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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 7 1 F r i d a y, M a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 DEL MONTE FRESH PRODUCE SPROUTS PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS An interview with Dionysios (Dennis) Christou, Vice President of Marketing, North America, Del Monte Fresh Produce North America, Inc. RDN: Describe your company's current marketing strategy. DC: We are currently focusing on rein- forcing our brand preference with dif- ferent demographic groups. Our target hasn't changed much over the years―women, 25-40, with families. However, it is important to recognize that the healthy-conscious eater is not only the mother, but also the children, the growing teen, the successful young adult, and the retiree. Expanding our brand equity with these groups lets us continue towards our goal to provide healthy fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers everywhere. RDN: What distinguishes your prod- uct(s) from the competition? DC: Del Monte Fresh Produce prides itself on providing consistently premium quality products. We have invested heav- ily in bringing new innovative products, including our very own Del Monte Gold ® Extra Sweet Pineapple and MAG ® Melon, as well as provide a large variety of fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Through vertical integration and excel- lent handling practices, we are able to ensure our products are sold at their peak of freshness. RDN: Tell our readers about your trade show objectives, plans, products, promo- tions, etc. DC: Our fresh cut line is always a hot topic at trade shows. We take pride in showcasing our innovative products and packaging capabilities. NRA is the perfect show to really highlight our array of fresh cut items and provide both existing and potential customers with an insight to our customizable packaging options and ways that we can provide value to their business. RDN: To what do you attribute your company's success? DC: As an industry leader in innova- tion and quality, Del Monte Fresh Produce thrives in offering product solutions that address the needs of the industry and today's consumers in a sustainable manner. Del Monte Fresh also offers extensive category manage- ment accompanied with the best-in- class tools that help support foodser- vice operators as well as retailers towards success in their business. RDN: How can our readers find out more about your company? DC: We welcome readers to visit our cor- porate website, www.freshdelmonte.com as well as our consumer-focused website, www.fruits.com. Our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/delmontefreshpro- duce, is home to various promotions, giveaways, and fun and exciting informa- tion for our fans. For more information visit www.freshdelmonte.com, call 800-950- 3683 or email Contact-US-Executive- O f f i c e @ f re s h d e l m o n t e . c o m – b o o t h 1960 at NRA Show. NEW NAME, LOOK FOR AUSTRALIAN FAMILY-OWNED MEAT PROCESSING COMPANY Formerly known as T&R Pastoral, Australia's largest family-owned meat processing company has unveiled its new brand and logo, which has now rolled out in Australia and to more than 80 coun- tries worldwide. Thomas Foods International Chief Executive Officer Darren Thomas says the new brand is a commitment to the company's heritage and values, as well as a launch pad to its future. "Over the years, we have grown organically and also made several suc- cessful acquisitions," Thomas said. "In doing so, we have inherited and built a range of successful brands." Thomas continued: "Given our strong national and global growth, it was timely to think more holistically about our marketing and branding. With Thomas Foods International, we have a uniform and consistent brand for the global market place – one that draws on our past and links to our future." With annual revenue of $1.3 billion and an expanding export market, Thomas Foods International is fiercely proud of its "Australian grown and Australian owned" mantra. "We will always have deep respect for our South Australian roots. So while the name may have changed, our culture, people and values remain the same," Thomas said. Thomas added that the new branding was a critical component in the compa- ny's business growth strategy. "We pride ourselves on being the most sought-after supplier of the finest Australian lamb, mutton, beef, goat and processed co-products in the world," he said. "By re-launching as Thomas Foods International, we are better positioning our company for the next stage of our global expansion." See Thomas Foods International at booth 4838. For U.S. sales call 775-588-6057 or for more information, head to www.ThomasFoods.com. AMB Eco would like to thank you for your interest this year at the 2013 National Restaurant Association event. Here is a roundup of services AMB Eco offers to the Chicagoland market. Micro Greens, In House, All Year AMB Eco's Micro Green Racks takes your menu to the next level. Living micro greens illuminate dishes with bright and bold varieties such as: swiss chard, bulls blood beet, red-veined sor- rel or orach. Accent full-flavors with a crunch or snap from mizuna, purslane, kale or kohlrabi. Create exotic, herba- ceous, fresh mixed drinks with arugula, mustard, micro basil, etc. Restaurant operators can utilize over 30 types of living micro greens and a limited selec- tion of micro-vegetables. Spice Up Your Menu And Don't Stop AMB Eco's Herb & Mint Racks bring the flavor without bringing the heavy work loads. With over 20 varieties to choose from it's easy to complete signature dish- AMB ECO EXCELS WITH IN-HOUSE GREENS AND EDIBLE ART es/desserts with petite lettuce leaves, mint sprigs, or gourmet basil leaves. Accent full-flavor small dishes with ethnic herbs like garlic chives, Thai basil, or saltwort. Light up exotic cocktails, jazz up herbaceous tonics, or lightly compliment fine liquor. Edible and Living Art: What's Growing on your Wall? AMB Eco's edible and non-edible walls meet at the intersection beauty, value, and variety. Vibrant green foliage catch guests' eyes with rich colors, patterns, textures, and sizes. Small leaves, petals, and vines reflect, scatter, absorb, and refract neighboring sound waves. Settling noisy environments and diffus- ing undesirable noise. Careful plant choice can help to absorb and clean common pollutants from the air including: VOCs, TCE, benzene, toluene, and xylene. All the while, billions of chlorophyll passively elevate oxygen levels in the surround space, enhancing senses and lightening moods. Not to mention, permanent fixtures fea- turing "interior scape" greenery help raise property value. Positively affecting 27 of 51 LEED ® categories. See for yourself this year at Booth 685 at the NRA Conserve Solutions Center. For more information check us out at www.amb-eco.com amd contact the com- pany at mario@amb-eco.com. AMAZING PRODUCTION FROM COMSTOCK-CASTLE'S UPGRADED 6-BURNER RANGE The 6-burner range is the backbone for most small to mid-size restaurants. Comstock-Castle, America's oldest stove company has developed an extra wide oven for the common 6-burner range that will easily double and, depending on the food product, even triple the food volume produced from this industry workhorse. Like a convection oven that uses a fan to push air through the oven and cre- ate improved air circulation with more food production, the Comstock-Castle standard 6-burner range, along with their other large oven models, will produce nearly the same oven volume but without the high cost of the convection option. Rather than using the same oven parts from their other models, Comstock- Castle developed dedicated oven parts for the 36-inch wide, 6-burner range size. These dedicated parts produce a unique, extra wide, 31 ½-inch interior width model within the same industry standard, 36-inch wide foot print. Comstock-Castle otherwise also produces typical 19 ½- inch and 26 ½-inch oven interior widths for their other range frames. However, it is the extra large oven that is distinctive to the industry and helps facilitate better air circulation around the industry stan- dard 26-inch by 18-inch "full size sheet pan." This large oven does not allow full size pans to touch the oven interior sides, door or oven back wall. Comstock claims that this unique dedicated design mini- mizes hot spots, burnt edges and the need to rotate pans during a cook cycle For best cooking results smaller pans may need to be used to maximize quality food production in their smaller ovens so that there is room for air to circulate more generously. Not only will Comstock's extra wide ovens produce up to 200 percent more quality food, the company's cooktop sauté burners are among the industries most efficient. Its "star" pattern design features a large 7-inch flame spread, giv- ing a superior flame and heat pattern within the common 12-inch by 12-inch top burner section. This is a standard fea- ture from Comstock that is otherwise an upgrade design from other manufactur- ers. To learn more, visit www.castlestove.com, call 217-223-5070 or email sales@castlestove.com.

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