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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 7 7 S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 America has recently revealed its new, flexible financing options designed to assist frozen yogurt franchise companies grow and expand their brand. With a variety of packages now available, Donper America's financing program helps to decrease the upfront capital required by franchisees, thus decreasing the time required to start up a new store. "Our goal at Donper America has been to develop unique strategies that help franchises maximize all of their resources," stated Scott Amico, Vice President of Global Business Development. "By offering a variety of frozen yogurt packages and financing options for our high-quality, commercial refrigeration equipment, franchise own- ers are finding that they are able to grow and expand at a significantly lower cost and more rapid rate." The frozen yogurt industry has expe- rienced an all-around resurgence in the Donper America (Cont'd. from p.1) last few years. While ice cream chains reported declining sales in 2011 and 2012, those in the frozen yogurt industry have seen sales growth of about 11 per- cent in 2012. Donper America's new financing program allows franchises to pay off the cost of their machines over time. By decreasing the amount of capital required right off the bat, franchisees are being given the opportunity to keep up with the aggressive growth of rival brands. "We are continuing to see our relationship with franchises grow, as more frozen yogurt companies find value in Donper America's flexible, convenient packages," Amico said. "Forget breaking the bank. We have proven success making it easy for franchise owners to expand." To speak with a representative to learn more about Donper America's unique offerings, visit booth 6875, call 800-350- 8091, or visit www.donperamerica.com. VP: We are a professional sales and mar- keting company, committed to importing and marketing quality Latin brands in the U.S. and Canada. RDN: What would you say makes your company unique? VP: With over 30 years as a bi-cultural company, I feel we bring a unique and intimate understanding of the U.S. Hispanic culture, trends and flavor pref- erences, as well as a unique perspective on the growing impact to the U.S. con- sumer and beyond into other markets. RDN: What distinguishes your products from the competition? VP: I am proud to say that we represent best in class brands, many of which we have had the pleasure to represent for well over 20 years in the U.S. Two in particular we are highlighting this year come from small family roots and are uniquely known for their authentic handcrafted quality that goes into every product: La Morena ® , maker of quality chilies, salsas, beans and fruits and El Yucateco ® , maker of the No. 1 selling habanero salsa in the U.S. as well as other salsas and condiments showcased at our booth 8138. We have worked hard with both these companies as we do all our partners to help them grow into the well-known and loved brands they are. In addition to these brands, we are also a manufacturer of the Don Victor ® brand. We created this line with the vision of bringing traditional Latin flavor and food presentation to the Padilla (Cont'd. from p.1) mainstream general U.S. market. The Don Victor product line includes spices, ingredients and sweeteners. This year we will be showcasing our sweeteners and consumables here at the show. RDN: Who are your target end-users? VP: Our focus is always on the con- sumer, identifying and knowing their needs across all segments and purchasing decisions, whether they are planning meals and entertaining for the family at home, at work or dining and entertaining out. This allows our team to work collab- oratively across all classes of trade to deliver fact based integrated business plans and solutions that ultimately win the consumer and grow sales. RDN: To what do you attribute your company's success? VP: Our success? That's simple, I attrib- ute our success to our total team, I define team as not just our associates and busi- ness partners, but also our customers and clients. This is a complex industry with many layers. Distributors, hospitality industry owners, chefs, retailers and our own internal team—each has a different perspective, business needs and touch points with consumers. Yet, we all share the same goal: to delight the consumer with our products, earn their loyalty and advocacy. Success is shared knowledge through collaboration. For additional information or ques- tions please contact, Amy Colella Wilson, VP Marketing at amy.colel- la@padillaism.com. Be sure to visit booth 8138 at the 2013 NRA Show. DAILYDONOR: SOCIAL IMPACT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND With the emergence of the mobile tech revolution, many apps have promised to make our daily lives easier—and a handful have succeeded. Now there's a new app on the way to make helping others as easy as helping ourselves. An epicenter for Social Impact, DailyDonor is an education and chari- ty fundraising platform built to harness the power of the public on a daily basis. The app allows you to raise funds for the school or charity of your choice simply by doing the things you already dolike going out to see a movie, grabbing a meal with friends and family, or test driving a car. Turn simple activities like these into oppor- tunities to aggressively support the cause of your choice, making a mean- ingful impact on your community at a very real and local level. You, the schools and charities of your choice, and the participating socially responsi- ble businesses all benefit. But how? Say it's lunchtime and you're feeling hungry. You launch your DailyDonor app to see which restau- rant chains are participating in your area. You notice that one of your favorite restaurants is a participant, and they're currently offering a 20 per- cent donation to charities and local schools. You simply have to have that lunch you were craving anyway, and 20 percent of your purchase goes to your child's classroom. Sounds great, right? You just pay for your purchase with DailyDonor and the dona- tion is allotted to the school or charity of your choice—and you get to feel like a hero. Why eat any- where else? The DailyDonor app revolu- tionizes the way we make a difference in the world. Even better, unlike discount-based apps where a restaurant takes a loss simply to get customers in the door, a transaction through DailyDonor gener- ates a fully tax-deductible donation instead, without customers needing to wait around for a special "deal" that matches their interests. And DailyDonor consumers arrive motivat- ed to spend. That means everyone real- ly does win. Users get to lend a helping hand where they feel it's needed most, while businesses make a sale and tax-deductible donation to your cause. And the best news of all: schools and charities truly benefit from your everyday tasks, no matter how big or small. So whether you're a con- sumer or an educator, a small business, or a cor- porate responsibility director for a major brand, DailyDonor is built to make your life easier while making your charitable efforts more effective. You call the shots and go about your day. DailyDonor handles the rest. Pre-register today at www.DailyDonor.com to find out more, or visit DailyDonor at booth 9124 and don't miss the chance to lead the pack in your community. WATERFALL TEA COMPANY LAUNCHES 12 PREMIUM WHOLE LEAF TEA BAGS Waterfall Tea Company , a leading purveyor of premium loose leaf teas, is launching its first line of 12 premium whole leaf biodegradable tea bags at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Available now for restaurants, hotels and food service are 12 teabags flavors: Organic English Breakfast, Organic Masala Chai, Organic Earl Grey, Organic 2nd Flush Darjeeling, Organic White Peony, Organic Orange Ginger White, Organic Moroccan Mint, Organic Sencha Lemonade, Organic Bianca Chamomile, Organic Rooibos Herbal Chai, Japanese Sencha and Passion Fruit Oolong. Each biodegradable tea bag is indi- vidually wrapped in a beautifully designed and printed overwrap to main- tain optimum freshness. Waterfall Tea whole leaf teabags are available in café style 20-count dispenser boxes and 50- count bulk boxes. Along with the individually wrapped tea bags, Waterfall teas also offers 50-count loose pyramid tea bags packed in a zip lock stand up pouch, 1 gallon iced tea filter pack, 3 gallon iced tea pouches and instant Chai Latte mix. About Waterfall Tea Company Waterfall Tea Company founded in 2012. The Company offers loose leaf teas, teabags, iced teas and instant Chai mix. The nectar of the tender tea leaf spreads goodness from the mouth throughout the whole body and our bodies rejoice. Waterfall Tea Company has a range of fragrances, flavors and pleasures selected from many tea regions and lands. The company's various fine teas are sure to satisfy every thirst as only a waterfall can. For more information, contact Waterfall Tea Company at www. waterafallteas.com/wholesale, call 877- 832-5263 or visit booth 9185 at the NRA 2013 show.

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