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O C G S h o w D a i l y 2 3 M o n d a y, J u n e 2 , 2 0 1 4 OSD: Were you involved in the business from an early age? RE: Oh, yes, from the very beginning. Weekends, summers, school breaks – even at the dinner table – it's been about meat. It's who we are. OSD: According to the Family Business Institute, only three percent of family- owned companies remain viable into a fourth generation. How have you man- aged to buck those tremendous odds? RE: I think there are two reasons. First, a family love for this business. All of us truly enjoy feeding families and contin- uing on the traditions started by my father. Second, my father started the company on the principle that you never skimp or sacrifice when it comes to our products, and it's remained that way ever since. We now have six descen- dants of my father working in leadership positions here. It's a family business in every sense of the word. OSD: You have become somewhat of a celebrity over the last few years, featured in the company's advertising as 'Momma Dietz.' Do you get recognized when you're out and about? RE: That does happen sometimes, yes. I was hesitant at first to be featured like that, but it has been great fun. It helps to remind our customers that we are a family busi- ness, and family matters when it comes to Dietz & Watson ( Cont'd. from p. 1) food. The best part has been getting to meet so many of our customers and per- sonally thank them for their loyalty. OSD: Dietz & Watson started as a small, regional company, but you have grown to service customers all across the U.S. How have you managed such explosive growth? RE: I think we always knew that Dietz & Watson had such tremendous potential. We have such loyal customers in and around Philadelphia, which as you know is our home. We knew how much they loved our meats and cheeses and felt con- fident others would, too. When we start- ed to grow, we made a commitment to sticking with what made us successful in the first place. Even today, everything that we produce is handcrafted. Human eyes and human hands inspect each and every product, which isn't easy at our size. It's all about quality, just as my father said from the very beginning. OSD: Congratulations, Ruth, on the company's 75th anniversary. How will you celebrate? RE: With my family, of course. We hope families all across the country enjoy Dietz & Watson meats and cheeses for their own celebrations this year and many years ahead. We never would have reached this anniversary without them. For more information, visit www .dietzandwatson.com, call 800-333-1974 or stop by booth #1241. CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE TABLEWARE: WHY GREEN WAVE COMPOSTABLE PRODUCTS? It is estimated that 900 million trees are harvested for pulp and paper products each year. Unlike Styrofoam and paper plates, Green Wave's products are not made from trees or plastic. Once the food and fuel portions of sugarcane, bamboo, corn and wheat are removed, Green Wave utilizes the by-products (clippings, reeds, stalks, leaves, trimmings, etc.) to create 100 percent certified compostable tableware, take-out containers and cut- lery. As part of the "Green Ecology," one of the greatest movements on the planet today, Green Wave dedicates its expertise to protecting the environment. Supporting the economy through environmental sustainability is Green Wave's mission and its corporate social responsibility. Remember: "Think Green – Think Green Wave!" OSD: Why pizza crust? DM: Because everyone loves pizza, and when you are Bred in Brooklyn, one of the most savored lessons you learn growing up is the success of every great pizza starts – and finishes – with its crust. OSD: What makes your pizza crusts dif- ferent from others? DM: The 'bite.' It's light and airy. Fermented and very crisp. Our 'Original' crusts are formulated with Organic '00' Pizza Flour, which creates that perfect bite. Also, our dish-long rectangular shape is today's trend, ideal for entertain- ing or just feeding the family. OSD: What exactly is '00' Pizza flour? DM: In Italy, the symbol '00' (double zero) symbolizes the most refined, powder soft specialty flour. It is the preferred flour of Artisan Pizzaiolo's who compete to create a light crust that is crisp on the outside, though tender to the bite. OSD: Why Organic? Aren't most pizza crusts, even those made in Italy, made with non-organic flours? DM: Today, yes. But years ago, all flours were organic. We wanted to make our Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts as authentic and wholesome as possible. OSD: You have a second variety, Ancient Grains. What grains do you blend in? DM: Organic Khorasan – also known as Kamut – which was known in Biblical times as 'the Staff of Life,' so Damascus Bakery ( Cont'd. from p. 1) you don't get more 'Ancient' than that! Khorasan has a sweet, nutty flavor, much more aromatic than other ancient grains. OSD: On your packaging – which, by the way, is extravagant – you tell consumers to go to your Brooklynbred.com website for menu suggestions, and even wine pairings. I love the 'wine pairings' idea – what inspired it? DM: Well, we love parties, and we want you – the consumer – to invite us to your fancy cocktail and dinner parties. 'Our Crusts, Your Imagination.' A glass or two of wine doesn't hurt either! OSD: Is it true that the 'House' depicted on your packaging belongs to your family? DM: That house – a Brooklyn Brownstone – had belonged to my grand- father, Hassan, who was our founding father. It is the house where our family's backing traditions and secrets were passed down to my mother, Leila, as she grew from a precious, young girl into an exquisite, lovely woman. OSD: So, the 'House' is kind of a tribute to your predecessors? DM: Yes, of course. Homage to the 1st and 2nd generations. Perhaps even a 'message' to the next, 4th generation. OSD: What message is that? DM: That no matter what you do with your life, no matter where you may go in your life, 'There's no Bred like Home!' For more information, stop by booth #3658 or visit www.damascusbakery.com/ brooklynbred.

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