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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s F r i d a y, M a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 7 4 HOW THE USDA PLANS TO ELIMINATE 12 TONS OF PAPER TOWEL WASTE EVERY YEAR Once every two weeks, janitors at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) break open a new pallet of paper towels to fill dispensers in well over 100 bathrooms throughout the USDA com- plex in Washington DC. That's at least two tons of paper a month – more than 24 tons a year. It's no wonder that waste reduction is the USDA's highest priority, when it comes to going green. More than 7,000 people work at the 2.2 million square foot USDA complex in DC – and throughout the sprawling campus the department's Green Team has found ways of eliminating waste. According to the USDA's Waste Minimization and Recycling Program, "Waste minimization requires the elimi- nation or reduction of the generation of waste at its source, that is, before it can become waste." As the largest building on the National Mall and "the seat of Department leadership," USDA officials want their headquarters to be "a model facility for others wishing to implement waste reduction and waste minimization programs," according to the agency's Waste Minimization Plan. In what looks like the famous food pyramid, the USDA's Green Team uses a triangular Solid Waste Management Hierarchy and Source Reduction and Reuse at the "most preferred" peak of the pyramid. The "least preferred" method is dumping trash into landfills because that contaminates groundwater and pollutes the air by producing methane gas. The USDA also tries to avoid send- ing its trash out to be burned because incineration pollutes the air with harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide along with trace amounts of toxic mercury compounds. The USDA has devel- oped a detailed plan to reduce waste, including: Annual trash sort to deter- mine the effectiveness of the recycle program, installing new recycle con- tainers, stopping junk mail, implementing a battery and personal electronics recy- cling program, encouraging the use of reusable cold drink and coffee containers and educating employees. The USDA took a major step toward eliminating waste by installing some two dozen XLERATOR ® high-speed, energy- efficient hand dryers in its restrooms, giving people a choice between paper and hand dryers. Over time the agency plans to install hand dryers in more rest- rooms throughout the facility. The USDA reports seeing an imme- diate 50 percent reduction in the use of paper towels in restrooms where energy- efficient hand dryers are also being used. This is eliminating two tons of paper towel waste in 2011 alone. XLERATOR uses 80 percent less energy than tra- ditional hand dryers and deliv- ers a 95 percent cost savings ver- sus paper towels while creating a more hygienic restroom envi- ronment. It is the only hand dryer to be Made In USA Certified, the first hand dryer to be GreenSpec ® -listed and helps facilities qualify for multiple LEED ® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits by the U.S. Green Building Council. A peer reviewed ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment of XLERATOR confirmed it reduces the carbon footprint of hand dry- ing by 50-70 percent when compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels. For more information, visit booth 6831, go online to www.exceldryer.com, call 800-255- 9235 or email sales@exceldryer.com. WITH PLUMBING, IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT Many people mistakenly believe that all foodservice plumbing is alike. As more restaurant chains and non-commercial operators are finding out, Component Hardware's Encore ® plumbing line incorporates thoughtful design details that make a significant difference in functionality and performance. Leaking faucets and pre-rinse hoses are not only annoying, they are wasteful. Encore's unique washer-less design uses two temperature resistant O-rings to pro- vide a positive leak proof seal. Unlike competitors' hoses, our pre-rinse hose features a heavy-duty, solid stainless steel strain relief coil to transfer load stress, significantly improving hose life by as much as 50 percent. If the hose does finally crack, the 3-ply Santoprene ® inner hose will still prevent leaks. Electronic faucets are a water-saving alternative to manual plumbing. Component Hardware offers a complete range of options, including capacitive sensing faucets that only respond to ani- mate objects and motion sensor faucets. Designed for years of trouble-free serv- ice, these faucets can save up to 70 per- cent of water consumption compared to standard faucets. Component Hardware even offers an easy-to-install hands-free battery-powered faucet adapter that sim- ply screws on to the spout. In less than 5 minutes, anyone can convert a manual faucet to an electronic faucet. Encore metering faucets are a non- electronic approach to water control. Metering faucets control both the water's flow and duration. The One-Tap™ metering aerator retrofits most conven- tional faucets. It's easy to install and easy to use. Just tap the button on the end of the aerator and water flows until the 2 to 20 second adjustable time-out is reached. Soap dispensers are going hands- free, too. The new SmartSoap™ counter mount dispenser automatically detects the user's hand and dispenses a measured dose of concentrated soap. Disposable refills include a new pump and delivery tube, eliminating mess, clogs and leaks. Less packaging waste and fewer chemi- cals down the drain means it's more envi- ronmentally friendly. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce water consump- tion is through the use of low flow aera- tors. Encore faucets are available with low-flow aerators that deliver as little as .5 gallons of water per minute and our new KLF-Y104 3-position variable flow pre-rinse boasts an industry-best .59gpm. Have you ever seen a pre-rinse grip wrapped in a towel? Encore's exclusive Kool Grip™ reduces heat transfer to the hand to maximize comfort. Testing has shown that Kool Grip stays 30 degrees cooler than competitors' grips, even after prolonged use. All Encore plumbing features SANI- GUARD ® antimicrobial product protec- tion as standard on handles and grips to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that can cause stains, odors and product dete- rioration. Under normal cleaning condi- tions, SANIGUARD will provide contin- uous antimicrobial product protection for the useful life of the product. With all of these standard premi- um features, you might think that Encore plumbing is expensive. In fact, Encore is very competitively priced. Compared side by side to the competi- tion, Encore provides more value, per- formance, and reliability than any other plumbing available. For more information, visit www.componenthardware.com or call 800-526-3694. GET PINPOINT ACCURACY FROM CDN'S PROACCURATE QUICK-READ THERMOMETERS Specializing in time and temperature, Component Design Northwest (CDN) offers an extensive foodservice line including exclusive ProAccurate ® Quick-Read ® Thermometers, which pro- vide all of the features commercial kitchens require, including rapid response time, providing an accurate temperature reading in just 6-8 seconds, a wide temperature range of -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 250 degrees Celsius), field recalibration that is quick and easy, ensuring reliable and consistent results over time, and BioCote ® antimi- crobial coating on the plastic helps pro- tect against bacterial cross contamina- tion. This silver-based coating inhibits harmful food-borne microbe growth. ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometers are also NSF-certified, have large digital display that makes them easy and fast to read, temperature data hold functions to save time and streamline the operation and sturdy waterproof and shatterproof construction featuring food-safe ABS plastic and 304 grade stainless steel stems. All ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometers come with a five-year warranty, and use one LR44 button bat- tery, included. The ProAccurate Quick-Read Thin Tip Thermometer (DTT450) in yellow features an accurate 1.5mm tip for moni- toring internal temperatures of the thinnest foods, including grilled burgers, baked fish or flatiron steak. This model features easy field recalibration. A safety sheath easily slides over the stainless steel stem for protection while not in use. The sheath can also double as a handle extension. It has a list price of $21. The ProAccurate Quick-Read Pocket Thermometer (Q2-450X) features a large digital read-out conveniently located on the handle near the function buttons and a 1.5mm thin tip for perfect food presenta- tion. It also stands out for its easy field recalibration. A temperature guide is on the protective sheath. The sheath can be used as a handle extension for a longer reach. This versatile thermometer comes with a rope to hang it around the neck or wrist. It has a list price of $22. The ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer (DTQ450X) is the compan- ion product to the ProAccurate Quick- Read Pocket Thermometer (Q2-450X). It includes the same features as the Quick- Read Pocket Thermometer, but comes in an alternate stainless steel design. Its 5- inch stem fea- tures a 1.5mm thin tip. T h e P r o A c c u r a t e Q u i c k - R e a d W a t e r p r o o f Pocket Thermometer's (DT450X) big digit display makes for easy reference, and its 2¾-inch long stem has a 2.5mm tip for easy insertion into food. The stem's protective sheath can double as a handle extension. The handle features a temperature guide for easy reference. Easy field recalibration and large easy- to-push buttons add to its ease of use. It has a list price of $16. Precise temperature and time are essential details in foodservice. If you're a foodservice professional, CDN ther- mometers and timers are the accurate choice, every time. For more information, contact CDN at 800-338-5594 or visit www.cdn- timeandtemp.com.

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