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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 7 4 NEXTUNE'S BIORHYTHMIC MUSIC TECHNOLOGY INFLUENCES CUSTOMERS When Apple introduced the iPod Shuffle in 2005, the idea was that "life is ran- dom." A smart marketing move for the consumer who wanted to randomly play a pile of songs. Not so smart for your business if what you want is to influence your customer's emotions, establish your brand and build your business. Unfortunately, traditional commercial music services today still offer nothing more than "music by the pound" in ran- dom order. Even if they claim you're get- ting a list of custom music selections, the list that plays in your store is in random order – ergo, your business is random. Well, nexTUNE is anything but traditional. nexTUNE believes that the music in your store is as important as the food you serve or the products you sell. You wouldn't serve up a random selection of merchandise or a shuffled plate of food, would you? Then why should your cus- tomer's music experience be like that? nexTUNE is the only commercial music service that offers biorhythmic music technology that influences the physical biorhythms of your customer while inside your establishment. Human biorhythms are inherent cycles which regulate memory, ambition, tempera- ment, emotions, and many other aspects of our psychic state. nexTUNE's patent pending technology targets these psychic states first by identifying your customer's typical stay time, then by dynamically arranging the play order of your music selections in a unique way that raises and lowers the tempo of your cus- tomer's experience. By doing so, your customer has an enhanced, positive experience while in your establishment. They're more inclined to stay longer and purchase more. Whether you want a custom selec- tion, or you simply play one of nexTUNE's more than 70 music channels, the music selections are arranged using nexTUNE's patent pending Biorhythmic Technology. nexTUNE has revolutionized the antiquated business of in-store music into a vibrant world of infinite opportuni- ty for establishments to get the music they want without sacrificing the one important purpose of an in-store music service, and that is to have a positive influence on your customer's perceptions. Using a web browser, you can create nexTUNE playlists from a library of tens of thousands of songs or create your own custom radio station. You play your bio- rhythmic programs using nexTUNE's NEXUS Media Player or by downloading nexTUNE's Music Software to your own computer. There's no required equipment to buy, no long-term contract to sign and just $21.95 a month and all your ASCAP and BMI public performance fees are included. You can even try it out for 30 days free. nexTUNE is offering a National Restaurant Show special with every nexTUNE NEXUS purchase that includes one year of music service all for only $329 or five easy payments of $65.99. To learn more, see nexTUNE at booth 6879 or visit www.nextune.com. BREADY BAKING SYSTEMS TAPS GROWING DEMAND FOR GLUTEN-FREE An estimated one in 15 people cannot tol- erate or are sensitive to gluten, a statistic that translates into a gluten-free industry that has increased 30 percent annually for the past five years and is expected to top $5 billion in sales by 2015. According to a recent NPD study, nearly one third of U.S. adults say they want to reduce or eliminate gluten in their diets. Bready North America has designed an innovative product specifically for this growing population―and those who prepare foods for them. For people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, Bready is reason to cheer. It is the first bread machine to address the challenges of making great tasting, soft, evenly textured, contamina- tion-free breads or cakes―without guesswork, mess or a scavenger hunt for hard-to-find ingredients. Bready is a fully automatic system combining a countertop "robot"and a "mix bag." Each mix bag has an RFID "smart tag." The perfect kneading, rising and baking parameters are entered instant- ly when the bag is presented to the control panel. Then the bag is attached inside the oven, liquid and yeast added, and a button pressed. The result is a fresh, bakery-qual- ity loaf free of gluten. Plus there's nothing to clean up: the empty mix bag wraps around a roller and can be thrown away. For burger buns, pizza and muffins, Bready features a unique, squeezable dough feature programmed into the smart tag. After 20 minutes of kneading the mix transforms into a pastry bag by simply snipping the corner. The dough can be squeezed directly into a pan for baking in a convention- al oven. Bready's new pancake and waffle mix is ready in just five minutes and can be poured directly from bag to griddle. The food science behind Bready is its patented vertical kneading action, achieved through a marriage of software and mechanics. This motion emulates the kneading of a professional baker--with moisture from the liquids deeply pene- trating the flour, resulting in evenly-tex- tured baked goods that won't crumble under a knife like typical gluten-free breads and pastries. "Bready's patented scan technology and advanced kneading provide a quan- tum leap ahead of existing methods. Fresh, gluten-free baked goods can be prepared from pantry ready, pre-sealed mixes in a contamination-controlled zone, making it easy for food service providers to offer their guests a wide variety of items that look and taste like something they'd find at a great bakery," says Holly Smith-Berry, Founder and VP Marketing for Bready North America. The company currently offers 13 varieties of gluten-free mixes. Bready is used by 150 college and universities across the country, in addi- tion a growing number of hospitals, cor- porate campuses and restaurant settings. Bready North America, Inc. is a pri- vately held company based in Columbia, Missouri. For more information, go to www.mybready.com, call 888-661-2971 or e-mail foodservice@mybready.com. Ohio-based commercial kitchen hood manufacturer HoodMart, Inc. sends a big "Thank you!" to the many thou- sands of proud restaurant owners who have installed its commercial kitchen ventilation equipment this year, and in the past years, to make 2012 another record sales year. Every HoodMart commercial kitchen exhaust hood and ventilation sys- tem is available with or without pre- piped fire suppression. HoodMart hoods are guaranteed to pass all state and local codes. All hoods are ETL listed to the UL710 Standard, built to the NFPA 96 Standards and NSF marked. A perfect example of the HoodMart, Inc. can do spirit, ship anywhere, solve any problem, is the story of The Motherwell RanchColorado's Premier Hunting Lodge. The HoodMart Team was asked if they could quote a hood for this 12,000 acre World Class Hunting Lodge, 9,000 feet in the high mountains of Colorado. HoodMart was able to provide a solution for Executive Chef Jackson's HoodMart (Cont'd. from p.1) tricky, custom kitchen expansion. Long story made short, Executive Chef Jackson and General Manager Brian Gardner couldn't have been happi- er with their delivery, of a complete cus- tom hood system, and over the top facto- ry support. HoodMart ® Restaurant Exhaust Hood Systems HoodMart.com offers complete, com- mercial kitchen hood systems in a vari- ety of sizes from 4 feet to 30 feet, man- ufacturer direct with factory support. Restaurant and food service safety is a priority with HoodMart's UL300 wet chemical pre-piped fire suppression systems. Having the fastest lead times, a knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff, as well as an experienced technical support team, has made HoodMart, Inc. one of the major play- ers in the commercial ventilation equip- ment industry. For more information, visit HoodMart at booth 1105, go online to www.hood- mart.com or call 800-715-1014. This mindset of serving food rather than truly serving people is demonstrat- ed by a majority of the food service industry on a regular basis, but cus- tomers have started to demand a better experience for their money. The biggest purveyor of attitudes toward guests, and ultimately the guest experience is, the Owner/General Manager. Everyone is looking to the leaders for clues about how to treat guests. Rarely will you see a manager be rude to a guest in the dinning room, but before the doors open, in the kitchen, in the office, and after the doors close, what message is being sent about the attitude your team should have toward guests then? Managers are constantly modeling attitudes toward guests. Hosts and wait staff will quickly adopt the attitude of their leaders. Managers who truly care about their cus- tomers, the proper execution and presen- tation of the customer's meal, as well as the overall guest experience, will have a staff that reflects those attitudes. A recent editorial in restaurant trade publication asked the simple question "Shouldn't customers be friends?" Below are some of the common sense responses left by those whoidenti- fied themselves as managers or owners. "….it's my job and pleasure to per- sonally get to know each and Quickcue (Cont'd. from p.1) every guest who walks through my door. I encourage my staff to establish relation- ships and get to know every guest…" "… whenever a regular customer comes in…I personally make it a point to greet them and thank them for coming." "We have…a regular customer board in the back of house with pic- tures…and notes of what they like or dis- like and any food allergies…" "Anyone can provide a service, but the hospitality you provide can make or break a guest's experience. The days of stuffy professional service are over. Efficient, professional and friendly serv- ice is the new norm." So, the next time you have an opportunity to influence the way those around you feel and act toward guests, use that opportunity wisely. You can bet that guests who visit restaurants whose owners and managers made the com- ments above have an amazing experi- ence, because the attitude of the leader is to stop serving food―and to start serving people. Quickcue is a beautifully designed wait list, reservation, text notification and table management app that will help you make the transition from serving food to truly serving people. For more information or to schedule a demo of Quickcue's guest experience plat- form, visit the Quickcue team at www.quickcue.com or stop by booth 6267.

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