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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 7 1 S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 ELIASON LOOKS FORWARD TO CONTINUED GROWTH IN 2013 An interview with Jeffrey Stark, CEO, Eliason Corporation. RDN: What are you most excited about in 2013 for Eliason? JS: Eliason had a great year in 2012. We are working to build on that success by introducing new products and focusing on our core markets, restaurants being one of them. What I'm most excited about is that we can now supply every type of door a restaurant might need, so we are working to get the message out that we are an architect's, designer's or a contractor's one-stop shop when they're specifying or ordering doors for a restau- rant. Beyond traffic doors, we have entrance and exterior doors; we've rein- troduced our cooler and freezer doors; and later this year we'll be offering air doors, or air curtains as some call them, so we have a complete lineup of restau- rant doors. RDN: What products do you see as being hottest this year? JS: Our standard Easy Swing® doors are in constant demand, but we've seen a lot of interest in our (relatively new) line of entrance and exterior doors. We've got this great line of doors that are perfect for a restaurant entrance―they can be ordered in all sorts of styles and finishes, including aluminum and wood grains, but they don't have the maintenance headaches associated with traditional wood doors. I expect to see those gaining popularity this year. RDN: What distinguishes your products from the competition? JS: Everything we sell is the high- est quality. We take quality very seriously at Eliason, and that extends to our customer service team. We want satisfied, repeat customers, who will tell their associates about Eliason and the great service and quality they receive. It began with our Easy Swing doors, which operate for years and years and still look great, and extends to every new product we offer. We've got engineers that are constantly working to improve and innovate, and we do a lot of testing in the plant before we bring something to market. All of our new products are made to the same high quality standards―when you buy an Eliason product, you can rest easy that you've made a good choice. RDN: How can readers find out more about your company? JS: We've got all of our infor- mation on our website, www.eliasoncorp.com, but we want to make sure it's easy to find information in the way that is easiest for your particu- lar need. We're very active on social media, so if that's your preferred method of communication, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. If you'd rather, you can call and one of our friendly customer service reps will help you out. We've even got instructional installation videos on YouTube, in both English and Spanish. These have been very popular, and we're always looking for more ways to get the right information out to where it's needed. For more information, visit www.eliason- corp.com, call 800-828-3655, email doors@eliasoncorp.com―or stop by booth 1918 at NRA Show 2013. ENVIROTUB INC. LEADS THE WAY IN GOING GREEN WITH GREASE By Rodney Medina, Editor, Enviro-News Grease theft from outside storage con- tainers can cost a restaurant thousands of dollars each year. Factor in the cost of cleaning the spill that a thief may leave behind or the fines imposed by local code enforcement and the finan- cial loss could result in the tens of thousands of dollars. There have been efforts by container makers and restaurant owners to strengthen and even lock up outdoor con- tainers, but thieves have become more desperate with their tactics. Thieves have resorted to cutting padlocks and drilling holes through plastic or re-enforced metal lids to access the oil. Despite any of these increased security measures, used cooking oil stored outside will always remain an open invitation for theft and a mess to clean up. The solution? Bring grease storage inside the store. Envirotub Inc., a Southern California company is showcasing the top-selling indoor grease storage contain- ment system at NRA 2013 in Chicago. The product, called the Envirotub was the first indoor storage product intro- duced to the market that eliminates the threat of grease theft and the potential loss of thousands of dollars. The Envirotub allows restaurants to store used fryer oil in a container (18 by 32 by 28 inches) that fits under most two and three-compartment kitchen sinks. When fryer needs to be emptied, the Envirotub, fitted with four metal caster wheels, can be easily rolled right to the fryer for hot oil dis- posal. The Envirotub can withstand fryer oil of up to 300 degrees and holds up to 55 gallons or 400 pounds of used fryer oil. When the Envirotub is ready to be emptied it can be easily rolled to the pumping truck and conveniently emptied without spillage. The wide mouth opening of the Envirotub allows a typical pumping hose to be inserted. The Envirotub can be emptied of all of its contents in about 60 seconds. The Envirotub is designed with a raised lip around the perimeter of the top to prevent spillage or overflow during oil transfer. To help prevent any potentially rancid odors from escaping, the Envirotub comes with an innovative twist-on lid that helps secure odors but still allows venting of heat being dis- persed from the oil inside of the contain- er. With the ability to store fryer oil inside the store, the threat of theft is effectively eliminated. Besides thwarting grease theft, there's also an added benefit to storing grease inside the store. Traditional oil fryer dis- posal can be very dangerous for employees. Kitchen staff risk being burned while carry- ing hot oil to outside contain- ers and the areas where these containers are kept can be dirty, slippery and dangerous especially at night. Storing used oil inside the restaurant using the Envirotub helps to minimize the threat of injuries and resulting workers comp claims. The Envirotub has proven to be a valuable tool for restaurants, malls, hos- pitals, sports stadiums, colleges, food courts and grease pumping companies. All of who share in the revenue gained by responsible and safe grease recycling programs. For more information call 866-777- 4322, visit www.envirotub.com, email info@envirotub.com―or stop by booth 6949 at the 2013 NRA Show. WHAT THE TYPE OF CHEF ARE YOU? INTEGRATING SOUS VIDE INTO ANY KITCHEN TYPE Sous vide has caused a fundamental rev- olution in food preparation, allowing chefs to better control the consistency and quality of their menus, and deliver the results their patrons want and expect. fusionchef™ by Julabo offers a wide range of immersion circulators, sous vide accessories and consulting services―all designed to make integrating sous vide into commercial kitchens of all types eas- ier than ever before. For Fine Dining More than any other cooking method, sous vide heightens ingredients' taste, texture and presentation. Vacuum pack- ing "seals in" flavors, retaining an unprecedented level of natural moisture, juices, fats and seasoning. The easy-to- use fusionchef Diamond or Pearl immer- sion circulators allow anyone on staff to "dial in" perfect results, creating beef ribs that are pink in the middle and defined by their marble or delicious car- rots with a perfect tooth when tasted. Additionally, sous vide cooking offers unparalleled presentation appeal: sliced meats have a perfect edge-to-edge done- ness while vegetables remain bright, crisp and vibrant. For Catering Services Catering is inherently a mobile process, and sous vide offers a mobile solution that lets chefs cook anywhere their busi- ness takes them―be that at a winery, in the middle of a field, inside a convention hall or even an airplane hangar. Preparing foods in advance for perfect reheating on-site is also an option with sous vide. Extremely scalable, sous vide also allows for high-quality and consistent food preparation for groups of eight or 800. Unlike tem- peramental hot- plates, sous vide gives chefs-on-the- go full control over cooking and holding temperatures, prepa- ration and serving times, and the out- standing final look of their menu. For Institutional Kitchens Sous vide allows large scale food pro- duction to take on the diversity, quality and consistency of small-batch cooking. Vacuum sealing streamlines the prepara- tion, cooking and even the food storage process, allowing large kitchens to pre- pare delicious meals for hundreds or thousands of people with the care and consideration previously only thought available to smaller facilities. fusionchef immersion circulators precisely heat the largest water bath size on the market, so whether making 500 over-easy eggs for breakfast or cooking corned beef for 1,000 at lunch, the sous vide process allows for made-to- order quality, perfectly prepared every time. For Casual Dining Sous vide is easily inte- grated into any kitchen's prep and line spaces. Prep kitchens are an excellent location for cooking large batches of ingredients using recipes requiring extending cook times, such as 72-hour braised pork bellies or nine-hour buttered carrots. With many prep kitchens tight on space, sous vide is one of the most flexible cooking methods; large bath are easily disassembled and stored until needed. In the line kitchen, smaller sous vide baths work well to refresh chilled or frozen ingredients, which can then be finished or plated directly. The end result is faster service, increased consistency, lower costs and happy patrons. Learn more by visiting fusionchef online at www.fusionchef.us, at booth 1852 at NRA, or by calling at 877-436-CHEF.

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