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C o n v e n i e n c e R e t a i l e r S h o w D a i l y 5 7 Tu e s d a y, O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 1 3 which has been wildly successful. El Sabroso will also be introducing a new line of potato chips later this year, so there is a lot of positive movement around the brand. CRSD: What exactly are Taco-Litos? JR: They are simply rolled tortilla chips that uniquely deliver an incredible amount of flavor and crunch. We like to say our Taco-Litos are 'rolled 'n bold!' In general, Taco-Litos is part of a larger rolled tortilla segment that is growing 10 times faster than the tortilla category in all outlets. The total rolled tortilla catego- ry is an impressive $156 million, up 46 percent versus the year prior. We believe Taco-Litos gives merchants the best opportunity to grab a significant share of the total rolled tortilla market. CRSD: What specific Taco-Litos flavors are you currently offering? JR: El Sabroso Taco-Litos currently offers three bold flavors: Spicy Chile n' Lime, Salsa Picante, and Guacamole. All three flavors have been extremely popu- lar. We are also working on some excit- ing new flavors that will be coming out in 2014. CRSD: What separates El Sabroso Taco- Litos from the other rolled tortilla chip options on the market? Snak King Corporation (Cont'd. from p. 1) JR: We simply believe we have the best tasting rolled tortilla chip on the market. We encourage anyone to do a simple blind taste test and see for themselves. El Sabroso has always been proud of its bold, authentic flavors and quality snacks. Delivering such great tasting snacks without the use of MSG is a defi- nite plus and consumers have certainly appreciated it. As we like to say at El Sabroso: 'Get your flavor on!' In addi- tion, all of our products are made in Chicago and Los Angeles, so consumers can rest assured that El Sabroso snacks are produced right here in the U.S.A.! CRSD: We have seen the success with an item like Taco-Litos. Is El Sabroso work- ing on any new product roll-outs in the near future? JR: Taco-Litos will continue to be a major push for the El Sabroso line. Each week we continue to open new markets and territories to Taco-Litos so we will continue to support this fun, exciting new product. What promises to be equally as exciting as Taco-Litos, is the brand new line of potato chips that El Sabroso will be launching in the 4th quarter. Keep your eyes open for more information, because this new launch is sure to create new excitement in the potato chip category. For more information, visit booth 7950 at NACS, go online to www.snak king.com, call 800-748-5566 or email info@snakking.com. that are synonymous with all PDQ car wash equipment. The ProTouch ICON was engineered to deliver incredible cleaning results using several "industry first" innovations that are unsurpassed by any other gantry-style rollover on the market today. The ProTouch ICON offers your customers a unique wash experience that is second to none. It was designed to pro- vide the most convenient, user-friendly and superior soft touch wash available. Unlike other friction washes in the indus- try, the ProTouch ICON offers the indus- try's largest wash envelope for your cus- tomers, making positioning your vehicle very simple, ensuring your customers feel comfortable in any ProTouch ICON wash bay. PDQ is well recognized for the supe- rior manner in which it applies fluids and sealants to vehicles with the touchless LaserWash wash systems. With the incorporation of the ProFlow Pressurized Fluid System for chemical applications, PDQ ensures that this holds true with the ICON. The ProTouch ICON is also equipped to offer the same high precision pressurized fluid process for chemical application consistency, resulting in superior cleaning performance and greater cost control. Standard to the ProTouch ICON is a full vehicle body spray manifold for applying presoaks, protectant applica- tions and for thorough rinsing. The stain- less steel applicator has strategically positioned nozzles to maximize vehicle PDQ Manufacturing (Cont'd. from p. 1) coverage. In addition to these standard services, the ProTouch ICON offers a full complement of other options that your customers have become accustomed to and expect at your wash sites. Every ProTouch ICON includes the loading system illumination package that effectively guides your customers through the vehicle entering and exiting process. Combined with an audio signal, these bright, clear and informative mes- sages provide easy to understand guid- ance for your customers, to ensure a sim- ple wash process. As with every piece of equipment produced by PDQ, the ProTouch ICON offers an advanced wash control system which uses a web browser interface, allowing you to access all key operating functions of the wash equipment through your web browser without any special software. Additionally, you can configure wash packages, program machine functions and monitor sales activity remotely over the internet, get- ting real-time information and eliminat- ing unnecessary visits to your wash sites. The ProTouch ICON can also be programmed to automatically send alerts to your PC, tablet or smartphone letting you know the real-time status of your wash or providing updates on crit- ical issues that may be occurring at your wash locations. PDQ is part of Dover Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. To learn more about the PDQ ProTouch ICON, visit booth 4433. For more information, visit www.pdqinc.com. available online 24/7 and through class- room training. The combined A/B cur- riculum provides valuable cross-training while the C course prepares employees to monitor fuel deliveries and respond to emergencies. Learner retention is rein- forced through quizzes and, in the case of the A/B course, a final exam; C operators print an orientation checklist which they complete during their site-specific orien- tation. The training is self-paced, allow- ing trainees to start and stop the training at their convenience. Because it is acces- sible anywhere with an internet connec- tion, it eliminates travel expenses and time away from critical duties. Because recordkeeping is critical in demonstrating compliance, this training platform incor- porates a secure database easily accessi- ble both to key personnel and regulators to verify operator certification. Training and certification, however, is not the end of the Class A/B operator's responsibilities. The A/B operator is usu- ally responsible for inspection and main- tenance at his or her facility, and some- times multiple facilities. That requires travel to each facility to conduct month- ly, quarterly, and annual inspections of the UST system and components. For an A/B operator with 15 facilities, that is 180 visits in one year alone. The A/B Practical American Safety (Cont'd. from p. 1) operator needs to collect UST system data for each facility (including size, material, contents, and installation date of each tank, release detection methods, overfill prevention methods, inspection records, maintenance records, etc.) and have it readily accessible in a duplicable form. The A/B operator needs to note problems at the facility (broken hoses, water in spill buckets), generate to-do lists, and track repairs. That's going to take a lot of paper, a lot of writing the same information repeatedly, and a lot of time, right? Not necessarily. PASS has developed the software solution to this logistical conundrum. Our enterprise software, PASS Tools™, is cloud-based and is ideal for use in the field with tablet computers. Once you input the core data for each facility, that data is stored on our secure server and will automatically populate inspection forms, to-do lists, and associated docu- ments. The system will walk you through each inspection with help screens, images, and videos. Noting a faulty com- ponent will automatically generate a to- do list. All of these tools are available in one convenient package. For more information on PASS' training and compliance solutions, visit booth 3503, call 866-735-0201 or e-mail info@passtesting.com. obvious clean path on a floor that had been mopped less than 30 minutes before. With a single pass, the Pogo Mop removed a thin layer of greasy residue left behind by the standard mop. Unlike the automatic scrubbers, the Pogo Mop takes this powerful cleaning ability anywhere a standard mop can go. The Pogo Mop is the same size and weight of a standard mop and is even eas- ier to use. The Pogo Mop can be maneu- vered with ease with only one finger. Talk about power at your fingertips! Pogo's forward drive action effortlessly propels the unit forward, making it slide easily under tables and kitchen equip- ment. For every back-and-forth motion required with a string mop, the Pogo knocks out about 100 scrubs. One thing that string mops and auto- scrubbers have in common is that they can't clean corners. The Pogo Mop heads are made of very thick chenille microfiber and extend beyond the mop head driver on all four sides. This arrangement allows the Pogo to effectively clean in the tight- Pogo (Cont'd. from p. 1) est corners and even up the splash-boards. Pogo Mop heads have a very effi- cient rectangular footprint and attach with Velcro so they can be replaced in seconds. Each mop head can be laun- dered over 100 times. On tile floors with grout, a standard mop and bucket is especially problemat- ic. Grout lines act like squeegees that remove greasy water from the mop and deposit it in the grout lines. This phe- nomenon requires the tedious extra step of using a deck or grout brush. Pogo's motorized mop eliminates this squeegee effect because it only needs a fraction of the cleaning solution. The designers at Pogo have also just come out with a grout brush attachment. In most cases, the microfiber mop heads will keep most grout in perfect shape, but in cases where the grout has been neglected, this attach- ment could be the ticket. To see if you qualify to be a Beta Tester of a first run production model; email yale- smith@pogogreen.com or call (415) 810- 9244. For more information, go online to www.pogogreen.com. unmatched nationwide marketing and distribution network. Looking to better serve the small engine market, Gevo and several spe- cialty racing fuel manufacturers who are world leaders in performance fuel technology and high-quality specialty fuel blends, are jointly evaluating the commercial potential for isobutanol in a wide array of markets. The goal is to develop a product line of renewable, isobutanol-based fuel blends for the Gevo Inc. (Cont'd. from p. 4) small engine market, while also look- ing toward other performance applica- tions for isobutanol. First-generation renewable fuels have provided a good start to improving air quality and increasing energy inde- pendence. Isobutanol builds on that foun- dation and enables petroleum retailers to economically meet both the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requirements, as well as customer needs for next genera- tion biofuels. For more information, visit www.gevo.com.

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