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O C G S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 2 , 2 0 1 4 1 8 COLUMBUS FOODS STARTED MAKING 'HAND-CRAFTED' SALAME LONG BEFORE ARTISAN BECAME ARTISAN With Excerpts from Salumi: Savory Recipes And Serving Ideas For Salame, Prosciutto, And More by John Piccetti and Francois Vecchio with Joyce Goldstein, Chronicle Books, 2008. "In 1917, San Francisco's Italian neigh- borhood of North Beach welcomed a new member to its small community of immi- grant business ventures. There, amid the sandlots and city streets where Joe DiMaggio would later hone his baseball wizardry, founding partners Enrico Parducci and Peter Domenici opened the San Francisco Sausage Company, choos- ing Columbus as their brand name." So begins the journey of Columbus salame. Since then, Columbus Foods has grown, and has always stood firm on Italian salumi traditions. But as it has always embraced progress, looking for new ways to expand the business, it has remained true to its Italian roots. Thirty years ago, John Piccetti, whose father purchased the company in 1957 with five other North Beach fami- lies and friends, started his "personal journey in the art of salumi." Said Mr. Piccetti, "[I]n the late 1980s through my working association with the Travaglini family of Milan, designers and manufacturers of curing tech- nologies…I experienced the wonder of this most artful and ancient tradition of aging and curing specialty meats…Together with Francois Vecchio [a multi-talented Swiss salumiere], Gary DeMartini [one of the other five families from the 1957 pur- chase], and I created an exceptional level of artisan salumi without peer in the United States. This ultra-premium line necessitated searching out the best sources of raw materials and building a network of highest quality fresh meats and careful trimming by experienced meat cutters." The results speak for themselves. In 2013, Columbus Foods was named a Good Food Awards win- ner in the charcuterie category for its artisan Finocchiona. The honor recognizes Columbus' craftsman- ship and dedication to authentici- ty and responsible production methods. "Columbus has been dedicated to providing high quality products using tra- ditional Italian recipes and methods for close to a century," said Tim Fallon, Columbus Foods CEO. "This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustain- ability in our production process." Today, the story continues with Columbus' broad line of cooked and cured meats. For more information, visit www.columbus salame.com or stop by booth #3442. SPACEMANUSA HELPS PROVIDE HEALTHY DESSERT OPTIONS FOR RESTAURANTS Spaceman is one of the most highly regarded and world-renowned manufac- turers of soft serve machines that are sup- plied to frozen yogurt franchises, con- venience stores and restaurants around the country. SpacemanUSA began working with Forte Supply to manufacture private label equipment used to develop new frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machine models for customers within the United States. Today, Forte Supply holds a 20-year exclusive supply contract to sell Spaceman products in North America. The partnership between SpacemanUSA and Forte Supply has resulted in a Super Power in the frozen yogurt and soft serve industry, which is helping propel the suc- cess of frozen yogurt! The demand for healthier dessert menu options in restaurants has grown significantly over the past several years. Because of this demand, SpacemanUSA is ready to provide restaurant owners with high quality and efficient soft serve machines to meet these needs. Not only are buffet-style restaurants adding soft serve machines to their estab- lishments, but sit-down restaurants are jumping on the frozen yogurt bandwagon at remarkable rates. Healthy, yet delicious, dessert choices are important to restaurant customers. SpacemanUSA works with establishments of all sizes to help them determine which soft serve machines will meet their individual needs. The addition of one or more soft serve machines allows all types of estab- lishments to offer healthy dessert choic- es. And because the flavors of soft serve can change easily and frequently, it would be unusual if a restaurant did not reap significant profit from the addition of a soft serve machine. The SpacemanUSA brand ensures high quality, high value and innovative soft serve machines. It is SpacemanUSA's goal "to provide customers with products that display quality innovation and contin- uous improvements that meet both envi- ronmental and safety standards." In addi- tion, SpacemanUSA has the highest possi- ble ethical standards, excellent customer service and highly competitive prices. SpacemanUSA soft serve machines are built to last, with products that are designed with international quality stan- dards in mind. Not only do SpacemanUSA machines provide restau- rant owners with the ability to offer cus- tomers a healthy dessert option, but the SpacemanUSA brand also comes with the reassurance that the machines have excellent durability. For more information, contact SpacemanUSA at 888-610-5520 or visit w w w . s p a c e m a n u s a . c o m / w w w .spacemanusa.com. SAUCE IS CONROY FOODS' ONLY BUSINESS At Conroy Foods, sauce is the company's only business. The Conroy Foods team is passionate about creating the highest quality, best tasting condiments. Beano's Deli Condiments are made with only the finest ingredients. That's why Beano's Deli Condiments is the No. 1 selling brand of deli condiments. Every year, the company works hard to come up with the next hot flavors. Last year's new flavors were Beano's Pineapple Honey Mustard, Beano's Peach Habanera Sauce, Beano's Jalapeno Mustard and Beano's Sandwich Shakers. This year, it will be featuring its newly integrated flavors from the Deli Bistro line: Sweet Chili Pepper, Cilantro & Lime and Roasted Chipotle. The Conroy Foods team invites everyone to stop by booth #5927 to sample the wide variety of sauces. The products can also be seen merchandized in the Show n Sell Center. Being sauce experts has afforded Conroy Foods the opportunity to also become sandwich experts. That's why Conroy Foods also packs Beano's in foodservice sizes. The standard foodser- vice pack is a 32-ounce ready-to-use squeeze bottle. Packed just four to a case, the deli can have less inventory, fresher product and have room for more variety. It also reduces labor and waste. No longer does the deli have to transfer prod- uct out of gallon containers to usable squeeze bottles. The Conroy Foods team has created many unique and upscale sandwich recipes using its sauces. The company loves to work with its customers to create custom sandwich programs for the grocery store deli depart- ment. Many of its recipes are online at conroyfoods.com. You can also find new recipes every week on the blog: betweenthebreadwithbeanos.blogspot.co m. When grocers incorporate Beano's into their sandwich program, they not only create incredible sandwiches but also create a perfect sampling vehicle for all of the products that they sell in the deli, including Beano's Deli Condiments. All of these products and merchan- dizing tools can be seen online at conroy- foods.com. New this year, it has a double sided wire rack that holds six cases of product, complete with a marquee at customers' eye level. On the website, you can also see the compa- ny's television ad and lis- ten to the radio ad. The site also features links for Twitter and Facebook so that it will be easy for fans to keep in touch. You can also find Beano's at any of the 25 stops the Char Broil tour will make this summer. As the Conroy Foods team always likes to say, "No matter how you slice it, stack it, or spread it, Beano's makes it better!" Live, Love, Get Sauced! For more information on Conroy Foods, Inc., located at 100 Chapel Harbor Drive, Suite 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, call 412-781-1446 or stop by Beano's Deli Condiments booth #5927. MONACO BAKING COMPANY CELEBRATES 20 YEARS Everyone is familiar with the traditional decorated Christmas cookie, and iced pink or red heart-shaped ones are a staple for Valentine's Day, but you should con- sider adding some other seasons to your store selection. Easter, for example, is a time for family togetherness and spending time with relatives, and everyone likes to have a little something to bring with them when they go visiting. Easter cookies are a clever and unique holiday treat that the whole family will enjoy and make a won- derful basket stuffer. Your customers will appreciate not to have to do the baking. St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day and the 4th of July holidays easily lend themselves to sparkling shamrocks or dazzling stars, colorful flowers and funny tools. These delightful additions will entice lively comments and add to the fun and enjoy- ment of your party. Weddings and birth- days can also be superbly complemented by incorporating matching cookies. Whatever your customer's theme, Monaco Baking Company likely has a decorated cookie to match. Monaco Baking Company is cele- brating its twentieth anniversary this year. Twenty years spent baking and cre- ating high quality hand-decorated cook- ies with a focus on great looking cost- effective designs. It offers a full line of cookie bouquets and hand-decorated cookies for all occasions and in a variety of flavors (gingerbread, vanilla sugar, lemon, cinnamon, and more) as well as an intensive line of gingerbread houses and kits for the holidays. You can select products from its impressive catalog or Monaco Baking Company can design exclusive baked goods for your company. Monaco Baking Company specializes in custom design and private labeling. It also offers a very affordable drop-ship- ping program for e-commerce and direct- to-consumers clients. For more information, call 800-569- 4640 or visit www.monacobaking.com.

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