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C o n v e n i e n c e R e t a i l e r S h o w D a i l y 5 5 Tu e s d a y, O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 1 3 Family, we're at the forefront of allergen- friendly snacking with our gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic snacks, such as our 10 varieties of Happy Squeeze smoothies and our kid-friendly Veggie Pals (organic fruit and veggie gummies) and Sunny Buddies (peanut-free, crispy snacks that taste just like PB&J). I expect that this allergen-free snack category will continue to grow in the next year. CRSD: What distinguishes your prod- ucts from the competition? SV: Our products are not only gluten- free and dairy-free, but they also are genuinely good for you. Our Happy Squeeze smoothies are real, organic pureed fruits. Some of the SKUs even mix in organic veggies or the super Chia Salba ® (high in omega 3s, antiox- idants, vitamin C, calcium, and fiber). They are also incredibly low in calories because we don't add anything artifi- cial. Basically, our allergen-free snacks are the most delicious and nutritious way to give your body the energy it needs to get through the day―whether that's in the middle of your work day or at a gas station on a road trip. You can feel good about snacking on our prod- ucts anytime, anywhere. CRSD: What would you say makes your Happy Family (Cont'd. from p. 1) company unique? SV: There are so many things that make our company unique. For starters, our cutting-edge products are finally giving people of all ages healthy and convenient snack options that they can feel good about. Our Happy Squeeze smoothies all hover around 100 calo- ries each, and our Happy Times line for kids (including organic fruit and veggie gummy snacks and delicious, peanut- free PB&J snacks) are a healthy alter- native to the many gummy candy and artificial snack options out there. We are also one of the most promising companies in America, according to Forbes Magazine. We are small enough to be innovative on a reasonable time line while also ensuring the highest quality control. And we have the most dedicated people working for us. CRSD: What is the nature of your distri- bution? SV: Happy Family products are well- distributed nationally. If you are interest- ed in carrying our products, please contact Chris Mann at chris@happy familybrands.com. For more information, visit www.happy- familybrands.com, call 212-374-2779 or email retailers@happyfamilybrands.com. meter calibration service, The Vault, Crompco's Web-based business manage- ment tools, and now light construction offerings. CRSD: As you have expanded your offerings, what has your company seen as its greatest area for potential growth? BD: Since "Major Oil" divested of a majority of their sites, we have seen a tremendous shift in the needs of today's C-Store owner. This new gen- eration of customer expects the same level of service, but they also need reliable vendors that can help improve their bottom lines. CRSD: Can you give us an example of this? BD: One of the most obvious that comes to mind is that with ownership of new (and often many) locations comes the need to make sure that these sites are not only environmentally secure, but that they have readily available access to crit- ical information. Our Vault "Cloud- based" applications allows our customers to easily manage things like site docu- ments, pricing, certifications, vendor work tickets, and invoicing from an easy to use, and customizable Web-based tool. Our primary goal when designing our applications was to ensure that they are efficient and affordable, with the end goal of assisting our customers decrease Crompco (Cont'd. from p. 1) costs and increase profits. CRSD: How does your AccuMeasure service tie into this equation? BD: The concept of AccuMeasure is sim- ple: a dispenser meter calibrated to "almost right" – i.e., within weights and measures guidelines – just isn't good enough. We have a proprietary tool and service that will eliminate this small mar- gin of error on every gallon dispensed at a station. And with that, we can add hun- dreds of thousands of dollars in fuel shrink back into the retailers pocket where it belongs. CRSD: What geographic areas does Crompco serve? BD: Although Crompco is headquartered in Pennsylvania, we take pride in the fact that we have crews strategically located throughout the country and have per- formed some form of our service line in virtually every state in the continental U.S. Our Web-based tools now allow us to reach virtually anyone, anywhere. We view ourselves as problem solvers and encourage our employees to respond to any potential need, and if we can assist, our team of dedicated employees will spring into action in order to deliver the highest quality of service possible. For more information, visit booth 4945, go online to www.crompco.com, call 800-646-3161 or email bob.dee@crompco.com. CRSD: What is the biggest change in the industry from a design perspective? ML: The two biggest factors affecting the design trends are increased compe- tition from outside the industry, and the major oil companies pulling back their marketing programs. This has led to retailers taking a new look at their brand and what their value proposition is to the marketplace. Companies are reinventing their brand, or in some cases, establishing a brand for the first time. This is so much more than just a name or a logo. It is literally everything that you do to communicate who you are to the customers. Guiding cus- tomers through this process has been where a good deal of our growth has come from. CRSD: Operationally, what challenges are you seeing in the marketplace? ML: The advent of drive-thru in the con- venience market offers both a challenge Paragon Solutions (Cont'd. from p. 1) and an opportunity. It is a challenge to do this effectively, and it is an opportunity to differentiate your brand from your com- petitors. We have helped numerous cus- tomers create this vital offering and meet the challenges. CRSD: What is the current trend in food service? ML: Fresh and flavorful. We are seeing retailers rededicate themselves to offering a quality alternative in their food service programs. Quality food, whether it is a franchise or a propri- etary program, is the key to success in today's marketplace. It is important to match the program to your store's unique demographics. Self-serve yogurt is a great example of success in the sweets and treats category. It is per- ceived as a higher quality alternative and is doing very well. For more information, visit booth 833 at the 2013 NACS Show, go online to www.paragon4design.com or call 817-927-7171. indoors and outdoors, Forté's products are a great choice to enhance your sites image and promote your brand. At Forté, we focus on business relations and superb quality products that live up to our slogan "value and benefits" for the cus- tomer's advantage. Our years of experience and proven successful record in the C-store market allow us to offer a few conven- ient ways to make your operations more profitable: Re-image your fore- court with brand new Forté Waste/Windshield Service Centers. Keep your store entrance clean and inviting with Forté waste cans and cig- arette disposers. Organize your back- rooms and promote sanitation in your growing food service operations with Forté SureStack™ dunnage/storage racks. They can even be color coded! Maximize valuable in-store space by Forte Product Solution (Cont'd. from p. 1) using Forté merchandisers available in various sizes and for different areas of your stores. Use them as outdoor displays to produce sales even before your cus- tomers walk in the door. Support local sustainability efforts with Forté recycle bins, available in several colors and choice of graphics, all encouraging more eco-friendly behavior. Stay at the forefront of innovation— check Forté's ColdStor™ ice and bever- age bin, a new grab-n-go merchandiser that keeps products cold until they are sold. Need something specific? Custom products are our Forté. Come talk with us about your challenges and together we will find a solution. See Forté's products on display at booth 532 during the NACS show. Call 816- 741-3000 or check the company website at www.forteproductsolutions.com for more information. a USB port. The Hottips iPhone/iPod/iPad three- way charger includes a car plug, wall plug and USB cable. It utilizes 2100mA for a fast powerful charge. Navajo's Hottips Mini Solar Battery works with hundreds of phones (micro USB and mini USB). You can charge a phone anytime, anywhere. Its folding connectors/cable management makes for a compact size for a pocket or purse. The impressive Hottips Solar Cell Battery utilizes1200mAh—it stores ener- gy via solar or AC power to be able to charge devices whether you're in an area with a light source or not. It works with hundreds of phones (micro USB, mini USB and Apple). A wall charger is included, as well as a wrist strap and a built-in LED light. Hottips 4 GB Flash Drive (micro and mini USB) features an attractive folding body that swivels so you will never lose the cap and allows you to keep your data safe. Also available is the Hottips 4 GB Micro SD Card Combo. They include Navajo MFG (Cont'd. from p. 4) everything you need to read and write to the Micro SD Card whether it's your phone, camera or computer. It includes Micro SD, with SD and USB adapters, and works great for cell phones, digital cameras, computers and game systems. Navajo's Hottips Bluetooth Hands Free Headset is noise-free, compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, is ultra-compact and easy to set up and use. It uses a lightweight and comfortable ear loop. As a bonus value, a wall charger with USB is included. It's compatible with Playstation 3. The Hottips Stereo Earbuds with swappable shells boast multiple colors in one package, and have superior sound quality. There is one price for four styles, and they include a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. Lastly, the Hottips 4-Port USB Hub turns one USB port into four. USB 2.0 is used for fast data transfer, and its con- venient size makes it ideal for laptops and travel. For more information regarding these products and custom plan-o-grams, visit booth 8633 at NACS, call 800-525-5097 or go online to www.navajomfg.com.

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