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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 8 3 F r i d a y, M a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 commercial sous vide space, is the first―and only―sous vide equipment company to offer HACCP planning and consulting services to help ensure kitchens meet compliance standards. Appropriate for both national, state and local compliance planning, this pio- neering program includes personalized training sessions for kitchen staff and is being led by fusionchef's director of culinary operations, one of the nation's leading experts in HACCP planning, renowned sous vide chef and James Beard Award recipient Jason Wilson of Crush Restaurant in Seattle. The plan- ning package costs just $450 and includes fusionchef 's exclusive HACCP planning guidelines, frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding HACCP plan building, a complete review of a kitchen's HACCP plan draft and feedback on best practices in work- ing with HACCP authorities, up to three hours of phone consultation with Chef Wilson and his team, up to 60 days of email support with the fusionchef fusionchef (Cont'd. from p.4) HACCP culinary team and integration with fusionchef sous vide cycle cooking and data logging systems In addition to personalized HACCP services, fusionchef offers commercial kitchens the only immersion circulator on the market with data logging soft- ware that automatically logs bath and food temperatures, as well as cook times. Using fusionchef 's exclusive software, data is then easily down- loaded to a PC, where it can be printed and kept on hand for HACCP compli- ance, as well as used for recipe refine- ment and testing. This software seam- lessly integrates with the fusionchef Diamond immersion circulator, which also offers chefs 15 customizable pre- sets for meat, vegetables, and fish―vir- tually guaranteeing that any member of a kitchen's staff can properly and con- sistently prepare sous vide dishes. Learn more about fusionchef and HACCP compliance by visiting wwwfu- sionchef.us, visiting booth 1852 at the NRA Show or calling at 877-436-CHEF. shared the things they like to see like shelving that is easy to clean (remov- able shelf plates are a plus); corrosion- resistant shelving; vented shelf plates for food items that require additional circulation; shelf plates or surfaces with anti-microbial protection that also have quick drying surfaces; shelving that supports organization with proper labeling; shelving that prevents bacte- ria, debris or dust from building up or shelving that offers flexibility; and shelving levels that can be added or adjusted as storage needs change. And last but not least, "Strong and durable shelving that is not going to bend easily or break if staff decides to use it as a step stool to reach food items stored above―trust me they do it all the time!" shared a health inspection professional. So when it comes to shelving, how bad would you allow the conditions to get before you decide it is time to Cambro (Cont'd. from p.4) replace? Perhaps it's not the best idea to let your health inspector make this deci- sion for you. At the end of the day it is not worth the risk to your customers, employees, reputation or your good- standing with your local inspector. For 60-plus years, Cambro food- service equipment and supplies have earned the trust and loyalty of the com- pany's customers and public health professionals alike because Cambro products are designed with Food Safety in mind. About Cambro Cambro Manufacturing is based in Huntington Beach, Calif., and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and supplies to the foodser- vice industry worldwide.For more information about Cambro, visit www.cambro.com. Learn more about Cambro's Food Safety initiatives at www.cambro.com/storesafe and visit NRA Booth 3224 to talk with the company's food safety specialists. outrageous fees for their equipment and they've always required you to sign a multi-year contract. One of the problems is that you can't use their equipment for anything else. If you cancel their service or want to use a different service, you are stuck with a hunk of useless metal. If you go to a new service, you have to buy their equipment too! No matter how you look at it, this is a bad deal. Now that all changes with the intro- duction of nexTUNE NEXUS HOME & BUSINESS. This amazing technology combines all the benefits of a commercial music player with the power and versatil- ity of a tablet PC. Based on Google's Android™ operating system, the nexTUNE NEXUS HOME & BUSI- NESS includes web browsing, email, appointment calendar, personal music player, video player, internet radio, video phone and more than 500,000 applica- tions from the Google Play store. One of the important features is that it includes nexTUNE's Music Software so you now have licensed music for your business, combined with a personal music player, alarm clock and internet radio for your home. Now you can use the nexTUNE NEXUS in your business or in your home and your investment nexTUNE (Cont'd. from p. 1) isn't wasted on a piece of proprietary equipment. nexTUNE NEXUS is a completely solid unit– no moving parts to wear out. It includes two stereo high-definition speak- ers, enabling stand-alone music perform- ance, or connect it directly to a home entertainment system for high-powered performance. And, it's a complete sound system for commercial background music applications. The internal high definition stereo speakers provide rich, resonating music reproduction – enough to fill an area of up to 1,000 square feet. The unit measures only 8.6 by 3.75 by 2.75 inches and includes a 5-inch diagonal touch screen just like an iPad. You also get nexTUNE BUSINESS MUSIC SERVICE for your establish- ment. nexTUNE BUSINESS MUSIC has more than 70 music channels to choose from, including popular artists and their original songs. Create custom playlists, custom radio channels, upload your mes- sages and schedule your music to play at different times of the day. nexTUNE is offering a National Restaurant Show special with every NEXUS purchase that includes one year of business music service, all for only $329 or five easy payments of $65.99. To learn more, see nexTUNE at booth 6879 or visit their website at www.nextune.com. thoughts turned to an old recipe that he'd developed when he was in the hotel busi- ness years before. As the rain continued to fall, Krohn regrouped in his kitchen and started recreating the Bloody Mary Mix that had been the standard in his hotel bar. Before long, he had the full-bodied spicy blend that had delighted his hotel patrons. By August, Krohn had named the product Zing Zang®, trademarked it, incorporated Zing Zang Inc., received government clearances and a UPC code, supervised the development of the shock- ing-neon-green label, and fine-tuned the commercial formulation. The first pro- duction run was in September 1996. Zing Zang (Cont'd. from p. 1) Zing Zang was formally introduced at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago in May 1997. In March 1998, Zing Zang was the first place winner in the Fiery Food Challenge in Albuquerque, N.M. A panel of 50 culinary experts judged Zing Zang the best in the Bloody Mary Mix category in a blind tasting. Throughout its history, Zing Zang Inc. has valued its many customers in country clubs, restaurants, sports bars, casinos, and homes. The company prom- ises to keep on making the best Bloody Mary Mix possible. Visit Zing Zang at booth 5406. After the show, visit www.zingzang.com or call 877-620-1017. SS: Ergo Chef 's main business is designing and manufacturing profes- sional cutlery that has ergonomic bene- fits. We also have a variety of great cut- lery and cooking accessories ranging from duo tongs, kitchen shears, knife bags, edge guards and knife sharpeners. We began after I graduated Johnson & Wales as a chef, and while in the field developed hand and wrist pain as a result of lots of food preparation. I sat down with fellow chefs and engineers to try and find a solution. Ergo Chef was born. RDN: What would you say makes your company unique? SS: We have developed and continue to develop award-winning cutlery lines like the Pro series, the "knuckle sandwich" knife line for Guy Fieri from 2009 to 2012, and now the Prodigy series. Ergo Chef is always looking to make knives and kitchen products better and smarter for ease of use. RDN: Are you introducing any new products? SS: We are going to be introducing the new Prodigy Series cutlery line, which is a value-priced line keeping the quality and ergonomic aspects of our Pro-Series line, as well as it being NSF-tested and approved. A new Fastedge two-stage manual knife sharpener that has a replaceable sharpener cartridge is also brand new for 2013, making sharpening quick and easy for anyone. RDN: What products do you see as being hottest this year? SS: Our Prodigy Series knife line which has a non-slip grip handle, bal- ance and ergonomics, which until now have been hard to find in a lower cost Ergo Chef (Cont'd. from p. 1) foodservice line. RDN: What distinguishes your prod- uct(s) from the competition? SS: When you see an Ergo Chef knife, with its unique patented design and quality, you will see a difference in appearance. And when you use it, you will feel the added benefits when compared to standard knives on the market today. The curve of our knife promotes a natural extension of your hand. RDN: Who are your target end-users? SS: Everyone. You can find seasoned professional chefs, home cooks, and culi- nary students using our products. They were designed for more efficient, com- fortable cutting, reducing strain on the hand, wrist and forearm. RDN: Tell our readers about your trade show objectives, plans, products, promo- tions, etc. SS: Being our first time at the NRA show, we are planning on formally show- ing our products to the industry first- hand, and in particular, our new Prodigy series knife line, specifically designed for the culinary industry. Ergo Chef hopes to connect with restaurants, hotels, foodser- vice and culinary schools, who can really benefit from ergonomic tools. We are offering special discounts on our full line of products to first time customers. RDN: How can our readers find out more about your company? SS: Stop in to see us at the NRA 2013 show. You can visit us online at www.ergochef.com or call us directly at 877-796-0884 or email sales@ergochef.com. For more information visit www.ergochef.com, call 203-796-0880, email sales@ergochef.com,or stop by booth 7175 NRA Show, North Building.

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