, ID or passport number as means of identification. UMRA is set up to validate the required information exists before the person can gain access. This resulted in Pinellas hav- ing the ability to clean up their systems by removing users without the ID and to properly identify user types. Overall Reduction in Helpdesk Calls With UMRA and SSRPM up and run- ning, Pinellas is working with Tools4ever to continually improve the system to meet their specific needs. Currently, they are working on a process which will send email confirmation to parents when their account is created. The result of UMRA and SSRPM has been overall significant reduction in calls coming into the help desk at Pinellas about account and password problems. "The IT department is now able to focus more on curricular activities, such as support of instruction and technology in the classroom," Just said. For more information, stop by booth 3661, visit www.tools4ever.com or call 888-770-4242. DEPLOY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE WITH EXTRON POLEVAULT AND VOICELIFT Extron Electronics is the leading man- ufacturer of classroom audio and video systems, voice amplification and AV asset management software for the K- 12 market. The company continually strives to develop solutions that pro- vide additional benefits and value for its customers. Uncertain times create the need for enhanced security capabil- ities, and the integration of Extron's Instant Alert with an IP camera is just one example. The Instant Alert function of the Extron VoiceLift ® Microphone, com- bined with the power of a PoleVault ® , WallVault ® or PlenumVault ® classroom AV system and your network, gives instructors a quick and easy way to dis- creetly signal for assistance in the event of an emergency in the classroom. Simply press and hold both volume but- tons on the VoiceLift Pendant Microphone for three seconds. This clos- es a relay, which instructs an Ethernet- enabled MediaLink ® controller to notify school administration officials or campus authorities via e-mail or text message. E- mails can be sent to multiple destina- tions, including cell phones and other wireless devices. In addition to text indicating that assistance is needed, Instant Alert and the Classroom AV System can be integrated with an IP camera surveillance system to provide both visual and audio feedback from the classroom. This extra layer of security allows officials to view and lis- ten to activities in the classroom when and Instant Alert is triggered, allowing them to determine the best course of action such as summoning police or med- ical personnel, or starting lock down pro- cedures. To enable this capability, a hyperlink to the IP address of the classroom camera is added to the Instant Alert e-mail mes- sage for that room. When an Instant Alert message is received, clicking the link in the e-mail will bring up a live feed of the room in your browser. For those districts that use Extron GlobalViewer ® Enterprise for remote management and control of their class- room AV systems, the video surveil- lance capabilities are more tightly integrated. An Instant Alert sig- nal from the classroom will trigger an event alert on the GVE helpdesk screen with the location of the room. Simply click on the room name and select the Web cam view tab to see the live feed. If GlobalViewer Campus Communication Suite has been deployed, the help desk operator may either make an announcement to the room that assis- tance is on the way, or initiate an inter- com session for two-way communication with the instructor. Visit Extron at booth 1648. For more information, call 800-633-9876, email support@extronclassroom.com or go to www.extronclassroom.com.

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