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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 8 3 S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 engaging and innovative mobile platform it is today. RDN: What distinguishes your product from the competition? CP: We do it all, whereas our competitors tend to focus on smaller segments of mobile app functionality such as reserva- tions, ordering, or loyalty. We also provide our restaurant customers with a dedicated mobile marketing consultant to guide them through the launch of their app. This also includes training afterward to ensure restaurant owners reap ongoing value from and continue to increase customer engage- ment with their MojoBistro mobile app. RDN: Who are your target end-users? CP: We help restaurants extend the reach of their brand and build relationships with the always-connected and on-the-go mobile customer. For the restaurant, we provide the tools to connect with their customers and stay engaged. For the loyal patron, we provide an app that makes it easy and worthwhile to connect MojoBistro (Cont'd. from p.4) with their favorite restaurant. RDN: What will you be promoting at your NRA Show booth this year? CP: Our goal this year is to demonstrate to attendees just how easy it is to build a custom mobile app using MojoBistro for their restaurant. For those visiting our booth, our team of designers and devel- opers will be creating uniquely branded apps onsite for those interested. RDN: Where do you see your compa- ny/product in a year? CP: We are continuously adapting our platform, adding new capabilities, and improving those we already support. There are a few new features planned, along with some additional supported platforms coming later this year. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with our development of fresh, new MojoBistro features. For more information visit www.mojo- bistro.net, call 630-598-9000 or email support@mojobistro.net―or just stop by booth 5670 at the 2013 NRA Show. shaving ice blocks. The Presidential soft snow machine has the ability to instantly turn water into snow powder, saving time and costs with the use of only one machine. Unlike making shaved ice, which requires two different machines to make and shave the ice, the snow ice machine combines these two compo- nents into a single-step process. The snow that is produced in the Presidential soft snow machine is light, airy and fluffy with the consistency of freshly fallen snow powder on a moun- tain. Once the snow is produced, it has the ability to stay frozen longer in com- parison with shaved ice and ice cubes, making it the perfect element to use for displays and chilling food. Once the snow starts to melt, the water will trickle in a downward motion allowing the top portion to stay cold and the food dis- played dry. Using the Presidential soft snow machine in your restaurant and store will not only benefit in prepping and storing food, but can also be used to make snow dessert treats. The snow that is made with the snow machine has a creamier taste compared with shaved ice and will instantly melt in your mouth when eaten. Frozen yogurt and dessert stores will be able to add a new line of products with the snow machine, Presidential (Cont'd. from p.1) creating new snow desserts and treats. Along with these machines, Presidential offers a line of flavoring syrups to make delicious snow pop treats that will be able to go along with fruits and frozen yogurt toppings. The Presidential flake snow machine is another option, which oper- ates in the same manner as the soft snow machine, producing a flaky type snow instantly. The flake type snow has an icy consistency that will be per- fect for slushies and icy desserts. The flake type snow produced in the machine is a softer consistency than that of regular ice, making it a better option in creating icy treats as well as chilling food. Use the flake snow machine in your store or restaurant as the perfect accessory in preparing and creating your food. Presidential soft snow and flake snow machines are available in a variety of sizes perfect for any size store or restaurant. Available with either a water tank or water line attachment, the Presidential soft snow and flake snow machine can easily be integrated into any existing or new store. For more information please visit booth 1681 at the National Restaurant Association show or call 888-254- 7336, email service@presidential- food.com or visit www.presidential- food.com. consumed. The process works for whites and red wines, maintaining temperatures for already chilled bottles of white wine, while also bringing warm reds down to a more suitable temperature and making sure their flavors don't take a backseat to the alcohol. Corkcicle has just launched its high- ly adopted consumer product into the restaurant industry with a beautiful new NSF-Certified version of the product. The Corkcicle Restaurant edition comes with an all black cork in a set of 16 units that also includes a Restaurant Freezer Rack for easy storage. An upgraded option that includes a silver medallion connected to the top of the product with a full color logo is also available in sets of 25 units. Here are some of the key benefits for reseauranteurs: Save space Often even the most amazing, expensive buildouts have standing ice buckets stored in corners and hallways throuh- gout their space, junking up the pristine atmosphere. Say goodbye to the clutter with Corkcicle. Lose the bucket The ice bucket is a hassle, it sweats and drips all over the table, your guests, and their food. In addition, it actually makes Corkcicle (Cont'd. from p. 1) white wine far too cold, causing it to lose much of the valued flavor complexities in that wine. Stand out Wow your patrons with this innovative and interesting way for serving wine at the proper temperature. Save water Corkcicle saves water with its reusable freeze gel—no ice required. Better reds Most serve at room temp and don't have a way to put a slight chill on a red to get it to cellar temp. Now they can serve red at the right temp with Corkcicle. Save money The cost of 16 corkcicles is equivilant of approximately one to four ice buckets, depending on the type. That's four times as many chilled bottles of wine for the same cost. Deal? I'd say so. The product has been reviewed by top foodie outlets such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Epicurious, The Wine Enthusiast, Bottlenotes, The Daily Sip, O Magazine, Wired, "Good Morning America", House Beautiful, Cooking Light, Parade Magazine, Consumer Reports, "This Old House", Food Beast, New York Magazine and many more. Check out the Corkcicle at booth 881. day for discretionary food dollars. With an abundance of options to suit every taste and budget, consumers want the best that money can buy. For our clients, that means a focus on food quality to keep customers coming back. Hot right now are devices to ensure customers receive food product that is at its peak of flavor. Proper cooking and holding is crucial. Of particular concern for brands is that the proper amount of food is cooked and expired food is discarded and not served to customers. RDN: What are some cool technologies currently being developed for commer- cial kitchen use? MS: At ICC we have been focused on using the best available technologies to deliver operational efficiencies, product management, and automating food safety and HACCP processes. We then take tools and drive real time reporting via dashboards and mobile devices so that managers and owners have real data to drive kitchen excellence. Many of our products are wireless and use technolo- gies such as blue tooth, RFID, cloud apps, GPS, etc. The best bang for kitchens is to automate daily activities such as static temperature measurements, cook outs and figure eights to maximize the efficiency of kitchen staff. RDN: What should technology's role be in the kitchen? MS: Technology should be used in a kitchen to automate repetitive processes and minimize the use of pencil and paper as much as possible. Another excellent optimization is to communicate to the kitchen staff what products to cook to maximize food quality and minimize waste. RDN: What do you think the biggest bar- rier is in employing technology in the kitchen? MS: Change: the entrenched attitude in ICC (Cont'd. from p. 1) companies that feel we never did it that way before. Change is always hard. There is also a perceived cost factor con- sideration. Employing technology tools enhances kitchen performance, increases efficiency, improves food safety and results in better product being served to the consumer, in use in a 'smart kitchen' has dedicated devices that assist kitchen staff in preparing and managing food product. RDN: Does employing technology in a restaurant require a great deal of train- ing? MS: No, just the opposite. The use of technology usually decreases training time because it tends to remove the think- ing from the task. Technology applied properly should increase efficiency and reduce labor and training time. With the turnover in our industry, this is a huge advantage, especially with wireless tech- nologies because when applied properly, the mobility afforded can work really well in kitchens. RDN: Can the same tools work for every kind of kitchen environment? MS: Many tools can work in multiple environments but setup, data, and objec- tives vary from site to site and should be taken into consideration when selecting tools and vendors. RDN: Where should one start to intro- duce technology into their kitchen? MS: Start by analyzing how much food is being sold to the customer out of hold time. Quality would be the biggest bang for the buck because returning cus- tomers is more revenue. Second, auto- mate all processes to reduce the repeti- tive menial tasks that staff members are performing. This will allow staff mem- bers to focus on customer service or maintenance. Stop by booth 1672 to learn more about the ICC family of kitchen tools. For more information call Candace Gulley at 887- ICC-8788.

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