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C o n v e n i e n c e R e t a i l e r S h o w D a i l y 1 7 Tu e s d a y, O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 1 3 COLD STAR INC.'S WHITENING SYSTEM IS A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR COFFEE/TEA WHITENING Cold Star Inc.'s whitening programs include dispensers that refrigerate and dispense products packed in five-liter disposable bags. The Cold Star whitening program features wholesome ESL and shelf-stable products that require no refrigeration until installed in a dispenser. Shelf stable products have a 180-day shelf life from date of production, Extended Shelf Life products 90 days, and both provide a minimum of 14 days once inserted into the refrigerated dis- penser for use. To ensure sanitation, each bag is fitted with a disposable valve that allows the product to be dispensed direct- ly into the customer's cup, never touch- ing any part of the dispenser itself. Product bags are easy to handle, install in seconds, and fea- ture Cold Star's unique bag/spout combination, which is discarded when empty―you always start fresh and clean! Cold Star's coffee whitening applica- tions include various options to lighten coffee or tea, such as: half-and-half, light cream, whole milk, two-percent milk, skim milk and non-dairy French vanilla. Cold Star's whitening programs and unique dispensers are commonly seen in restaurants, convenience stores, hospitals, colleges and business cafete- rias―they are ideal for any bev- erage bar. While most locations support model ND2R that holds two five-liter bags of product, ND3R holds three bags of prod- uct and may be more feasible for high-volume locations. Dispensers may either be pur- chased outright or may be assigned to customers who are using Cold Star products. For more information on the Cold Star Liquid Dispenser and/or Whitening System, visit the Cold Star website at www.coldstar- inc.com or call 800-269-4052. CHARGE YOURSELF UP WITH ZICO CHOCOLATE, LATTE Everyone has a weakness. For some it's a caffeine fix and for others it's a sweet tooth— luckily ZICO satisfies on both fronts. ZICO has a reputation for innova- tion as the first national coconut water in a resealable and recyclable bottle to offer a delicious and replenishing chocolate flavor, and now the company's done it again with a product that combines hydration with a kick of caffeine from natural coffee with ZICO Latte. ZICO Chocolate has been a runaway success since its launch in 2011 and still remains ZICO's best-selling flavor. For those new to the coconut water category, ZICO Chocolate provided a familiar fla- vor while still supplying all-natural hydra- tion and five electrolytes. Made with nat- ural cocoa, this flavor offering is gluten, lactose and dairy-free and only 120 calo- ries per 14-ounce bottle. Consumers love the on-the-go packaging and amazing taste, and you'll love being able to easily add this to shelves by way of the Coke dis- tribution system. ZICO Chocolate is the tasty way to get as much potassium as a banana, plus it's a lower calorie, lower sugar sweet treat for any part of the day. Building on Chocolate's success, ZICO Latte is the newest innovation for the company. Mark Rampolla, ZICO's Founder and CEO, discovered that the athletes who loved the current ZICO fla- vors still needed an early morning boost for their workouts— in fact, some were starting their day with a ZICO Natural in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Believing that this feedback could apply to much more than just athletes but also to those who regularly pop into their local coffee shop for a pick me up, Mark dreamed up ZICO Latte. A delicious combination of coconut water, natural coffee and coconut cream, ZICO Latte provides five electrolytes, a spark of caf- feine to perk you up, and the natural hydration of coconut water. This gluten, dairy and lactose-free product is bottled in a convenient, resealable PET 14-ounce bottle. ZICO Latte, the official sponsor of early risers, naturally brightens up the morning commute and is the natural, healthy answer to the 3:00 slump. Time to wake up and smell the hydration! For more information, visit booth 2721 at the NACS show or go online to www.zico.com. GET WORDS FOR YOUR WALLS FROM D&P CUSTOM LIGHTS By Ashley Darnell, Marketing, D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems, Inc. Custom signage and wall lettering can enhance, strengthen and promote your brand and help your customers and visi- tors find what they need quickly and easily. For more than 30 years, D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems, Inc. has been providing unique, custom sig- nage and wall lettering to convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail settings including mass merchandisers, discount stores, warehouse clubs and department stores. Wall lettering is a simple, cost-effec- tive way to direct your customers to high- traffic areas of your store for popular products such as soda, beer, energy drinks and dairy products, especially above reach-in coolers. Lettering can be produced in virtually any color, shape and size to maximize your in-store prod- uct presentation. Hanging signs and aisle markers are beneficial for in-aisle use to label what types of snacks are located on a particu- lar aisle. You don't want your customers spending more time searching for snacks than buying and eating them! D&P's custom signage is great for the specialty offerings in your C-store. Clear, high-profile signage is the best way to direct your customers to dedicated sta- tions for slush drinks, hot dogs, pizza cafés, bakery or breakfast items, coffee, soda and more. D&P's wall lettering and custom signage are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and configurations to suit any need and are completely customiz- able for each client. Using the latest design hardware and software, D&P's staff of graphic designers works togeth- er with you to develop the best cus- tomized option to reflect your brand and store. All signs are delivered "ready-to-hang" with all necessary hardware included. Using custom wall lettering and signage will help ensure your customers have a quick and pleas- ant visit to your conven- ience store location. Pleasant visits will guar- antee that your cus- tomers will keep coming back to your store! D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems, Inc., founded in 1981 in Nashville, Tenn., is a world leader in cus- tom design for the commercial lighting and fixtures industry, specializing in the custom engineering and fabrication of checkout lights, pre-wired power poles, modular gondola electrical distribution systems and electrical signs. Visit booth 533 at the NACS Show, go online to www.dandpcustomlights.com, email info@dandpcustomlights.com or call 800-251-2200 for more information. CRUNCHIES: NATURE'S ULTIMATE SNACK FOOD Crunchies Food Company, LLC was established in 2006, in response to the dearth of good-tasting and truly healthy natural snacks on the market. The com- pany sought to develop a line of freeze- dried fruits and vegetables that would blend the taste and crunch of a potato chip or other delectably satisfying treat but be completely free of the preserva- tives, added sugar, trans fat, and exces- sive sodium so prevalent among many snack food products. Currently in the midst of its most dramatic period of expansion ever, the Crunchies ® brand enjoys a fervently loyal following among everyone from busy Moms to school children, and from harried executives to weekend athletes. Available today in a wide array of deliciously nutritious fruit and veggie flavors – including a bold new kids' line of Little Organic Crunchies featuring classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes char- acters on every package – Crunchies are produced by placing individually frozen fruits and veggies in a refrigerated vacu- um chamber that removes up to 97 per- cent of the moisture. This assures con- sumers of a unique crunchy treat that retains virtually all of its nutrients and enzymes (unlike conventional heat dry- ing methods), while still maintaining its shape and intensifying its flavor. To fully realize the growth of the natural snack trend, Crunchies Food Company LLC is led by 30-year pack- aged goods industry veteran James P. (Jim) Lacey, who serves as the compa- ny's President and CEO. Formerly an executive with Weider Nutrition, Power Bar, Nestle, and Smith Klein-Beechman, Jim is applying his considerable cross- functional management, international distribution and marketing expertise to help the company reach ever-higher plateaus of success this year and beyond. In addition to launching its new Little Organic Crunchies line in September 2013, the company this year is also greatly expanding its line of Veggies, introducing an array of new organic flavors, and is debuting a com- pelling new website. Already favorably covered in some 40 national magazines and hundreds of regional newspapers and blogs, Crunchies Food Company, LLC is poised to continue growing over the years while maintaining its core emphasis on con- sumer satisfaction, quality ingredients, superior packaging, and sup- porting healthy lifestyle-orient- ed outdoor sporting events and philanthropies. As Jim Lacey puts it, "You can't improve on nature, but you can fresh- ly package what nature has given us and make it readily accessible to people wher- ever they may be. We're heartened to see how enthusiastically our products have been embraced around the country and look forward to staying true to our mission of creating great-tasting, innovative, healthy snacks for many years to come." For more information about Crunchies Food Company, call 888-997-1866 or visit www.crunchiesfood.com. Stop by the Crunchies booth 8323 to get a taste of what Crunchies is all about. LOONEY TUNES and all related charac- ters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s13).

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