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C o n v e n i e n c e R e t a i l e r S h o w D a i l y Tu e s d a y, O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 1 3 2 0 CONVENIENCE VALET LEADS IN C-STORE SERVICES An interview with Dave Arensdorf, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Convenience Valet ® . CRSD: Tell our readers about your com- pany. What's your main line of business? DA: For over 20 years, Convenience Valet has been servicing the convenience store channel with single/double dose over-the-counter (OTC) medications, convenience/travel size personal care items, general merchandise and automo- tive products. And we do it better than anyone else. CRSD: What would you say makes your company unique? DA: Innovation, customer service and dedication. We were the first to up-sell from single to double dose and to incor- porate them into the inline HBC section. We were the first "re-packer" to provide our customers with plan-o-grams (Nielsen Spaceman) and do it better than anyone else to this day (adhering to plan-o-gram best practice standards). Finally, we are firm believers in fact- based category management and follow the NACS six step approach to ensure that we maximize the sales and profits of our retail customers. Dedication to be the best is what we aspire to at every level of our organization: from the workers in our manufacturing facility, to our marketing support team, to our national broker and our national sales team. CRSD: What distinguishes your product(s) from the competition? DA: Until this year, I could only tell you that it was our superior inventory management, the services that we pro- vide; to our category management best practices and to our first class compa- ny and national broker sales teams. But this year I am proud to say that our product now has a point of differentia- tion that distinguishes it from all our competition. Convenience Valet has partnered with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals ® ! Starting January 1, 2014, Convenience Valet will donate a minimum $250,000 annually for carded OTC medication, trial/travel size personal care, and/or general mer- chandise items with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' logo on it. Besides the obvious benefit of supporting a charity that is one of the most trusted charitable organizations that helps children, there will also be a "halo effect" that not only influences how the customer feels about the purchase, but also how the customers feels about the retail estab- lishment where the product was pur- chased. And as a retailer, you do noth- ing more than buy the best-selling OTC medications from your distribu- tor. This program is better for the cus- tomer, better for the retailer and better for the kids. For more information, visit NACS booth 3263, go online to www.cvalet.com, call 800-351-2000 or email info@cvalet.com. RICKLAND ORCHARDS HELPS YOU EAT RIGHT WHEN TIME IS TIGHT By Stephanie Galliano, Brand Manager Ever rush to the vending machine between marathon meetings? Or grab a toaster pastry as you're herding the kids out the door to school? How about hitting the drive-through in the few spare min- utes between work and meeting friends? Time crunches derail even the healthiest eaters, but even though it's hard to eat right when you're on-the-go, it's not impossible. With effort, willpow- er and Rickland Orchards, you can eat healthier no matter how hectic your life gets. Having access to wholesome snacks will let you avoid that vending machine when you need a quick bite. So pack foods like Rickland Orchards Greek yogurt snacks; they're fast, easy and also good sources of dietary fiber and protein. Fiber is good for you in so many ways. It promotes heart health, aids digestion and stabilizes blood sugar lev- els. So make high fiber foods some of your staple snacks. At 5 grams per serv- ing, Rickland Orchards bars are excellent sources of dietary fiber. Now available in 10 delicious flavors – Strawberry, Orchard Peach, Peanut Butter, Apple & Honey, Cranberry Almond, Cherry Almond, Blueberry Acai, Toasted Coconut, and two new dark chocolate Greek yogurt flavors: Coconut and Caramel with Sea Salt. Our mission is to create great-tasting snacks for busy families that contain the goodness of Greek yogurt and the con- venience to be enjoyed anywhere, any- time. (Seriously, it's possible.) With a lit- tle knowledge, planning and willpower, you can eat right despite your busy schedule. Pick up Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt bars or Greek on the Go™ bite- sized snacks next time you're in a rush. One of our protein- packed, high-fiber snacks could be closer than you think! We're constantly growing and expanding into stores across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit booth 7446, go online to www.ricklandorchards.com and stay up to date with Rickland Orchards on www.facebook.com/ricklan- dorchards and on Twitter @greekonthego. INFINITY STAINLESS PRODUCTS PROVIDES UNDERBAR, THE WAY YOU WANT IT What are your underbar and back bar needs? What are you looking for in an underbar company? Infinity Stainless Products has the solutions. Quality Built with the finest materials, construct- ed to endure the test of time and demand- ing environments, Infinity Stainless' products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work. Value Infinity Stainless provides quality equip- ment at affordable prices to match the needs of each opportunity. Service Infinity Stainless' experienced team has many years of knowledge in the industry and works closely with the foodservice consultants and customers to design and manufacture the best fit for each bar. Flexibility Infinity Stainless takes pride in our high quality standard line of underbar and back bar equipment. Other options include adding custom fillers, custom mitered and angled underbar equip- ment and even the company's impres- sive line of Radius Architectural Underbar equipment. In addition to underbar equipment, Infinity Stainless also carries a wide line of standard and custom refrigerated and other foodservice equipment such as hand sinks, back bar refrigerators and freezers, bottle coolers, mug frosters, low height cook top refrigerators and freezers, count- er high refrigerators and freezers, prepa- ration refrigerators, seafood and oyster shucking stations and upright ice bins. For more information, visit the company website at www.infinitystainless.com. UNREAL DEBUTS NEW LOOK FOR ITS UNJUNKED CANDY UNREAL ® , the unjunked food company, launched bold new designs for its unjunked candy packaging and retail dis- plays. Set to roll out in retail stores nationwide, the new designs reflect the essence of the UNREAL brand: "unjunked" and fun. "Everything we do at UNREAL is driven by our mission to unjunk the world," said Co-Founder Adam Melonas. "While we've kept the same unreal taste of our products, we've launched a bolder look for our graph- ics and package design. UNREAL was started by a 13-year-old kid who want- ed to make things better for his gener- ation, so the new design also maintains the brand's sense of youthfulness and fun." UNREAL is the unjunked food company on a mission to unjunk the world: it has reinvented America's favorite candy, replacing all of the junk with real food ingredients, reduc- ing the sugar, responsibly sourcing ingredients and making it taste better. People have blindly come to accept that junk food needs to be made with junk and boatloads of sugar; it's not true. UNREAL has reinvented America's favorite candy to prove it can taste better and be sold for a simi- lar price, without the junk. Developed with Crunch Brands, UNREAL's new design features black as the primary packaging color for boldness, and for consistency with its previous packaging. The black is bal- anced with highly saturated, bright colors and new product images. The design also features fun new product names for its five varieties of unjunked candy: The Gimme Ones™ (Candy Coated Chocolates), The Nutty Ones™ (Candy Coated Chocolate Peanuts), The Smooth One™ (Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar), The Loaded One™ (Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar), and The Double One™ (Peanut Butter Cups). The announcement comes as the brand expands its retail presence with launches at Stop & Shop, Shaws, Giant Food Stores, Wegmans, ShopRite, Big-Y and Roche Brothers, among other regional and national chains this summer. Both candy coated chocolate vari- eties The Gimme Ones™ and The Nutty Ones™ are also getting a new look inside the packaging. Both prod- ucts will feature candy shells with brighter hues, but still made with all natural origin colors derived from plants like beets and red cabbage. UNREAL has reinvented America's favorite candy with no arti- ficial ingredients, no corn syrup, no GMOs, and less sugar. UNREAL is proving that candy can taste better when it is made from 100 percent real ingredients, and it can be widely avail- able to all for an affordable price The candy is already sold at 15,000 stores nationwide, including Target and CVS. For more information and the latest UNREAL news, visit www.getunreal.com.

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