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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 4 7 S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 CHAMELEON CHAIRS: TODAY'S SAFEST INVESTMENT IN SEATING Do you find that restaurant seating can often be mundane and uninspiring? In 2005 Chameleon Chair® Collection set out to change this perspective and create durable seating, without compromising style or comfort. Chameleon Chairs debuted at the Academy Awards® Governor's Ball and designers immedi- ately took notice. Seating is an essential concern when creating an environment in every venue. It should be a carefully selected element and not an after thought. Without com- promising design, Chameleon has creat- ed durable and eco-friendly seating made from steel, Earth's No. 1 most recyclable material. While being kind to the envi- ronment, Chameleon offers sustainable seating that will last for a lifetime and are highly resistant to damage. In addition, the plush and comfortable cushions are made from high-quality, upholstery- grade foam and are fire retardant. Chameleon chairs offer a variety of styles that reflect traditional as well as chic or modern tastes. As your aes- thetic changes, Chameleon chairs and barstools adapt to it, offering versatility that is consistent with your latest design perspective. Chameleon chairs and barstools have been used in a wide variety of locations, includ- ing but not limited to restaurants, pri- vate dining facilities, event centers and country clubs. Chameleon's cus- tom-fitted cushion and chair back covers are easily changed and are available in an extensive palette of colors, patterns and textures. Chameleon is also happy to use customer provided fabrics. Selecting new chairs? Chameleon simply makes it easy with competitive pricing, durable, ergonomic design maximiz- ing comfort for patrons of all sizes, versatility in style and design, eco-friendly or made in the U.S. So when purchasing your seating, look to the Chameleon Chair: today's safest investment in seating. For more information visit Chameleon Chair Collection at NRA booth 243. After the show visit www.chameleonchair.com, contact 310-787-9200 or info@chameleonchair.com. PRIVATE SPRING WATER PROVIDES WATER WITH A CONSCIENCE Private Spring Water an environmentally conscious, female-owned, small compa- ny with a big cause: using sustainable practices to minimize the company's car- bon footprint and be carbon neutral with PG&E's Climate Smart Program. Additionally the company is 55 percent solar sufficient. Private Spring Water is a leading national supplier of Premium Custom Label Bottled Water, and has been pro- viding a powerful and healthy tool to market your corporate brand, or celebrat- ing special events, since 1996. Providing cutting edge innovative packaging, the company's 3D clear labels are top of the line, and the team at Private Spring offers a distinguishing way to separate you from your competition and representing your brand in superior style. PSW bottles Natural Spring Water, which means that it is pure water drawn from pristine springs. Private Spring Water ensures the highest quality of water during the process of collection, manufacturing and distribution. Private Spring Water has complete printing capabilities on site, depending on the nature of the design you wish, we offer up to nine Pantone colors on white, foil, clear 3D stock, or a 4-color (CMYK) printing process. By using a permanent adhesive, pressure sensitive label, Private Spring labels are water- proof and will not fade. Private Spring Water's bottles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The smallest bottle the 8-ounce is very popu- lar as a perfectly refreshing business card, while our largest 1-liter bottle is a seriously thirst-quenching "billboard" for your design. The company also offers the standard 16.9-ounce (1/2 liter) bottle, 12- ounce, as well as unique shapes like "flask" and "bullet" bottles for a truly memorable impact. Adding the one of a kind EURO cap to the Bullet Bottle gives a very elegant, upscale look. Private Spring Waters products must and do comply with the FDA's Quality Standards in Section 103.35(d)(2) of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These stan- dards, along with the FDA's good man- ufacturing practices ensure the safety of all bottled water products from produc- tion to packaging to consumption. Private Spring Water exceeds all of these standards. The company is very proud of the product inside the bottle and believe that it is paramount for the customer to have the highest quality when they are putting their own name on the label. For more information visit www.pswa- ters.com, call 877-664-1500 or email info@pswaters.com―or stop by booth 1622 at the National Restaurant Association Show. GET CREATIVE WITH SPRINGBOARD'S GOURMET BIODIESEL OPTION In an industry with slim margins, where every restaurant must concentrate on profitability, new same-store profit streams are invaluable. That's why start- ing a Gourmet Biodiesel™ program that converts used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel provides either chain or mom & pop stores with a meaningful additional prof- it stream: approximately $300 of profit for every 100 gallons of used cooking oil that can be processed. If you have the oil, equipment man- ufacturer Springboard Biodiesel has the biodiesel-processing appliance: The BioPro™. This compact machine comes in three sizes (40, 50 and 100 gallons) and will convert used cooking oil into premium grade biodiesel in 23 hours. The best part about it: it's incred- ibly easy to operate. Pour or pump your cooking oil into this solid state appli- ance, add your other inputs, and press the big green start button. The machine does the rest. The BioPro's marketing reach continues to expand as restaurateurs and institutions in 14 countries and in all 50 states recognize that they can make a profit and a difference by con- verting fats and oils into a clean-burn- ing fuel that will run in any diesel engine (neat or mixed with diesel at any ratio). And depending on which environmental report you read, biodiesel emits 78 to 90 percent less CO2 than regular diesel and approxi- mately 50 percent less particulate mat- ter. Therefore, if you're feeling cre- ative, additional real green marketing can be factored into the already attrac- tive Gourmet Biodiesel opportunity. "I was on the board of Directors of the California Restaurant Association for many years," said Sacramento-based restaurant owner Sam Manolakas. "And I don't know why more restaurants aren't doing this. With diesel at $4 per gallon, I'm making biodiesel in a BioPro for 95 cents per gallon." Manolakas pumps his fuel directly out of his BioPro and into his Mercedes Sprinter delivery van which runs "almost exclusively on biodiesel." Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, Calif., has made more than 8,000 gallons of biodiesel in its BioPro 190. They col- lect the UCO from the "Tap Room" at the brewery and pump it into long-haul trucks. "Our BioPro 190 fits perfectly into our sustainability program," said Assistant Sustainability coordinator Mandi McKay. "Our philosophy at the brewery is to close the loop on waste whenever we can and one of the ways we do that is with the BioPro." The BioPro EX, the company's lat- est model, won a KI award at last year's show and was subsequently endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. Springboard Biodiesel's growing list of notable customers includes The Brookfields Restaurants, The Florida National Guard, Cotton Inc., Sara Lee Foods and now 71 different US colleges and universities. If you'd like to have a peek at an innovative appliance, visit Springboard Biodiesel in the Conserve Solutions Center, booth 989. For more information on Springboard Biodiesel visit booth 989 at the 2013 NRA Show. THE EZ GRIP FRY BASKET: GRAB IT, GRIP IT, LOVE IT Unlike many kitchen hazards that are easily visible, ergonomic hazards impact workers over time and are not immedi- ately recognized as harmful. If you've ever slung fried food as a part of your job, then you know how much of a toll a food-laden basket can take on the wrist or forearm. A load of fries in a basket might only weigh five pounds; however, the force on the hand can be 15 to 18 pounds, due to handle length and the distance the hand is from the center of gravity of the basket. The current flat handle design of most fry baskets makes them awkward to hold, especially when filled. Turning the basket to dump its contents is not as easy as it should be, and over time the user feels unnecessary fatigue. FMP's new EZ Grip Fry basket han- dle is an innovation in kitchen ergonom- ics. The vinyl-coated handle is designed to better fit the natural shape of the hand when gripping. This physiological difference means less squeezing, which translates to reduced stress on the hand, wrist and forearm. The improved grip also provides better leverage when turning the basket to dump its contents. The FMP line of fry baskets includes the EZ Grip basket, which is a regular fry basket with a vinyl- coated EZ Grip handle, and the EZ Grip Plus, which, along with the innovative handle, comes with a patented corner reinforcement and a double front hook. These features add significant durability to the EZ Grip Plus and allow the manufacturer to offer a two-year guarantee on the life of the basket. Stop by the FMP booth 3656 and feel for yourself how comfortable a fry bas- ket handle can be. For more information on EZ Grip fry baskets and a full line of fryer acces- sories, visit the website at www.fmp online.com or call 800-257-7737.

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