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O C G S h o w D a i l y 2 5 M o n d a y, J u n e 2 , 2 0 1 4 foodservice sizes. Klondike produces feta under the Odyssey ® brand and also packs private label. In addition to Odyssey Feta Cheese, we ventured on a new Odyssey producing Greek Yogurt starting this year. This creamy thick and tasty Greek Yogurt will be available in foodservice, industrial and retail under the Odyssey brand and private label. We are confident that the same high quality standards and care will be carried over into our Greek Yogurt. OSD: What makes your company unique? LB: We have a commitment to making great cheese, and truly have the knowl- edge and abilities to make the best feta cheese out there. Even now our fourth generation cheesemakers are in the process to apply to the Master Cheesemaker program that is only avail- able in the state of Wisconsin. We have consistently placed every year in cheese competitions. This year was particularly special since my father Ron Buholzer received the Life Member achievement award from the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. By diversifying into Greek Yogurt we can encompass the Mediterranean cuisine which will make us unique to some customers. For the industrial ingre- dient customer we have developed a few unique recipes that change the nutrition and body of the yogurt to adapt it for many different processes. It is that family tradition and dedica- tion that sets our products apart from other companies that may not have the same values. OSD: Are you introducing any new prod- ucts this year? LB: Our latest excitement is of course the Odyssey Greek Yogurt that is current- ly available. We have a 0 percent and 2 percent and 10 percent Plain. Flavors Klondike Cheese ( Cont'd. from p. 1) available are Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Black Cherry and Vanilla. With all the added health bene- fits of two times the protein and low fat, you can't go wrong with using our Greek Yogurt as a sour cream or mayonnaise substitute. We also have mastered an amazing tasting Fat Free Feta that is superior in the market place. Because of its great flavor, we are able expand our market to more health conscious con- sumers, and they don't have to sacrifice the flavor. OSD: Where is your current product emphasis? LB: The launch of our Greek Yogurt has been the main focus, but from there we will be exploring Greek Yogurt dips and spreads. Exploring new avenues and recipes to include Greek Yogurt as an ingredient, but also you can eat by itself with some fresh fruit. We are also seeing tremendous growth in our crumbled feta products across all categories. In order to keep up with increasing demand, we have installed more packaging lines that will help us get through the summer's busy season. OSD: Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market. LB: We built the Greek Yogurt plant to be very flexible so that we are able to create custom formulations that are available to meet a customer's specific challenge. To complement our ability to make custom formulation in our production plant we also have a pilot plant. The pilot plant's equipment mirrors the production plant just on a much smaller scale. In the pilot plant we are able to run small batches so we can work with our customers to devel- op a Greek Yogurt that meets their needs. To learn more about Klondike Cheese Company's fine products, call 608-325- 3021, visit www.klondikecheese.com or stop by booth #2461. This year marks the 45th year of Legendary Baking making the Best Pie in America ® so not only do we have the blue ribbons to back up our name, but the history as well. We invite you to come by our booth #6031 and see all of our award winning pies and other desserts from Legendary Baking. Other pies that won blue ribbons this year include Chocolate Truffle, Keylime Pie, French Silk, Wild Maine Blueberry Pie, Toasted Pecan Pie and Triple Berry Pie (Raspberry, Blueberry and Boysenberry). Legendary Baking, a national bak- ery that specializes in the art of pie, creates many other decadent desserts as well including galettes, dessert bars, Legendary Baking ( Cont'd. from p. 1) brownies, specialty cakes, cream desserts, cobblers, cookies, crusts and fillings. We hold ourselves to the high- est quality standards as evidenced by our SQF Level III achievement in all of our bakeries. We take an extraordinary amount of pride in these blue ribbons. They illus- trate our commitment to quality and the pure deliciousness of our pies, but we also take pride in helping raise money for Feeding Children Everywhere at the National Pie Festival in Celebration, Fla., through donations for a 200-pound, 4.5- foot pie made right at the festival. For more information, contact Legendary Baking at 400 W. 48th Ave., Denver, CO 80216, call 303-672-2512 or stop by booth #6031. with olive oil and sprinkled with salt crys- tals. As soon as he tasted this unique chip, he knew he had to share it. The first to recreate this rich, tradi- tional food, Pasta Chips are made with the same semolina flour, ancient grains and cherished Italian herbs that were celebrated over 800 years ago. The Tuscan-inspired chip is slow baked to capture the texture of authentic pasta and married with different seasonings based on regional Italian favorites that are steeped in hundreds of years of Italian culture and living. Whether topped with fine cheeses or specialty meats, dipped in classic sauces, served with sandwiches or entrees or eaten alone, Pasta Chips are sure to delight. From the carefully designed packages that are inspired by the colors and shapes of classic Italian architecture and landscapes to the flavorful spice blends and authentic, real pasta texture, Pasta Chips will be the best snack on the Vintage Italia ( Cont'd. from p. 8) market for years to come! Major retailers are taking note! Pasta Chips have been heralded as the New Year's most deliciously innovative snack and are quickly winning over major grocery and club stores. Soon to be flying off shelves and into homes, Pasta Chips are now avail- able at Harris Teeter, Roundy's, Shoprite, Safeway, Carr's, Von's, Mariano's, Albertson's, Winco, Randall's, Plaid Pantry, Quick Chek, Sheetz and other C-stores. A completely unique offering and superior in flavor and taste, Pasta Chips have 4g of protein, are cholesterol-free, and contain 60 percent less fat than potato chips and 20 percent less fat than pita chips. In five delectable flavors inspired by the best sauces of Italy that comple- ment any accompaniment, savor Pasta Chip's delectable Marinara, Alfredo, Spicy Tomato Basil, Garlic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt flavors. Buon appetito! For more information, stop by booth #1841. Mustard, Cranberry Honey Mustard and Pineapple Honey Mustard. In addition to these exceptional flavors, it also introduced a radical new concept called Beano's Sandwich Shakers™, a dry sea- soning that allows you to add flavor without adding fat, cholesterol or carbo- hydrates. This year is no exception. At this year's 2014 IDDBA Show in Denver, Beano's will be introducing three newly integrated flavors from its Deli Bistro line: Sweet Chili Pepper Sauce, Cilantro & Lime and Roasted Chipotle Sauce. These mouth-watering flavors are sure to fit right in with the rest of the Beano's family. Later this year, Beano's will also be introducing another new flavor. It's sure to be one "hot" commodity that will "spice" up the shelves of your deli. Get ready for the Umami Sensation that is sure to sweep the nation. Stop by the company's booth to find out what's been brewing in the Beano's kitchen. Also, stop by the company's booth to sample all of the mouth-watering Beano's Deli Condiments and to pick up a free "Live, Love, Get Sauced!" shirt (while supplies last). Grab a friend and play the Live, Love, Get Sauced "Corn Conroy Foods ( Cont'd. from p. 1) Hole" Bean Bag Game, or play against Mr. Beano's. The goal is to increase your incre- mental sales by offering a variety of Beano's merchandising tools such as permanent floor racks, counter top racks and customizable shippers with a variety of seasonal headers. New for this year is the attractive two sided wire rack that holds six cases of product, complete with a marquee at the top to display one of each flavor. All of the products' merchandising tools can be viewed on the newly upgrad- ed Conroy Foods website at conroy- foods.com. You will also discover the company's recipe center and new links to the company's Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. You can also see the company's deli condiments at any of the 25 stops that the Char Broil tour will make this summer. Conroy Foods' corporate focus since 1986 has been to concentrate on one objective: make the best tasting deli condiments with the finest ingredients available! Live, Love, Get Sauced! For more information on Conroy Foods, Inc., located at 100 Chapel Harbor Drive, Suite 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, call 412-781-1446 or stop by booth #5927. The addition of frozen operations, a par-baked program and a foodservice division has enabled customers in 50 states, as well as Bermuda, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Guam, The Philippines and Puerto Rico, to enjoy Amoroso's products. Through all of the growth, the com- pany still relies on its closely-guarded family recipe. Using only the finest ingre- dients, Amoroso's Hearth-Baked Bread and Rolls are baked from scratch 24 hours a day, seven days a week and delivered fresh every day in the greater Philadelphia area, or flash-frozen for immediate ship- ping. The result is a superior product with a light, crisp crunch on the outside and a soft, yet firm bite on the inside. Amoroso's state-of-the-art frozen facilities, "Thaw & Serve" and "Par- Amoroso Baking ( Cont'd. from p. 1) Baked" programs now bring the classic Philly sandwich roll to venues anywhere in the United States or around the world. The quality of Amoroso's frozen prod- ucts is so high that Philadelphia expatri- ates always recognize that unique Amoroso's taste. With the resources and capacity to service both small and large businesses, supply fresh or frozen bread and rolls – even design custom products tailored to specific company needs – Amoroso's is the local Philly bakery that's an interna- tional resource. Now the roll that made Philly sandwiches world-famous is available worldwide. Stop by Amoroso's in booth #3951. For further information, contact Bob Rector at 267-295-0530 or brector@amoroso baking.com, or visit AmorosoBaking.com.

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