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P h o t o n i x F e b r u a r y 5 - 7 , 2 0 1 3 1 0 PROFLUX NANOWIRE UV POLARIZER TECHNOLOGY AIDS MYRIAD APPLICATIONS The need for high performing UV polariz- ers has been growing dramatically both in size and breadth of application. Moxtek® has invested many years of research into producing high performance polarizer options to complement many emerging technologies discussed in this paper. The well-known Moxtek Ultra-broadband UBB01A polarizer was introduced several years ago and has received wide acceptance for UV applications. However, this polariz- er is not specifically designed for use in the UV spectrum. ProFlux® Nanowire® Ultraviolet polariz- ers offer excellent solutions for UV and DUV applications. They are specifically designed for UV applications from 240nm to 400nm. By nature of Moxtek's patented Nanowire technology, these polarizers are broad band capable and on fused silica sub- strates, function well at IR wavelengths up to 4 um. High transmission and high contrast choices are available. The large acceptance angle eases alignment concerns. Durability is equivalent to our standard visible spec- trum products recognized for their high durability in hot and environmentally diffi- cult applications. Polarizer use in the ultraviolet spectrum includes a wide variety of applications. UV Exposure/UV Curing DUV steppers and DUV scanners are cen- tral and critical units in the production process of semiconductors. By means of monochromatic UV radiation at wave- lengths of 248nm and 193nm the structures are transferred from the photomask to the substrate. Adding polarized light to expo- sure of lithographic materials increases res- olution by 20 percent. Polarized UV light is used to cure UV sensitive inks in the high end printing industry and to produce UV activated authentication patterns. Faster production speeds and increased capacity can be achieved with polarization which improves machine and plant utilization. Photo Alignment Precise alignment for the LC display indus- try is made possible with linearly polarized UV light in the 240 to 300 nm range to gen- erate anisotropic alignment film. Conventional rubbing of polyimide gener- ates dust, static electricity and mechanical damage. UV polarized light allows high speed generation of homogeneous and sta- ble bias tilt angles without fluctuations over large areas. Security Visible only under polarized light, an image or security ID is printed onto currencies and securities to reduce forgeries, onto pharma- ceutical containers to reduce counterfeiting. Medical/Forensics Polarized UV light can assist in the detec- tion of diseased tissue. Forensics can be assisted with identification of tissue using a polarizing microscope. Astronomy Ultraviolet imaging of objects in space gives an enhanced view and can detect dif- ferences not seen in visible light images. Spectrometer Moxtek UVD260 and UVD240 polarizers can be used in spectrometers where the small size, wide acceptance angle, unifor- mity, and broadband capability offer sub- stantial performance enhancements and ver- satility compared to Glan-Taylor prisms. Traditionally, Glan-Taylor prisms are used in this application. However, the UVD series of polarizers have comparative con- trast and transmission and offer the addi- tional benefits of AOI independence and require far less space, have no optical aber- rations, and are only about 2mm thick. To learn more about Moxtek, visit booth #4424 and go to www.moxtek.com, or con- tact a Moxtek representative by calling 801- 225-0930 or emailing info@moxtek.com. LEONI FIBER OPTICS: OFFERING HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES By Matthew Webb, CEO of LEONI Fiber Optics LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. is one of the most broad-based and highly integrated companies in the industry. Our experience level is second to none. We are an amalga- mation of companies operating in the areas of fiber optics and photonics that bring unprecedented skill and talent to a broad range of products. Our knowledgeable rep- resentatives will available to answer ques- tions about our products in booth No. 4822. The formation of the LEONI Fiber Optic Business Unit was based upon a vision for the future of general and spe- cialty photonic applications. To create a fully integrated source for fiber optics- based solutions and products required the consolidation of the best skills and capa- bilities from a fragmented industry. This future vision is now celebrating more than 10 years of success as the LEONI Fiber Optic Business Unit. LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. has two manufacturing locations in North America tasked with producing high quality prod- ucts for the Americas region. Its facility in Williamsburg, Va., designs and manufac- tures industrial and medical fiber optics products, and its facility in Bend, Ore., manufactures high power fiber optics assemblies. LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. has a reputa- tion for quality and fanatical devotion to customer service. As a supplier of special- ty raw fibers and medical fiber probes for laser based surgery, its ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 w/GMP manufacturing facility in Virginia can take the most complicated fiber optics products from design to proto- type to full-scale production, to include in- house sterilization of fiber probes. Coupled to LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH, the LEONI Fiber Optics Business Unit employs almost 500 people world- wide and has manufacturing sites in Europe, the U.S. and China. Starting with raw materials and mov- ing through fiber manufacturing, cabling, customized packaging of assemblies, arrays, bundles and probes, the LEONI Fiber Optics Business Unit covers a broad spectrum of abilities. We also offer more unique products like sterilized medical probes for laser surgery or illumination, planar waveguide (planar light channels) for splitter or combiner applications, opti- cal switches, and even systems such as Fiber Bragg Grating sensors. All of which can be designed and manufactured by the experienced fiber optics professionals of the business unit. With manufacturing sites in the U.S.A., Germany and China, LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. is simply one of the most exciting companies operating today in the field of photonic applications. From concept to finished product, prototype to OEM, and applications such as laser, sensor, spectro- scopic, test, validation, and datacom we offer unprecedented skill coupled with out- standing customer service. Factory automation, petrochem, pharmaceutical, wind and solar applications are also cov- ered by our experi- enced design and m a n u f a c t u r i n g teams. For more informa- tion, visit us online at www.leonifo.com or visit us at booth 4822. We can also be con- tacted at 757-258-4805. OPTIFORMS: YOUR SOURCE FOR ELECTROFORMED PRODUCTS Electroforming is the growth of struc- tural shapes from thick metal layers deposited using Electroplating technolo- gy. Electroplating is the deposition of a metal onto a negatively charged cathode immersed in a cell containing an aqueous solution of dissolved salts of the metal and an anode also composed of the metal. Positively charged metal ions in the solu- tion are attracted to the negatively charged cathode, upon reaching the sur- face they accept electrons (are reduced) from it and the metal deposits on the cathode. Negatively charged metal salt ions migrate to the anode where they dis- solve the positively charged (oxidized) metal ions into the solution. The deposi- tion is continuous as long as the current flow is maintained. The critical bulk properties of the deposited metal include density, stress and crystal structure. These bulk properties are influenced by the plating solution's chemical composi- tion, PH and temperature; they are also dependent on the current density at the cathode. The electro-formed Nickel reflectors generally have electroplated (rhodium, or gold) or vacuum deposited (aluminum, silver, or dielectric multilayer) coatings applied to enhance reflectivity and adjust the spectral response to specification. Optiforms Coating Capabilities Optiforms has been providing the optics and cinema industry with electroform products for over 25 years. Optiforms can design and manufacture reflective surfaces and appropriate optical coatings for UV, Visible and IR applications. Optiforms' current product mix includes parabolic/elliptical/aspheric/spherical and off-axis segment reflectors from 1.5- inch apertures to 30-inch apertures and fold mirrors up to 36 inches in diameter. For more information on the company, call 951-296-1300, email sales@opti- forms.com or visit www.optiforms.com – or stop by booth 2609.

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