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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s F r i d a y, M a y 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 3 8 DAYMARK INCREASES CUT PROTECTION WITH NXT SERIES FROM HEXARMOR While visiting a variety of restaurants and kitchens, DayMark Safety Systems found that employees were unhappy with the traditional cut gloves they were using. The cut gloves were being used in food preparation when handling knives and other bladed equipment. The gloves often seemed bulky and ill-fitting. Loose fingertips on the gloves often bunched up and caused issues when cutting or food handling. Other gloves were difficult to sanitize, and were found to retain odor and color from the foods they came into contact with. From a safety standpoint, the spectra's fiber offered little or no pro- tection for knife-tip injuries, where the point of the knife penetrated through their gaps. When the employee is uncom- fortable in the cut glove, compliance drops significantly. Why did NXT 10-302 cut–resistant gloves become the choice of some of the largest restaurant chains and grocers in the United States? NXT 10-302 exceeds Level 5 protection on ASTM and CE industry scales. They offer industry-lead- ing protection from knife slips and cuts with the combination of SuperFabric® guard plates. High-dexterity and comfort in a 13-gauge lightweight shell make the gloves easy to wear and allow for very dexterous functionality. The NXT 10-302 washes better than the compe- tition and is easily sanitized during a normal dish cycle. The NXT 10-302 cut- resistant gloves immediately increased employee accept- ance of the product. All of DayMark's tests have shown an increase in compliance, as well as longer product life and enhanced safety due to the protective nature of NXT 10- 302 SuperFabric guard plates. The NXT 10-302 allows a latex or nitrile glove to easily fit overtop. Fiber-based cut gloves can protect your hands from contact with the straight edge of a blade, but if the blade slips, a knife tip will easily find its way between the fibers and cause injury. Fiber-based gloves have gaps in between the weave where a blade tip can easily penetrate. This "window" effect can cause a user to have an injury the same as if they weren't wearing a cut glove at all. The NXT 10-302 is not only a step up in safety; it is a better fit- ting, more comfortable solution to traditional knit gloves. Many kitchen managers and chefs are moving toward the NXT 10-302 as the in-kitchen testing proves a higher level of protection and employee acceptance. Try the NXT 10- 302 today and watch your safety program and employee compliance grow. For more information on the NXT 10-302 cut glove, call DayMark Safety Systems at 800-847-0101, visit www.daymark.com, email imcclellan@daymarksafety.com or stop by booth 3201. PRESIDENTIAL FOODSERVICE SHOWCASES NEW SNOW MACHINES An interview with Jae Choi, President, Presidential Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, a division of Tribest Corporation RDN: Tell our readers about your com- pany. What is your main line of business? JC: We are a streamlined operation focusing on foodservice supplies and equipment to provide superior packaging products to franchises and individual stores. We provide disposable paper products, restaurant equipment and machines. We specialize in providing custom print paper goods to help stores market their brand. We believe that mar- keting is the best tool to help your com- pany grow. RDN: What do you say makes your com- pany unique? JC: Since we are a streamlined opera- tion, we have the ability to continually focus our efforts on finding the best deals for our customers, to provide high quali- ty products at the lowest cost. We also pride ourselves in having personable and friendly customer service representatives that have market and product knowledge to help customers with any questions they might have. RDN: Are you introduc- ing any new products? JC. Yes, we will be show- casing the new Presidential ® Soft Snow Machine and Presidential Flake Snow Machine at the National Restaurant Association Show. This new technology has the ability to turn water straight into snow instantly, without the hassle of making ice first then shaving it. These new machines are perfect for any restaurant or dessert shop that would like to offer snow desserts or store/chill food. Using this machine will not only save time by providing a one step process, but it will reduce costs with its low maintenance cost. RDN: Who are your target end users? JC: Our target end users are restaurants, retail stores and dessert shops. We cater to these places by providing sup- plies and equip- ment that will benefit our customers by providing unique and advanced products. RDN: How can our readers find out more about your company? JC: You can visit us at our website www.presidentialfood.com or call one of our customer service representatives at 888-254-7336 ext. 107, or email us at service@presidentialfood.com. Visit us at our booth 1681 at the National Restaurant Association Show. THE RTRCF TABLE FROM KAY PARK ADDS COLOR, STYLE, DURABILITY Kay Park Recreation can help add live- ly color to your restaurant area. Kay Park's RTRCF table features an unbeatable combination of beauty, util- ity and durability. The RTRCF table is excellent for restaurant patios and outdoor eating. The frame design is made of 1 5/8-inch OD legs, either powder-coated black or hot- dipped galvanized. The seats have wood core reinforcing and the tops have a steel reinforcing "X" brace which attaches to the legs. The top can be furnished with a hole for an umbrella. The RTRCF tables' fiber- glass tops and seats are coated with Ultragel up to 20 mils thick for extra aesthetic value and long life. Standard colors are red, yellow, blue, green, cham- pagne and white. Special colors and logo inlays cre- ate an ideal match to your decor. Kay Park Recreation Corp. is located at 1301 Pine St. Janesville, Iowa, 50647. For more infor- mation, visit www.kaypark.com, call 800- 553-2476 or fax to 319-987-2900. SPACEMAN PROUDLY INTRODUCES A WORLD-CLASS SOFT SERVE FREEZER By Julia M. Rice, Director of Marketing, Spaceman International USA The Soft Serve Industry has seen much activity over the past 15 years. Monty Rice, an expert in this field and owner of Spaceman International USA, began working with the manufacture of the Spaceman Soft Serve freezers 12 years ago. They set out to design and build an international standard machine that would be more affordable, yet still offer the same quality and support as the lead- ing brands available in America. Ten different models are currently available. These include counter top machines and floor model machines. There is an option for single flavor or two flavors with twist and the first three flavors with double twist to be offered in the U.S. Machines are available with traditional gravity feed or pressure feed. A water-cooled option is also in the lineup. These machines are built to meet the demands of the food service operator, an attractive design that meets the perform- ance test. Keeping an eye on energy effi- ciency, they are built to operate with comparable performance with lower electrical usage. In fact, the model 6378 will produce 300 servings per hour and operate on a single power cord in the three-phase model. All other models will operate with a single power cord with one-phase electricity. Spaceman soft serve machines are offered as the value priced leader in the U.S. marketplace. The store operator will receive full sup- port and service in addition to this cost savings. They will appreciate knowing that their machines come with a two- year parts warranty All Spaceman machines available in the U.S. have been certified UL and NSF compliant. They have passed the rigorous testing standards required for use in America and Canada. Each machine is hand built by tradesman. Most of the components are designed and built at the Spaceman factory in China. The stainless steel sides are stamped and formed in the factory. The beater assemblies are welded for strength and endurance. Some compo- nents, like compressors are manufactured by lead- ing companies in Europe. Each machine is com- pletely operated with mix prior to leaving the facto- ry. Monty Rice, president of Spaceman International USA, Inc. began working with Charles Dong, the owner of the factory in 1999. Their objective, to bring a quality built, value priced soft serve freezer to the U.S. has been achieved. The machines offered today combine the latest technology with the proven performance and design. For more information visit www.space- maninternationalusa.com, call 805-927- 2257, email sales@spacemanusa.com— or stop by booth 7454 at the National Restaurant Show.

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