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O C G S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 2 , 2 0 1 4 1 0 PRE-SLICED IS PRETTY NICE! By JG Riley Formaggio™ Brand is known for its trendsetter status in the deli case, and this year is no exception. The meat and cheese log-shaped rolls Formaggio pio- neered some 20 years ago (when the con- cept originally looked like a hockey puck) has spawned leagues of imitators across the country, and internationally, in the ensuing decades. What more can Formaggio Brand do to its meat and cheese rolls that could possibly warrant an article? We've seen in the past that they offered a bias-cut end. That looked pretty sharp in the case but that was already a few years ago, and besides, it's already returned to the straight cut. What about that Formaggio meat and cheese rolls are seen in recipes on favorite TV shows now? Although impressive, that's not the reason for this article either. The news now is something so simple I wonder why they or anyone else didn't do it years ago. Formaggio Brand's cheese and meat rolls are now, get this, pre-sliced. Brilliant. A no-brainer. Thanks for finally doing this, Formaggio Brand. This is saving time and creating a much more beautiful serving. Imagine just opening the package and shuffling onto a pizza crust the fresh mozzarella and pepperoni medallions without so much as touching a knife or cutting board. Couldn't be eas- ier. In terms of appearance, slicing the Formaggio Brand pepperoni and cheese roll wasn't ever really an issue and the soppressata and cheese and chorizo and cheese flavors were never a prob- lem either. But the pro- sciutto and cheese roll could get a little messy when slicing because of the nature of the meat. The appearance is perfection. The taste is classically, traditionally Formaggio, and that means award-win- ning flavor and texture, so the pre-sliced aspect just makes this Formaggio Brand offering just that much more prefect an item. Well done, Formaggio. Luckily, this is not nearly the end of this story. In fact it's really only the beginning, because among the now pre- sliced meat and cheese rolls is a brand new flavor being unveiled this year for the very first time anywhere by anyone: Applewood Smoked Prosciutto with Fresh Mozzarella. I've had the opportunity to taste this product and it is utterly delectable. Another out-of-the-park homerun for this artisan cheese company. Formaggio has taken its gold- award-status cheese-smoking skills and applied them to a high quality prosciutto, wrapped said prosciutto around a mattress of its award- winning fresh mozzarella and the results – truly stunning. Your mouth is about to thank you. Check out the pre-sliced Applewood Smoked Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella Roll and all Formaggio Brand's now pre-sliced meat and cheese rolls. Convenience has a new reason to thank Anthony Mongiello and his inno- vative team at Formaggio Cheese. Learn more at booth #5154. BAKER COMMODITIES: COLLECTING, CONVERTING, CREATING Baker Commodities has been in the ren- dering business since 1937, making it one of the most long-standing companies in the industry. For almost 80 years and three generations, the Andreoli family has been at the forefront of the rendering industry, developing new processes and technologies to keep the environment clean and safe for future generations. Baker is a completely sustainable company, recycling animal by-products and used cooking oil into valuable prod- ucts that can be used to feed livestock, power vehicles and act as a base for every- day items. The company's nationwide net- work converts animal by-products into commercial commodities such as high- energy ingredients for poultry feed and pet food and tallow, a key component in soaps, paints, cosmetics and more. Through its Total Grease Management™ program, Baker collects and recycles used cooking oil from restaurants across the country and fully processes it into "yellow grease," a high- protein ingredient in many unique animal feed products, commercial renewable products and for the biofuel and bioener- gy industries throughout the world. Its grease trap cleaning service pro- vides full evacuation, including all the water, "brown grease" and particulates, leaving your system clean and ready to service your facility. Baker Commodities also provides commercial drain cleaning and hydro-jetting to maintain clean grease disposal systems. This ensures that kitchens function efficiently and grease is kept out of municipal sewers. In addition, Baker offers some of the most efficient, state-of-the-art grease col- lection equipment options available on the market today, guaranteeing that grease is safely and effectively collected and stored. Baker is proud to be known for providing its clients with top-quality 24/7 customer service and strives to do its part, each and every day, to keep the planet clean and green for generations to come. For more information, call 855-4- BAKER-0 (855-422-5370) or visit www.bakercommodities.com. COMFORT IN THE KITCHEN: DANSKO CLOGS PROVIDE ALL-DAY SUPPORT FOR CULINARY PROFESSIONALS On a mission to create delicious dishes for hungry customers, chefs spend countless hours navigating busy kitchens. To outlast long shifts of stand- ing, bending and reaching, Dansko developed clogs built for all-day comfort and support: the timeless professional and feature-rich ProXP. "Comfortable shoes are the most important kitchen essential," said Chef Justin Warner, winner of the reality tele- vision series Food Network Star and Co- owner of Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine. "It's impossible to summon all of your creativity when your mind is being taxed by whiny feet or vertebra." More than 20 years ago, Dansko introduced the Stapled Professional clog, a comfortable, supportive shoe ready for everyday demands. Featuring a stapled- to-sole construction and classic rocker bottom, which propels feet forward and provides shock absorption comparable to athletic footwear, the Dansko Professional provides lasting support for culinary professionals. Chefs covet the clog's firm arch support and roomy toe box, choosing the style as a go-to option for all-day comfort. ProXP clogs, though similar in appearance to the classic Professional, offer eXtra Performance features. A slip resistant outsole and a removable, mem- ory foam footbed provide sure footing and a soft ride, ideal for continuous movement in the kitchen. Both styles offer rich leather uppers – including easy-to-clean leathers – and a series of playful, colorful patterns. "Even though I may be writing or filming, shopping or chopping, my shoes are always the same – Dansko clogs," said Pam Anderson, New York Times bestselling author and contributor to Three Many Cooks, a cooking blog. "I have a full closet, but Dansko is the only brand I wear day in and day out." In August, Dansko will introduce the unisex ProXP Black/White Check clog, matching the signature style of hard-working chefs. Sporting a black and white checkered upper in patent leather, the ProXP clog offers an optimal balance of kitchen-specific features and culinary style. For more information about Dansko, visit dansko.com or contact the company at press@dansko.com or 800-DANSKO-4. HOURS OF PREP WORK DONE IN MINUTES Food prep labeling isn't only the law, it's the integral component in food prep that ensures safety and reduces waste. But when employees spend hours prepping hundreds of ingredients, the extra hours spent labeling eats into any establish- ment's profitability. Date Code Genie, the new automat- ed food rotation labeling system from NCCO, gives employees the power to reduce hours of food labeling work down to a few minutes. The time-saving secret lies in the intuitive touch screen that was designed specifically for kitchen employees. The interface can be fully customized with exact items, terms and ingredients for each individual kitchen. No longer do kitchens have to adapt to a food labeling system. The Date Code Genie is the first ever system that adapts to any kitchen environment. From multiple language display – including Spanish and Chinese – to cus- tomizable "favoritesfor common recur- ring labels, the Date Code Genie guaran- tees a simple, automated system that turns every kitchen employee into an expert. Labels are available in permanent, removable and dissolving adhesives in both blank and color-coded day of the week styles in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of all kitchens. Use these to produce food prep informa- tion, use first labels and even nutrition labels for grab and go items. Add logos and even allergen information to ensure customer safety. An easy personalized web portal allows for free remote updates and stor- age of all food prep details in one secure place. Manage user access and customize category images to create a unique sys- tem personalized for each kitchen's needs. Food preparation is an important part of any kitchen that requires time and energy. Stop spending hours on ineffec- tive labeling, when perfect labeling takes only minutes. For more information, visit www .datecodegenie.com.

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