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E d Te c h S h o w D a i l y W e d n e s d a y, Fe b ru a r y 5 , 2 0 1 4 8 KAPLAN DEMONSTRATES INSPIRE-NG AND INSPIRE-NG MOVE The Inspire-NG™ and the Inspire-NG Move, cutting edge technologies devel- oped by Kaplan Early Learning Company (KELC), will be present for demonstration in their booth at FETC in Orlando and TCEA in Austin. The Inspire-NG and the Inspire-NG Move leverage the latest technology advances to create open-ended explorations that engage learners and offer new ways for teachers to think about integrating tech- nology into the classroom. The Inspire- NG and the Inspire-NG Move engage the senses and provide hands-on opportuni- ties for students to interact with real-life objects. For the first time, technology isn't just screen time; it's an integral part of best practices being applied in the classroom. The Inspire-NG leverages the newest multi-touch technology to create a learning environment that enables stu- dents to focus on tasks while promoting cooperation, communication and discov- ery. The exclusive software applications were developed to highlight problem solving skills, and children's natural sense of curiosity and discovery. The Inspire-NG's stand is height adjustable and also allows the screen to rotate and lock in five positions ranging from vertical to hori- zontal. At its core, the Inspire-NG is a Windows-based computer enabling teachers and students to access the Internet and any resources they might already have. These features, combined with an initial set of nine learning explo- rations, make the Inspire-NG an incredi- bly versatile and powerful multi-touch screen. With a focus on kinesthetic learning, the Inspire-NG Move combines the advanced technology of Microsoft Kinect for Windows with a four-explo- ration bundle designed specifically for children. These digital literacy and math explorations include Directions, Patterns, Shapes and Word Pop. The Inspire- NG Move was designed to fit within the technology already present in most class- rooms consisting of a Windows 7/8 com- puter with a projection device. For a low cost of $500, schools are able to com- pletely transform their existing static technology into an experience that inspires action and learning through movement. Visit Kaplan Early Learning Company at booth 2528. Both the Inspire-NG and the Inspire-NG Move are available for pur- chase at www.kaplanco.com. For more information, contact your local KELC representative or call 800-334-2014. MAKING THE GRADE THROUGH THE DOMINANCE OF DIGITAL How many times have we heard the phrase, "there's no better time than right now"? Given the amazing state of tech- nology within the field of education, this sentiment could not ring more true. "Now" is a wondrous time. How incredibly fortunate are we to be living during the very infancy of the digital age? As a company with 30 years of service providing printed books, eBooks and digital resources to PK–12 schools and students, Mackin Educational Resources recognizes the magical quality of the world as it moves toward this juncture. Keeping in step with this change, Mackin has conscious- ly blended its roots as a provider of print- ed materials and merged them with its new digital initiatives. Spring of 2010 gave birth to MackinVIA™, the company's eResource management portal. A few years later, in the fall of 2012, it launched its digital reader and apps for four separate tablet platforms, iPad, Android, Kindle and Nook, allowing customers to access their Mackin digital content from its cloud. Two additional desktop apps were also released at this time to enable customers to access their digital resources on a PC or a Mac. Most recently, Mackin proudly revealed the availability of the MackinVIA reader app for iPhone and Android phones. These revolutionary steps were taken so that Mackin could continue pro- viding state-of-the-art resources and tools to schools and students alike. In true Mackin service-oriented form, the MackinVIA content management system and MackinVIA reader app are made available at no cost. The result of implementing these digital delights has resulted in a sizable shift in acceptance from publishers and customers alike. More and more content is being transformed and made deliver- able in digital form. Books, databases and other digital content are rapidly pop- ulating the ever-growing list of titles and offerings that Mackin provides. As a company, Mackin knows it is at the forefront of this epic revolution, and it is quite exhilarating, but more enlightening is the speed and sheer enthusiasm in which people are making the transition. Whether it's seminars attended or facilitated, the talk, attention and focus is all on digital. Over the course of the past several months, that attention has been trained on Mackin. With such experience and longevi- ty in the education industry, and a track record of multiple successes and exemplary customer satisfaction, there's no company better than Mackin to lead the way and usher schools into this new frontier. Visit Mackin at booth 311. For more infor- mation, visit www.mackin.com, call 800- 245-9540 or email mackin@mackin.com. LEARNPAD: TABLET SOLUTIONS BUILT FOR EDUCATION The award-winning LearnPad is now used by more than 8,000 teachers in 600 districts across America, the U.K. and Latin America. As the only 'purpose built for education' tablet solution, the LearnPad comes 'out of the box' ready for use in schools and classrooms anywhere. To ensure successful classroom tablet implementation, schools are increasingly recognising that the hard- ware alone will not meet the teachers' and students' needs. The LearnPad solu- tion includes three components that allow any teacher or school to safely and effectively deliver unlimited digital cur- riculum and instruction: the LearnPad tablet; the LearnPad cloud-based man- agement portal; and the LearnPad con- tent store. The LearnPad tablet supports tablet "apps," websites and Flash-based eLearning content. With the anytime, anywhere cloud-based management por- tal, teachers and students have simple classroom controls, so videos, music and docu- ments can be used in a directed, instructionally sound manner. The inclu- sive software tools ensure eSafety (compliant with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). LearnPad easily supports existing network shares, so schools can use the curriculum resources and files they already have in the school, together with the curated education resources in the content store. With new features released such as Identity, Locations, LDAP Authentication and Hand- in/Hand-out for Assignments, the solution continues to grow as the best education-specific tablet on the market. Already invested in iPads? Come by booth 831 and find out what else is new. The LearnPad carries no access, subscription, renewal or reoccurring charges beyond the initial cost. No download, installation or net- work applications are necessary. Learn more at booth 831. For more information, go to www.edresources.com, call 800-624- 2926 or email chris@edresources.com. WI-FI NETWORK CLOCKS PROVIDE SYNCHRONIZED TIME WITH LESS INFRASTRUCTURE, CAPITAL COST American Time, a market leader in inte- grated time solutions, announced that it now offers Wi-Fi network clocks that maintain accurate, synchronized time throughout a building and require no maintenance for five years. This new solution is ideal for organizations that require a facility's clocks to be synchro- nized, but may not have the capital resources for investing in the infrastruc- ture needed for a more comprehensive wired or wireless timekeeping system. Synchronized clocks keep precise time throughout a school building, which is crucial for optimizing the flow of occu- pants and ensuring building security and safety. The American Time Wi-Fi net- work clock technology receives a precise time signal from a facility's network time server on a regular basis, which provides a school with the same, accurate time on every clock. In addition, the clocks auto- matically update for Daylight Saving Time and have a five-year battery life, saving maintenance staff a significant amount of time by avoiding the need to manually change the clocks twice per year. The clocks' staggered wake times mean that schools will not notice any extra load or slow-down of their existing Wi-Fi system. "The new American Time Wi-Fi clocks are an excellent solution for organizations that want synchronized time but may not have the resources for a more robust wired or wireless system," said Dieter Pape, President, American Time. "With no need for additional equipment, license fees, managed services or other costs, our new offering opens up synchronized time to schools that previously didn't think they could have the benefits of this service." St. Cloud State University, the sec- ond-largest public university in Minnesota, installed Wi-Fi clocks in eight buildings throughout its 100-acre campus. The university now has pre- cise time with no discernible impact on the speed of its Wi- Fi network. Furthermore, it expects to save on mainte- nance costs with the clocks' five-year battery life. American Time manufactures and markets integrated, custom timekeeping systems and accessories for education, health care, government and manufactur- ing organizations. It is the only company in the industry that offers a master con- troller clock with the ability to run on a legacy wired system along with a new wireless clock system, saving customers time and money. Visit American Time at booth 407. For more information, go to www.atsclock.com, call 800-328-8996 or email theclockexperts@atsclock.com.

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