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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Ed Tech Show Daily Mathletics (Cont'd. from p. 1) tion, practice and assessment in a student-centric environment. It also has an iPad app. ESD: How does Mathletics address the Common Core State Standards? PW: Mathletics addresses the Common Core State Standards in various content forms, including: Live Mathletics, which addresses fluency standards through practice aimed at improving speed and accuracy. The practice is organized into difficulty levels that correspond to fluency standards found in the Common Core State BrainPOP (Cont'd. from p. 1) substantial information and news you'd want to take home and share with colleagues. This year though, BrainPOP® is challenging you to do just that. Many attendees already know the company's animated movies and lumbering orange robot. But some of the new features that are debuting this week may surprise you. Among them? The ability for both teachers and students to track activity and collect learning artifacts from BrainPOP's expanding repertoire of games, movies, activities, and assessments. ESD: Tell us a little bit about the "piloting" experience. How did students respond to being among the first users? RM: As a teacher, it's very affirming to have a global company's instructional Schoology (Cont'd. from p. 1) Our platform is offered in two different solutions: a course-level solution that's free for teachers and an integrated enterprise-class solution for schools and districts. ESD: What makes Schoology stand out among a crowd of education technology solutions? JF: Schoology provides an integrated academic experience where meaningful collaboration drives learning, engagement, and professional development. Perfect for all blended, flipped, and 1:1 settings, our LMS gives educators the chance to spend less time managing their classrooms and more time teaching. In addition, Schoology leverages an open application programming interface (API) to provide our schools and districts Faronics (Cont'd. from p. 4) administrator to create a ThawSpace. This acts as a virtual partition where data can be permanently saved, even when the rest of the drive is protected. Data Igloo: Save files while protecting the system Extron (Cont'd. from p. 4) wireless devices. Simply press and hold both volume buttons on the VoiceLift Pendant Standards. Also, practice activities aligned to domains within the Common Core State Standards address the content standards by providing adaptive practice. Questions in the activities, are scaffolded and offer step-by-step animated support for students. Mathletics also offers instructional e-books that address concept mastery and embed abstract reasoning, use of appropriate tools, and perseverance as described in the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Research has proven Mathletics to increase student math scores. Mathletics provides instruction via adaptive practice activities, aligned to the Common Core State Standards, which respond to stu- designers and editors value my professional opinion. For students, it's exciting to have access to "exclusive" material. They say they treat their access with respect and professionalism, but I know they secretly enjoy being "in the know." ESD: Lisa, what are some of the biggest benefits you've seen as a test-pilot for My BrainPOP? LP: My classroom is a project-based learning classroom, where the children depend on certain sites to get them started. My BrainPOP provides them with their own log-in, so they can easily go in and find the right information to individualize their experience. They don't have to wait for their teacher to show the whole class a movie, for instance. And if they have tablets or phones, they don't have to wait for the one computer in the room to be available. with a flexible and scalable solution that integrates existing technologies into a single, interconnected system. Our platform can integrate with any open API student information system (SIS), thirdparty application, and LTI application. This level of integration and collaboration allows Schoology to connect the people, the content, and the technologies that make effective blended learning possible. Our innovative approach to the LMS empowers students, teachers, and administrators like never before. ESD: What makes Schoology a growing and successful solution? JF: Schoology would be nothing without our passionate community of educators. Their dedication, ingenuity, and expertise inspire us day in and day out. We work closely with educators from all around the world to make sure Schoology is In school settings, it's important to maintain control over administrative power. For IT managers that want to enable permanently saved data but don't want to hand over configuration access to any part of the drive, Data Igloo is designed to retain user data without impacting the security of the machine. Deep Freeze and Igloo can be Microphone for three seconds. This closes a relay, which instructs an Ethernet-enabled MediaLink ® controller to send a message to the appropriate parties. In addition, the system dents' individualized learning needs in real time. Teachers can assign new materials to address students' need for re-teaching or for enrichment. Assignments can be made on an individual, group, or class basis. Practice assessment by Common Core State Standards Domains is provided. ESD: What tools are available to teachers in Mathletics? PW: Mathletics features high-level functionality tied to a flexible program with excellent success based on an easy to use teacher console. Teachers are provided formative reporting on student progress with access to easy to use difESD: Talk about the impact of the feedback you've provided. RM: I think it's important that students realize they should not be passive consumers – they have a valued voice when they think critically and problemsolve. BrainPOP addressed the feedback we gave them about their game Guts and Bolts® when we piloted it, and my students felt appreciated. I think BrainPOP was one of the first EDU tools to incorporate such a focus on gathering teacher and student feedback. Teachers often see their feedback in revisions and updates. LP: I love how connected BrainPOP is with the education community. They are constantly asking for feedback and suggestions – that's important to me. It shows they care. The features they're debuting are just a few examples of how exactly what they need to better engage their students, access high quality content, automate redundant tasks, and expand their PLCs. ESD: What three exciting features has Schoology released recently? JF: There's the SIS integration platform―with Pearson's PowerSchool as the first; our deep integration enables automatic, real time, two-way data transfers between their system and ours. Second is custom learning outcomes: our users now have the ability to create custom learning outcomes that can be easily tagged to content (just like our common core and state standards) for a masteryfocused approach to assessment. And third, there are grading rubrics: our rubrics allow educators a simple yet effective way to create custom rubrics that they can easily use throughout their used in a wide range of environments. Whether used on a classroom computer or laptops, the two solutions alleviate a lot of strain placed on IT departments without negatively affecting end-user productivity. Students gain the benefit of being able to freely use their school's new gadgets and IT no longer has to deal with the headaches relay can be used to trigger a third-party alarm, security camera, or mass notification system. Instant Alert provides peace of mind, so teachers can concentrate on instruction and learning. 45 ferentiation tools, a lesson creator and access to create custom courses. Concept mastery is supported and assignable at both class and individual level. Mathletics has already done the work to align "something easier" and "something harder" activities for all CCSS domains, so student differentiation is only a mouse click away! Animated tutorials in instructional ebooks demonstrate multiple solution pathways with video support. Free twoweek trials are available. For more information, visit www.mathletics.com, call 866-387-9139, or email usa@3plearning.com. Or stop by booth 6288 at ISTE. they listen, and strive to meet our needs. ESD: As a veteran BrainPOP user, what other features would you suggest exploring? LP: There's the Mixer, which lets us tailor BrainPOP quizzes for students. GameUp® is a great resource for educational video games – and they've just added a section for K-3. If you teach English to non-native speakers, I definitely recommend BrainPOP ESL™. And BrainPOP Educators is a really vibrant professional community where you get to see what kind of amazing things teachers out there are doing. It's a go-to place for lesson plans, news, professional development, and classroom tools. For more information, visit www.brainpop.com, or stop by booth 10076 at ISTE. courses, align with standards or learning outcomes, and modify at any time. ESD: How can we find out more about Schoology? JF: You can explore our website, www.schoology.com, where you can also sign up for a free account for a hands-on experience. A few minutes on our platform will show you just how easy it is to use. And be sure to download our free mobile apps too! We have apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Kindle devices. You can also follow us on Twitter (@Schoology), and come meet us at ISTE! Don't forget to stop by the Schoology booth #14098 at ISTE this week for a demo of our award winning LMS. You can enter to win a free one year subscription, an iPad mini, and much more! that occur when things go wrong. In fact, customers experience an average of 63 percent reduction in the number of support tickets after deploying Deep Freeze. For more information, visit www.faronics.com, call 800-943-6422, or stop by booth 10232 at ISTE. For more information, call 800-6339876, email support@extron classroom.com, visit www.extron classroom.com, or stop by booth 11262 at ISTE.

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